Chapter 20 - Hello, My Name Is Ye Chen

Chapter 20 Hello, My Name Is Ye Chen

The woman stood at the side to receive them. The junior assistant handed out the key cards. “You can decide who you want to share a room with.”

Wei Ya took a key card and pulled her suitcase towards the elevator. The other colleagues looked at each other. None of them wanted to share a room with Wei Ya.

“I… I’ll go,” a colleague who usually followed Wei Ya whispered and hurried off to look for her.

After the key cards were handed out, the junior assistant continued, “Take a rest. We’ll start officially tomorrow.” Then she left the lobby.

In the huge lobby, the colleagues dispersed, leaving only the two of them.

Qiao Sisi held the key card in her hand. Lin Ya smiled prettily and said, “Sisi, let’s share a room.”

“Let’s go.”

After reaching an agreement, the two of them took the elevator to the fifth floor.

The interior of the hotel was very upscale and well-equipped. There were two single beds in the room and a huge floor-to-ceiling window.

Through the floor-to-ceiling window, they took in the view below the hotel. It was packed with cars and people. They reckoned the night scene would be more beautiful.

Unfortunately, Wei Ya’s room was next to theirs.

Qiao Sisi put her luggage down and rubbed her wrist gently. With Lin Ya around, she could not flop on the bed, which might seem rude. So she sat in a corner of the bed.

Lin Ya was busy unpacking on the side. She placed all the cosmetics in her suitcase on a small table by the bed.

Qiao Sisi was shocked. It seemed that she did not bring more than half of what Lin Ya had brought.

Ten minutes later, both of them were almost done.

“Sisi, shall we go shopping? Work won’t start until tomorrow. It’s free and easy time tonight.” Lin Ya really wanted to do some city sightseeing. Since they had some time to relax, she could fulfill her wish.

Qiao Sisi looked up and saw that it was half past six. She agreed. “Alright, let’s go shopping.”

Lin Ya could not wait to pull Qiao Sisi out. The moment they stepped out, they bumped into Wei Ya and her roommate, who happened to be heading out.

Qiao Sisi was in no mood to greet them. Wei Ya snorted and left quickly.

“Pfft… What are you so smug about?” Lin Ya pouted, looking a little displeased.

She still remembered the grudge about the Coke bottle this morning, so she naturally did not have a good impression of Wei Ya. Qiao Sisi smiled in exasperation and did not continue discussing Wei Ya. The two of them left the hotel together.

The biggest difference between Yunqi and H City at night was probably the stalls outside.

The most common sight in H City were the snack stalls. In Yunqi, what they saw were mostly stalls selling gemstones. Most of the gems at such stalls were fake. Typically, the genuine ones were in the shops and rarely seen outside.

However, they could not rule out the possibility that there were real gemstones mixed with fake ones.

Lin Ya came to a small stall and waved at Qiao Sisi. “Sisi, come here and take a look.”

Qiao Sisi walked over and glanced at the small stall. A white cloth was spread on the table. It was filled with all kinds of sharp and clearcut gemstones.

They looked beautiful, but that did not erase the fact that they were fake.

Lin Ya picked out a black obsidian-like rock and asked, “Boss, how much is this rock? It looks pretty.”

The stall owner looked at the two innocent-looking girls in front of him. His eyes darted around as he grinned. “This stone is selling for 1,000 yuan.”

1,000 yuan?!

Lin Ya’s eyes widened and she quickly put the stone back. Are you kidding me? 1,000 yuan is equivalent to one-sixth of my salary, she thought.

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It was not worth it to buy a rock.

Qiao Sisi was also a little stunned. “Boss, did you say it correctly? Just this stone-1000 yuan?”

He was asking for too much.

The stall owner glared at them, looking unhappy. He cleared his throat solemnly and said, “You don’t know this. This stone is real. I bought it from my friend. It cost me 500 to 600 yuan.

Ladies, if you really want it, I won’t be greedy for that bit of profit. I’ll sell it to you for 500 yuan.”

Even though the stall owner was exaggerating, Qiao Sisi was not moved.

“I’m sorry, but I can’t afford it.’

Lin Ya backed away a little. She looked at the stone again. She did not want it that badly. “Let’s forget it, Boss. We’re not buying it.”

“Hey, ladies, don’t leave. I’ll sell it to you at a loss. How about 400 yuan… 300 yuan is fine


“300 yuan is fine too?”

Going from 1,000 to 300 could be said to be a very impressive cut. Lin Ya was not stupid; she just kind of liked the stone.

Qiao Sisi did not stop her and only reminded her softly from the side. As for the decision to buy or not, it would depend on the person involved.

At this moment, a man in sportswear walked towards them. He was tall and handsome, attracting the attention of many women.

He seemed to have heard the conversation at the stall and walked straight over.

Handsome man?

After seeing extremely handsome men like Zheng Zeyi, Qiao Sisi was already immune to them. After being slightly surprised, she came back to her senses.

Lin Ya, on the other hand, stared at him for a long time. Only when he was right in front of her, she blushed and lowered her head.

“Store owner, how much would a piece of crappy rock cost?” The man’s deep voice was very pleasant to the ears.

After hearing what the man said, the stall owner was stunned for a moment before he quickly reacted. “What crappy rock? This isn’t a crappy rock. What nonsense are you talking about?”

The man smiled brightly. “Vendor, you must have just set up your stall not long ago. You don’t know the rules of this street, right? It’s fine if you’re not caught selling counterfeit goods at high prices. If you’re caught, you’ll have to pay compensation.”

As soon as he finished speaking, the stall owner’s eyes flashed but he did not say anything for a long time.

As expected, he must have offered a high price on purpose.

Inexplicably shocked, the stall owner looked at the man vaguely. He felt that this man seemed a little familiar.

He quickly forced an ugly smile and said to Lin Ya, “Sorry, young lady. I didn’t mean to say it just now. This stone… How about I sell it to you for 20 yuan?”

From 1,000 yuan to 300 yuan, now it was 20 yuan.

Lin Ya did not hesitate anymore and shook her head. “Forget it, Boss. I think I won’t buy it.”

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Seeing that the man was there, the stall owner did not force her. He pushed his stall away from the few people as if they were some kind of plague.

Only Qiao Sisi, Lin Ya, and the man who had helped them were left.

Qiao Sisi tugged at Lin Ya’s sleeve suggestively and she immediately reacted. She said to the man awkwardly, “Thank you.”

The man shook his head and looked at the two of them curiously. “It’s fine. It was nothing. Hello, my name is Ye Chen.”

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