Chapter 541: Hunting Time (2)

Translator: Daoist6fubtiW

Thirty-two Nascent Souls formed eleven teams to search for Chen Daoxuan.

The last team was led by Yun Kun and only consisted of two people.

Although Yun Kun’s team was made up of two people, his team was not weak among the 11 teams. Yun Kun was second only to Yi Tianqi in the Qingwei Sect.

In fact, even Profound Sun Sect’s Sect Master Wu Sheng might not be his match.

The Xuanqing Dao League had arranged all of this, but little did they know that their every move was under Chen Daoxuan’s eyes. He could see everything clearly through the Stellar Sword Dao Map.

About a thousand miles away from the Xuan Qing Dao Alliance, Chen Daoxuan sneered.

“Split up and capture me? You’re really courting death!”

The people of the Xuan Qing Dao League did not know that Chen Daoxuan’s strength was already different from before.

From what they knew, Chen Daoxuan’s strength was still the same as before. He couldn’t even defeat the Youyue Palace Lord.

Although it was shocking enough for an Aurous Core Stage cultivator to be comparable to a Nascent Soul Stage cultivator, a lack of strength was still a lack of strength. No one would send someone with a lower cultivation level to find Chen Daoxuan just because his cultivation level was low.

This wasn’t a turn-based game, so who would want to play Calabash Brothers Saving Grandpa with you?

However, the people of the Xuan Qing Dao Alliance would never have thought that in just half a year, Chen Daoxuan’s strength had undergone a tremendous change.

This was the tragedy brought about by the information gap.

After monitoring the movements of the Xuan Qing Dao League, Chen Daoxuan quickly shrank the night sky formed by the Stellar Sword Dao Diagram to a radius of two thousand miles.

Although the Stellar Sword Dao Diagram was a Pure Yang immortal weapon, and its full range was definitely more than 10,000 miles, using it consumed too much Dharmic powers.

Even though Chen Daoxuan had the Sixth-Grade White Lotus of Fate, he didn’t dare to let it envelop a radius of ten thousand miles.

Moreover, Chen Daoxuan still had a tough battle ahead.

Not to mention the 32 Nascent Souls of the Xuan Qing Dao Alliance, the attitudes of the people from the three major sects were also somewhat ambiguous.

Chen Daoxuan could tell that they wanted to use the hands of the Xuan Qing Dao Alliance to get rid of him.

Yi Tianqi’s flattery had worked.

After executing the Perfection Realm Awakening Cicada Breathing Technique, Chen Daoxuan’s aura kept weakening until it completely disappeared.

Chen Daoxuan estimated that even if he stood next to a Nascent Soul cultivator, it would be difficult for the other party to discover him.

Coupled with the mist covering the Taiyi Immortal’s Pond, Chen Daoxuan had completely transformed into a top-notch assassin at this moment, and he was even the kind that had x-ray vision.

In the blink of an eye, he and the Xuan Qing Dao Alliance had switched positions.

The first person Chen Daoxuan targeted was his old acquaintance, the Palace Lord of Youyue Palace who had chased him in Golden Origin Immortal City.

The reason why she targeted the Palace Lord of the Hidden Moon Palace.

Chen Daoxuan did not do it out of hatred, but because he understood the strength of the Palace Lord of Youyue Palace the best.

After all, among the many top Perfected Lords of the Xuan Qing Dao League, he had only fought with the Palace Lord of the Youyue Palace.

Thousands of miles away.

The Youyue Palace Lord was wearing a black spirit armor, and on her left and right were two late-Nascent Soul cultivators wearing black spirit armor.

The two Nascent Souls beside her were all disciples of the Qingwei Sect. Yun Kun knew that the Youyue Palace Lord’s strength was not considered strong among the top Perfected Lords, so this arrangement could be considered as taking care of the Youyue Palace Lord.

Although Youyue Palace Lord was proud, she didn’t try to be brave. She knew that if she didn’t kill Chen Daoxuan, the Xuan Qing Dao Alliance would never have the chance to kill him again.

As the only top Perfected Cultivator who had fought with Chen Daoxuan, the shock that Chen Daoxuan had brought to the Youyue Palace Lord was far beyond what other top Perfected Cultivators could understand.

Because the Palace Lord of Youyue Palace knew that Chen Daoxuan did not rely on special secret techniques or ritual implements to fight with her, but relied on his true Great Dao realm. In fact, his Great Dao realm was even higher than hers.

And how long had Chen Daoxuan only cultivated?

Even the most monstrous cultivator in the history of the Qianyuan Sword Sect, Qin Zhan, had less than one-tenth of the cultivation time.

If this continued, wouldn’t Chen Daoxuan be able to hang her up and beat her up in another ten years?

At most a hundred years, even the sect master was probably not Chen Daoxuan’s match!

Compared to Qin Zhan, Chen Daoxuan’s threat was truly terrifying because one did not know when this monster’s strength would leave one far behind.

The Youyue Palace Lord waved the array flags in her hand and slowly flew along the route they had discussed.

Within a hundred miles, there was no fog, but beyond a hundred miles, it was a vast expanse of white.

As for Chen Daoxuan, he had just arrived a hundred miles away from Youyue Palace Lord, hiding in the fog.

“Ahundred miles is enough!”

With Chen Daoxuan’s current strength, a hundred miles was covered in the blink of an eye even if he used the escaping light.

As for flying swords, they were many times faster than light.

As his Cheng Ying sword was the manifestation of spatial laws, it possessed the ability to travel through space.

It was the same even after fusing with the water element laws.

In the fog.

Chen Dao Xuan observed the three Palace Lords while summoning the Cheng Ying and Flying Snow swords.

That’s right, he was going to ambush Youyue Palace Lord and the others.

Originally, Chen Daoxuan wanted to sneak an attack on the Youyue Palace Lord, but after thinking about it carefully.

He didn’t have the confidence to kill the Youyue Palace Lord in one strike, although Chen Daoxuan was confident that with his current strength, he could easily defeat the Youyue Palace Lord.

However, Chen Daoxuan wasn’t sure if he could kill the other party.

Generally speaking, only World – level True Lords were capable of killing a supreme True Lord in a head-on clash.

Even Essence Soul Daolords might not be able to kill a supreme Perfected Lord in a single strike.

This was also the reason why Qin Zhan waved the banner and killed Elder He instantly, scaring everyone to death.

However, Qin Zhan had killed Elder He in one strike because he had borrowed the Six Paths of Reincarnation Banner’s ability to attack the divine soul. Otherwise, he would not have been able to do so.

Although the Six Paths of Reincarnation Banner was powerful, it also had a huge drawback. The consumption of spiritual power was one thing. If the opponent’s spiritual power was strong or had the means to resist spiritual attacks, the effectiveness of the Six Paths of Reincarnation Banner would be greatly reduced.

In addition, the Banner of Six Paths of Reincarnation couldn’t be used in group attacks. In terms of strategic deterrence, Qin Zhan and the Banner of Six Paths of Reincarnation were far inferior to an Essence Soul Daolord.

Yi Tianqi realized this, which was why he dared to pull Qin Zhan into his world.

Otherwise, if Qin Zhan was as powerful as an Essence Soul Dao Lord, he wouldn’t dare to drag Yi Tianqi into his world even if he killed him.

With the support of the Tiangang Sword Array and the power of his will.

Flying Snow and Cheng Ying swords slowly merged into one.

Compared to Chen Daoxuan’s strongest technique, the giant golden sword formed by the fusion of three types of nomological laws, the fusion of the Flying Snow and the Cheng Ying swords was weaker.

However, because the Tiangang Sword Formation’s power was far stronger than the repulsion force of the fusion of the two nomological laws, the fusion of the two immortal swords was silent, which was suitable for sneak attacks.

In an instant, the two immortal swords were 100% fused. A slender dark blue immortal sword appeared in front of Chen Daoxuan.

Two types of high-stage Law Realm laws, and their fusion rate had reached 100%.

After the fusion, the materialized immortal sword was like a material object and became very stable.

With a stroke of luck, Chen Daoxuan removed the power of the Tiangang Sword Formation, but the dark blue immortal sword did not change at all. It still floated quietly in front of Chen Daoxuan.

“It seems that my feeling last time wasn’t an illusion. After the two types of laws are completely fused, the repulsive force between them will indeed disappear.”

Chen Daoxuan muttered.

Then, his gaze became extremely sharp.

He extended his divine sense and instantly locked onto a late-Nascent Soul cultivator to the left of the Youyue Palace Lord.

The moment Chen Daoxuan’s divine sense locked onto the Nascent Soul cultivator, the nameless Nascent Soul cultivator immediately reacted.

Just as he was about to summon his life-bound magical treasure, a dark blue sword light directly penetrated the superior-grade Level Five spiritual armor on his body.

“Elder Zheng!”

“Enemy attack!”

Two shouts sounded almost at the same time.

Chen Daoxuan’s figure was also completely exposed.

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However, under the power of Chen Daoxuan’s sword, the body and Nascent Soul of this late-Nascent Soul cultivator surnamed Zheng slowly dissipated.

Even if the other party’s physical body had fused with the True Meaning of Indestructibility, his recovery ability was astonishing.

However, when the power of the attack exceeded the limit of the opponent’s endurance, no matter how strong the body was, it would be difficult to escape the fate of being destroyed.

“Chen! Dao! Xuan!”

Youyue Palace Master looked at the figure that slowly appeared from the fog and gritted her teeth.