Chapter 382 - Chapter 382: There’s No Doubt He’s Her Godbrother

Chapter 382: There’s No Doubt He’s Her Godbrother

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Yu Yunxi studied Feng Sheng’s sallow complexion for a moment. She could not help but think about Feng Yili.

‘With the blood of the Feng family, Feng Sheng shouldn’t look like this. This must not be his true appearance…’

Despite the thought in her mind, Yu Yunxi did not ask about this matter. After all, everyone had their own secrets.

Yu Yunxi looked at Feng Sheng and said sincerely, “In fact, I just spoke about you with my maidservant not too long ago. If you didn’t save me that time, I would have died.”

“It’s just a small matter; it’s not worth mentioning. Moreover, you just saved my life as well, ” Feng Sheng said with a chuckle.

Yu Yunxi hesitated for a moment before she asked, “Does… the King of… Does

Godfather know that you’re in Xichu?”

Immediately after that, she said truthfully, “I’m sorry. I lost my memories so I don’t remember what happened in the past. Many of the things I know were told to me by the people around me.”

However, since Feng Sheng knew of her true identity and even sent her back to Xichu, Yu Yunxi had a feeling that Feng Sheng must know that she had lost her memories due to the ‘curse’.

As expected, Feng Sheng did not seem surprised after listening to her words. He said softly, “No, Godfather doesn’t know my whereabouts.”

Yu Yunxi could not help but ask, “Why?”

She had heard that the King of Xinan treated Feng Sheng like his own son. She could not figure out why Feng Sheng was unwilling to return to the King of

Xinan’s Residence.

“I’m sorry. I have my own difficulties,” Feng Sheng said bitterly.

Since Feng Sheng had said these words, Yu Yunxi naturally could not ask any further about this matter. Instead, she asked, “Then can you tell me how you know my real identity? You even sent me back to Xichu. Also, what’s your purpose for coming to Xichu this time? How did you get injured?” Feng Sheng laughed when he heard Yu Yunxi’s consecutive questions. “I’m sorry. Did I ask too many questions?” Yu Yunxi asked, looking slightly embarrassed. After all, ordinary people would feel uncomfortable being asked so many questions.

However, Feng Sheng did not seem to mind it. His smile widened as he said, “It’s fine. I can answer the questions. I know your true identity because my mother and your mother were good friends back then. This is also the reason why I asked Godfather to bring you to Xinan and accept you as a goddaughter after something happened to you in the capital.”

Yu Yunxi was shocked upon hearing this. She heard that she had been imprisoned in the imperial mausoleum of Tianxia’s imperial family previously. Qian Qing and the others told her that she managed to escape but encountered assassins later on. She had no idea that Feng Sheng played such a big role in her going to Xinan and being accepted as the King of Xinan’s goddaughter. At the same time, she felt like, intentionally or not, her mother had helped her a lot.

‘Mother… What kind of woman were you? When will I be able to regain my memories and remember all the people who care about me?’

Seeing the depressed expression on Yu Yunxi’s face, Feng Sheng said reassuringly, “Eldest Princess, don’t worry. Your memories will definitely return to you.”

“Thank you for your kind words,” Yu Yunxi replied with a smile.

Feng Sheng nodded before he continued to say, “As for the reason I came to Xichu and why I was injured… I was chasing the person who murdered my mother back then. I chased the other party all the way here, but due to a moment of carelessness, I was injured. I was alone so I had no choice but to ask someone to send me to a medical hall. I didn’t expect to be brought to your medical hall.”

“You were chasing your mother’s murderer? Is that why you didn’t return to Xinan for so many years?” Yu Yunxi asked with a frown. At the same time, she felt slightly sorry for Feng Sheng. After all, Feng Sheng should have been a

noble prince.

Finally, Yu Yunxi said, “If there’s anything you need help with, feel free to ask me.”

Feng Sheng did not refuse her. He nodded and said, “Alright.”

Yu Yunxi thought about it for a moment before she said, “Do you have anywhere to go? Forget it. You’ve yet to recover. Moreover, who knows if the enemy is looking for you? It’s best if you follow me back to the King of Zhenbei’s Residence.”

After all, Feng Sheng was her godbrother. She had to do something for him.

Feng Sheng was surprised. After a moment, he said gently, “Thank you for your kindness, Eldest Princess. However, I’m an outsider. If I follow you back to the King of Zhenbei’s Residence, it’ll tarnish your reputation.”


Yu Yunxi was about to protest when Feng Sheng continued to say, “I’m aware of the Eldest Princess’ kind intentions, but I have a place to stay in the capital.

Don’t worry.”

Yu Yunxi sighed. At the same time, she thought to herself, ‘He’s really considerate. Such a person is worth befriending.”

Yu Yunxi suppressed the emotions in her heart before she said again, “Alright, then I won’t insist. However, if you need anything, just send someone to the King of Zhenbei’s Residence or the Revival Hall.”


In the carriage.

Meng Xia’s mouth was agape after she listened to Yu Yunxi. She was shocked. When she regained her senses, she asked, “Eldest Princess, that man earlier is really your savior? Feng Sheng?”

Yu Yunxi took a sip of tea before she said with a nod, “Yes.”

“Eldest Princess, how can there be such a coincidence? After sending you back to the capital, he disappeared. Why did he suddenly appear at this time? What if he’s a fake?” Meng Xia asked worriedly.

Meng Xia’s worries were justified. After all, there were many people who wanted to get rid of Yu Yunxi. All of them had to be very cautious in order to protect Yu Yunxi.

Meng Xia continued to ask worriedly, “I heard from Can Ban that he wore a mask when he sent you to the capital so we don’t know what he really looks like. Eldest Princess, why don’t I ask Can Ban for more information?”

Yu Yunxi was not in a hurry. Instead, she asked Qian Qing, “Qian Qing, what do you think?”

“Princess, you and I joined the King of Xinan’s Residence much later. At that time, Prince Feng had already left the residence. However, I heard that he injured his face when he was young. That’s why he has never shown his true appearance to anyone,” Qian Qing replied.

Meng Xia was even more anxious than ants on a hot pan when she heard this. She said urgently, “Eldest Princess, perhaps he’s really an impersonator!

I’m going to look for him!”

Yu Yunxi chuckled before she said, “Alright, alright, I won’t tease you anymore.

That man is indeed Feng Sheng.”

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“Eldest Princess, why are you so sure?”

“He gave this to me earlier. It seems like he knew people would doubt his identity so he gave it to me,” Yu Yunxi said as she brought out a token with the word ‘Sheng’ engraved on it.

Qian Qing recognized the token immediately. “This is a token from the King of Xinan’s Residence!”

“That’s right. It’s similar to the token you gave me after you returned to my side. The difference is that my token has the word ‘Xi’ engraved on it,” Yu Yunxi

said with a nod..