early morning!

Sunrise in the east Sunlight pierces through the window lattice Dye the room golden Warm, but also dazzling, urging to get up Qin Hao huddled under the blanket, enjoying the rare warmth, which was very beautiful thump thump——

There was a hasty knock on the door "Junior brother, we have to practice swords!"

Qin Taxue's voice came Immediately!

Qin Hao was startled "Almost overslept."

He quickly washed up, pushed the door and went out Qin Taxue is green and lovely, with a bright smile, like the morning sun "Go, sister is going to be angry again!"

The two left together soon Arrived at a sword cliff Qin Lianyi has been waiting for a long time She was dressed in Tsing Yi, holding a sword to reflect Xi Yang Like a goddess in the sword, exuding a coldness that transcends the world "Xiao Hao, you are late today."

"I'm sorry, sister!" Qin Hao bowed his head and admitted his mistake Qin Lianyi did not blame, but said: "Let's start practicing swords!"

"It's still the same as the previous course, learning from father's "Twelve Vertical and Horizontal Ways", and now it's time to teach the eighth sword!"

As the sun rises The three of them worked diligently Qin Lianyi was already invincible in swordsmanship She felt the corner of Qin Li's clothes But Qin Hao and Qin Taxue are two juniors, they are far behind "Let's go here!"

Qin Lianyi withdrew his sword Before leaving, she suddenly said:

"The way of swordsmanship is about being brave, diligent, and fearless in pursuit."

"The more you are in danger, the faster you will progress. Although your father has won us a peaceful era, you shouldn't be lazy."

"If you don't correct your mentality, you will not be able to awaken the sword left by your father in your bloodline to break all spells."

Say it!

Fly away Qin Hao lowered his head in shame Sister, this is teaching her laziness "Get up early tomorrow." Qin Taxue comforted Qin Hao felt better and smiled The two then left Jianya soon Reached a fork in the road "Junior brother, I'm going back!"

Qin Taxue waved her hand and left like an elf And at the end of that fork in the road is Qin Nitian and Mo Yaoluo who are waiting for her "See you tomorrow!"

Qin Hao was inexplicably bitter On the way home, I always lose my energy "Grandson, have you been trained by your sister?"

A steady voice came Qin Hao looked sideways not far away On a stone platform Master Demon Lord is playing chess One black and one white, killing is indistinguishable "It's my fault." Qin Hao couldn't help smiling awkwardly The master stroked his white beard and said with a smile: "The end of the year is approaching, spring is about to begin, there will be an annual meeting tonight!"

The Demon Lord pointed to a crimson area in the distance, and said: "Your mother asked me to tell you that she would go to the plum blossom forest and make a jar of plum blossom wine. Your father will definitely like it."


Qin Hao's eyes lit up Then bid farewell to grandpa and master Running in small steps, approaching the plum blossom forest, I met many gods on the way The noble elf deer in the forest is the god of the forest; the kun fish in the river is the god of the sea; the dragon god is hidden among the clouds in the mountains.. These are the gods of the Shen Dynasty, they are responsible for promoting the cycle of climate, even the sun in the sky, look carefully, isn't it the old village chief who is sitting upright? That is, the God of Light, opposite to the Primordial Demon Ancestor, who controls day and night respectively soon!

Qin Hao entered the plum blossom forest The climate here is a bit colder, with white snow floating The plum blossoms are in full bloom, unyielding, bright red, with a faint fragrance If you can get closer, you can still smell the aroma of wine, the nose is fragrant, it makes your index finger move, and you can hear laughter "How, is my wine good?" Yaoxiong said proudly Jianxiong nodded: "It's as clear as a spring, and its stamina is like fire."

"It would be nice if it was longer." Daoxiong said with a smile Mofo looked sideways: "We have a little guest."

"Meet the seniors!"

Qin Hao said respectfully:

"Mother asked me to fetch a jar of plum wine."

Sanxiong asked back: "Are you drinking it yourself, or your father?"

"My father drinks it." Qin Hao replied Mo Buddha said: "We don't lack ordinary plum blossom wine, but since Qin Li wants to drink it, it seems that we need fine wine from lay people. They are deep in the forest."

Qin Hao left after thanking him Go deeper Then I saw heavy snow falling Deep in the plum grove, a thatched wooden house There is also a warm spring here, with steaming steam Layman Plum Blossom held the Nuanyu sword and practiced it by the spring. His growth rate was extremely frightening, almost catching up with Qin Hao beside It is Fairy Rouran Holding the jade qin, play a clear tone Plum blossoms and snow, zithers and zithers singing in harmony, this scene is better than all the beauty in the world "I heard everything just now." Layman Plum Blossom withdrew his sword "The wine is ready." Fairy Rouran got up When she got up together, she could obviously feel her stomach protruding and bulging Because Fairy Rouran is pregnant, it adds more warmth to this small family "Thank you layman!"

Qin Hao was grateful and cupped his hands Then I got a jar of fragrant plum blossom wine After bidding farewell to the Layman, Qin Hao went to Wutong Garden without stopping The courtyard is clean The sycamore trees become forests, cold and cold This is where my mother and aunts lived "Mother, are you there?" Qin Hao walked through the garden corridor Soon in the garden, I saw my mother in a daze, with a beautiful face, wearing a white dress, with flat eyes, looking at the sky, and murmured:

"This chaotic winter will end soon!"

"It will be a new beginning."

Qin Hao couldn't help looking Look far away You will find that this place is not the heavens After all of them were resurrected, they all lived on Huludao And far away, there is endless chaotic air, turning into snowflakes, rustling and falling, and when falling, it is clear and turbid, floating in the dark yellow Obviously, this is the opening of the world, and it can be vaguely seen that the nineteen worlds brewing in the chaotic snowflakes are exactly the nine heavens and ten places that Qin Li dreamed of "After the New Year's Eve, it will be the Fourth Era, the Datong Era!"

Qin Hao was thoughtful "how?"

Ye Qingyu smiled Yingying:

"You don't go to practice swords, what are you doing here?"

Qin Hao took out the plum blossom wine and said with a smile, "Mother, this is plum blossom wine."

"You did a good job, I almost forgot, your father must like the layman's wine very much." Ye Qingyu smiled like a flower Qin Hao suddenly realized that his grandfather had lied to him, and his mother never let him fetch wine "Hao'er!"

Ye Qingyu was filled with emotion:

"When you grow up, you can take care of things."

"You go to Pantaoyuan, where a big banquet is being prepared, you go and help."

Qin Hao understands that this is because the mother wants to train herself, so that she can get rid of her childish appearance and become a responsible man "OK."

Qin Hao resigned from his mother Go to the center of Huludao This place bears the sky outside the sky, and it is a secret place It looks nothing from a distance, but after entering, Qionglouyuyu has a hidden cave "The banquet seems to be held in the Peach Garden!" Qin Hao fled away and entered the Peach Fairy Garden old days!

There are dead trees and ghosts here Now it is full of vitality and shrouded in fairy light Three thousand six hundred flat peach trees, with trembling blossoms and branches, drooping purple and golden ginkgo fruits But the peach blossoms are in full bloom, scorching like flames, full of fragrance, and set against the emerald green fairy leaves, embellished with plump peaches It can be said that a branch of flowers, fruits and leaves is a year of peace in the world "Move faster."

"Golden jars, jade cups, and dragon teeth chopsticks are essential delicacies."

Danxian was running around in a hurry, commanding a group of fairy and holy children, rushing forward and backward "Banquets pay attention to etiquette, don't be vulgar like nouveau riche." Confucianism muttered Qi Xian held her head and said, "Ru, your red tape is giving me a headache!"

A group of people are discussing Qin Hao took a few steps forward and asked:

"Seniors, do you need my help?"

"It's just in time, we are short of manpower." Xiaolong and Xiaobai appeared They also came to help. After all, in the past few months, relatives and friends have been revived one after another, and many people were invited to this banquet After a lot of hard work Finally got everything sorted out for the party At this time, the God of Light descended, and the sky lost a round of sun Therefore, it can be seen more clearly that the creation of the sky and the earth in the far distance, the chaotic winter The flat peach garden is also filled with long tables and round tables, all kinds of delicacies and elixir Xiaolong Xiaobai Qinhao's job is to carefully pick flat peaches and distribute them to everyone finally!

The New Year's Eve feast begins In the flat peach orchard, it became lively Many friends and strong men came one after another Baili Sword, Li Ping'an, Emperor of Heaven, Kung Fu Tiger, and Master of Lingtai Temple Chaos, Foya Old Monk, Hanxin Wu, Ao Xinghai, Shi Wuming, Die Yuyi, Junzi Sword, Zulong, Jiuyaoxingjun.. "Thank you for your hard work, here is a red envelope for you!"

Han Ying came over With a kind face and a smile all over his face Sending a red envelope to Qin Hao, he was very friendly Since Han Ying's resurrection, she has changed her temper and is amiable "Don't stand still, let's all sit down!" World Tree stood up, and as the host of the banquet, invited everyone to sit down So under the peach blossom tree, a group of relatives and friends sat down one after another There is no way to add to this situation only A slot is empty A highest and highest honor Empty, just placed some fairy fruits Qin Hao's eyes darkened, because that was his father's position As for father.. Snapped!

There was a soft sound Finally the absentees appear Qin Yuanbo and Wen Shu walked over slowly They held a spiritual tablet in their hands, and the word Qin Li was impressively engraved on it "Son, have you seen it? It's Chinese New Year, and everyone is here."

"You like this lively atmosphere the most."

The couple talked and laughed It seems to be leading Qin Li, chattering It's just a smile on the corner of the mouth, which can't hide the sadness in the eyes Everyone was silent Or there are two greetings But more is the sound of secretly weeping Especially Chu Qingyin, Xia Yufei, Yun Shiyu, Mo Yao, Xue Ji, Bai Ruyun, Su Qingxue, Zhao Tianyu and the others could not suppress the pain in their hearts when they saw Qin Li's tablet being brought up "Hao'er, quickly pour wine for your father." Ye Qingyu pretended to be strong Qin Hao walked over to the plum blossom wine jar with his arms in his arms "Father, my son will toast you."

Words trembled Be careful pouring wine It seems that what is poured out is not wine It is unspeakable bitterness that makes more people bow their heads in mourning boom!

There was a bang Old Demon Dugu knocked on the table Angrily, he got up and said:

"Remove this unlucky tablet for me."

"Kid Qin has landed on the other side and is alive and well, what tablet should he set up?"

World Tree sighed helplessly: "Qin Li broke the mortal world, in some sense he died, so that he can start a new life on the other side."

Chu Qingyin's heart was twisted like a knife, and she asked: "Then why can't we be reunited? Obviously everyone is resurrected, the way of heaven is dead, Datong is opened, everything is so perfect, but he is missing."


The five supreme beings spoke in unison "We've all been to the mists beyond, so we all understand."

"The other shore and this case, the real and the unreal, will never touch and cannot meet."

"Qin Li is too great. He raised his hand to revive us and start the fourth era. Although the heavens and the universe are magnificent, to him, it is just a dream, which can be destroyed with a single breath."

"So when he comes, it is the time when the universe is destroyed."

So for the sake of everyone, Qin Li will never come They have discussed it for a long time This is the result heard the words Many were in tears Old Demon Dugu was steadfast, and also burst into tears:

"On the other side, will he be very lonely? In fact, we are also very lonely."

Qin Hao looked at the crying crowd, gritted his teeth and said, "I'm not alone, because I have a feeling that my father is always by my side."

Everyone looked at him with surprise on their faces "We feel that way too."

"I thought it was an illusion."

World Tree smiled Snapped!

He raised his hand It smashed Qin Liling's seat "It must be Qin Li, watching us from the other side!"

Everyone's hearts trembled, and they raised their heads unconsciously, and looked at the profound Wu through the gorgeous peach blossoms, wanting to meet Qin Li's gaze suddenly An inexplicable gust of wind The blowing made the fairy branches tremble slightly, and the peach blossoms fell A peach blossom just fell into Qin Li's cup The fine wine floats and ripples slightly "Look!"

"Qin Li is smiling at us..."

(End of the book)