Chapter 40 - Second Junior Sister's Great Crisis!

“Want to know how badly a gentleman worries? Just imagine a river flowing east…”

Xiao Jinse cowered in the bathtub. The warm water hit her skin, and the steam made her face red.

She sighed.

How worrisome.

It had been an hour since she heard that sentence from Tong Yao, but she still couldn’t calm down.

As long as she closed her eyes, many strange images would flash across her mind.

In her imagination, Xiao Jinse was pressed against the wall by Senior Bai.

Senior Bai then proceeded to lift up Xiao Jinse chin…

Then, Senior Sister Bai would probe around with her hands…

“Gulp, gulp, gulp…”

Xiao Jinse shook her head hard and quickly buried her head in the water. Only then would she not let her head overheat.


Xiao Jinse slowly opened her eyes.

Spiritual power separated the water, allowing her to see her body clearly.

After all, she used to be a martial artist. Her body could completely be described as curvy. Her abdomen was exquisite, and it can be considered to be her advantage compared to those official women who didn’t leave their houses.

The only eyesore were the scars that destroyed her beauty.

Xiao Jinse pursed her lips and frowned.

She originally wanted to use these scars left behind when she suffered in the Xiao family to spur herself on, but now, the situation had changed. She wondered if Senior Sister Bai would dislike these scars if she saw them?


Xiao Jinse crawled out of the water.

She suddenly discovered a very serious problem. She had yet to confirm if Senior Sister Bai was really interested in her. Wasn’t she getting ahead of herself?

Something was wrong with her.

She actually had such impure thoughts about Senior Sister Bai.

Was she worthy of Senior Sister Bai’s efforts?

Xiao Jinse walked out of the bathtub. She quickly changed into a Daoist robe and returned to her room.

The moon was bright, and the stars were bright.

After calming down, Xiao Jinse became even more depressed.

She decided that it was better to find time to test Senior Sister Bai’s true intentions. After all, some people also said that Senior Sister Bai deliberately said these words to dispel the thoughts of the Azure Sect’s Holy Son.

The most important thing now was to increase her strength as soon as possible.

Not only to avenge herself and teach those who had once looked down on her, but also to seek longevity. Fortunately, she could always be by Senior Sister Bai’s side on the long path to immortality.

As Xiao Jinse thought, she casually flipped through the books on the shelf beside her.

At this moment, she suddenly heard a clang from the room next door.


Xiao Jinse leaned over in confusion and saw Bai Lian and Jade Rabbit packing up.

“Senior Sister, what are you doing?”

“Oh, it’s Junior Sister.”

Bai Lian turned around.

Jade Rabbit, who was already familiar with Xiao Jinse, greeted happily, “Ji ji ji!”

Bai Lian stuffed the bottle containing the Drowsy Fragrance into the curved storage pendant hanging in front of her chest. She was thinking about how to answer Xiao Jinse.

The system options popped up in time.

[Mission 1: Avoid the topic and just brush it off (Mission Reward: Low-grade Dharma artifact, Fragrant Orchid Veil)]

[Mission 2: Tell the truth (Mission Reward: Formation+1)]

Just as Bai Lian thought, she still had to tell the truth!

If she lied to Second Junior Sister at this time, when she suddenly brought Third Junior Sister back, Second Junior Sister would have a knot in her heart.

She had to create a good environment for her junior sisters to live in harmony.

After all her efforts, she still hoped that she could cozy up to these junior sisters with the bearing of protagonists after they grew up.

Otherwise, if her junior sisters were fighting among themselves when she needed their help in the future, it wouldn’t be good for her at all.

She chose option two.

“Junior Sister,” Bai Lian said. “It’s like this. Recently, Master wants to take in a new disciple. She asked me to bring that new disciple back to the sect. I’m preparing to set off.”

[Mission completed. Mission reward array+1]


Xiao Jinse was stunned.

This seemed to be similar to her situation at that time.

She hesitated for a moment and asked, “Is it a junior brother or a junior sister?”

“Junior sister.”


Xiao Jinse suddenly felt a little dizzy, but she quickly recovered and forced a smile. “Are you going for a long time?”

“It’s hard to say.”

The destination of this trip was the Sand Region in the south of the East God Continent. Just the journey alone would take ten days.

Bai Lian recalled the game content again.

“Battle of the Gods” didn’t have much information on this plot, because “Bai Lian” quickly brought the tied-up Third Junior Sister back.

A reborn Heaven-defying Asura?

Killing without batting an eye?

Very suspicious?

Unwilling to come to the Immortal Du Sect?

In front of his senior sister, Bai Lian, who regarded death as nothing, all of this was nothing!

In the most direct storyline, “Bai Lian” threw this third junior sister into the sand pit and got it done with. It was very simple and efficient.

Of course, the Bai Lian in this storyline also died very quickly. It was terrible. The third junior sister, who had completely fallen into the Asura Dao, smiled sinisterly and slashed her into thousands of pieces with a saber. She slashed until the screen was splattered with blood, causing psychological trauma for many players.

Bai Lian didn’t dare to do anything bad. She still wanted to live a little longer.

But if she didn’t use force, it wouldn’t be easy to make this third junior sister obediently return to the Immortal Du Sect with her.

It was really a headache.

How good would it be if everyone was as obedient as Second Junior Sister!

Bai Lian punched the table gloomily.

“It might take half a month.” After a moment of hesitation, she said, “Or longer.”


Xiao Jinse was depressed.

Bai Lian laughed. “I’ll definitely return before you participate in the sect’s joint trial.”

She took out another communication jade slip and stuffed it into Xiao Jinse’s hand.

“If there’s anything, you can contact me through this jade slip.”

Xiao Jinse grabbed the warm jade slip tightly.

That night, after packing up, Bai Lian quietly left the Immortal Du Sect with Jade Rabbit.

By the window…

Xiao Jinse looked up at the clear night sky.

From today onwards, she was no longer Senior Sister Bai’s only junior sister!

This news came too suddenly, so much so that she was not mentally prepared at all. She had never expected this to happen.

It was ridiculous that not long ago, she was still thinking of testing Senior Sister Bai’s intentions. Now, it seemed that she was thinking too much.


Xiao Jinse looked at the communication jade slip on the dressing table and a saying suddenly popped up in her mind…

“Love grew over time”.

Senior Sister Bai would be out for at least half a month this time, and she had only been with Senior Sister Bai for a month.

It was dangerous!

Xiao Jinse’s heart was in a mess.

At this moment…

In a remote ancient town in the desert…

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A girl with silver hair hidden under the hood slowly raised her head.

Her eyes, which should have been as lively as an oasis pool, were filled with gray mist.

She was the avenger who had returned.

In this life, she would definitely make those who had harmed her family pay the price with their blood!