355 I'sve Been Bullied 2

Mu Xiaoxiao pretended not to understand and asked, "Why are you suggesting something like this out of the blue? It's kind of weird."

The girl looked a little anxious at this. Afraid that her plan would be foiled, she said hastily, "I only wanted to resolve this peacefully! Also, even if I lose, I'll be able to get that hunk's number, so it's no loss to me at all."

With that said, she smirked darkly. Let's see if you're lucky enough to get his number then.

The handsome boy outside was called William. The girl knew him because he was one of the notable people in the school for the elite. However, he was very unpredictable due to his eccentric nature, and many girls who had wanted to seduce him had ended up being punished terribly — some even got disfigured! Anyway, as rumors of his cruelty spread, more and more girls gradually avoided him.

The reason for the girl requesting Mu Xiaoxiao to get William's number for her was exactly due to this. She wanted to witness Mu Xiaoxiao's demise.

Mu Xiaoxiao was amused by her comical look of self-justification.

Mu Xiaoxiao smirked confidently. "Sure, let's bet then! It's a little unfair to me though. Why do I have to buy the dress for you if I lose, but you only have to let me have the dress if you lose?"

"If I lose, I'll pay for you too; no problem!" The girl was very confident that she wouldn't lose the bet, for any girl who dared to approach William would meet a terrible end!

Even if Mu Xiaoxiao could escape unscathed, she might not be able to get his number as well.

She thought about her victory and how she wouldn't need to spend money to buy this branded dress anymore. She'd be able to wear this to class, where she would be the subject of the envy of many. The girl laughed ostentatiously to herself.

Mu Xiaoxiao snapped her fingers. "It's a deal!"

"Hurry up and go over then, or he'll be gone soon!" The girl crossed her arms, waiting to witness her punishment.

Mu Xiaoxiao pursed her lips and tried not to laugh. She really wanted to tell the girl right there that she already had his number saved in her phone, making it pointless to ask him for it.

However, she had to pretend she didn't!

Mu Xiaoxiao catwalked over to William.

"Hey, you gorgeous hunk in front, may I have your number?" she purred deliberately.

William was leaning on a pillar, looking as if he was waiting for someone, his expression impatient.

Upon hearing the voice behind him, he frowned and turned around, intending to chase away a crazily infatuated girl.

Unexpectedly, his eyes met Mu Xiaoxiao's as he turned around, and his face lit up with a smile instantly.

"When did you come back?" His eyes were smiling. Stepping forward, he looped a long arm around Mu Xiaoxiao's shoulders.

Mu Xiaoxiao poked his chest. "I'm in the middle of some acting; cooperate with me!"

"Acting?" William narrowed his pretty green eyes as he looked behind her. He then noticed a girl looking over anxiously.

"Girl, what are you trying to pull now?"

Mu Xiaoxiao pouted as her eyebrows drooped, displaying a pitiful look. "I've been bullied…" she whined.

William looked as though he had heard a joke. "How can our Great Mistress Mu be bullied by anyone?"

Mu Xiaoxiao nodded seriously, her eyes brimming with injustice as she said, "It's that girl. She couldn't fight over me for a piece of clothing, so she suggested a bet where I'll win if I can get your number."

William understood the situation immediately, and his lips pursed coldly. "That's very calculating of her!"

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