Chapter 971 - Chapter 971: Taking the head of the enemy general in the midst of an Army of 10000, happy!

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Chapter 971: Taking the head of the enemy general in the midst of an Army of 10000, happy!

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To reach the fourth grade in one night, what kind of talent was this?

No matter if nurheka was the ruler of a country or had a dual cultivation base at the peak of the fourth stage, he had a sense of pride as to who was below the third stage. At this moment, he felt an unprecedented jealousy towards the rising star of Da Feng.

He had a reputation that was like the sun in the sky, an indestructible golden body, and an extraordinary talent that made people feel terrified.

If he didn’t kill this man, he would definitely become a major threat to the witchcraft cult in ten or twenty years. Perhaps, Da Feng would have another Wei Yuan.

Nurhejia squinted his eyes and examined Xu Qi ‘an, whose chest was heaving up and down. He couldn’t help but smile.

How much Qi could you, Xu Qi ‘an, use to break the formation by yourself? All those below the third grade were mortals, and mortals had their limits.

When the soldier smoothened out this spirit, it would be his death.

Nurhejia had a wealth of experience on the battlefield. In his opinion, attacking the city was not the most important thing. The most important thing was to kill Xu Qi ‘an.

The morale of the DA Feng defenders was high, and the biggest reason why they were willing to risk their lives was that Xu had never fallen.

Killing Xu Qi ‘an was equivalent to crushing the belief and fighting spirit of the DA Feng Army, just like how the death of Ali Bai made the remaining infantry of the charging Battalion flee in panic and lose their will to fight.

Just like yesterday when the Red Bear of the SU Kingdom died in battle, the Army of the Kang Kingdom was almost thrown into chaos.

Nuruk took a deep breath and said with a thunderous voice, “”Whoever can behead Xu Qi ‘an will be rewarded with a thousand taels of gold and a thousand households. If you cut off their hands and feet, you’ll be rewarded with a hundred taels of gold and have a hundred fief.”


The voices were like a tide, and the Alliance Army of the two countries was boiling.

A thousand taels of gold was something that could not be spent even in eight lifetimes.

A fief of a thousand households was the title of Marquis of a thousand households. In the fire Country, the Marquis of a thousand households was a great title second only to the Marquis of ten thousand households, and his descendants would be filled with wealth and glory. There must be brave men with great rewards. “The destruction camp requests to fight.” “The cavalry unit requests to join the battle.”

“The mo saber Army requests to fight.”

The Alliance Army of the two countries was full of fighting spirit and was eager to try. The warrior standing with the blade was like a fish on the chopping board. With a bite, his descendants would be able to enjoy wealth and prosperity.

Even if he couldn’t snatch the head, an arm would be enough.

Nurheka’s expression was grim as he waved his hand, “‘Yes!”

The Army that was clamoring was stunned, and they could not guess what fiery King meant. Which army was going to fight?

Sliddenlv. the commander of the cavalrv unit shouted. “”C.harge with me!”

He galloped away, leaving a trail of dust behind him.

As soon as he moved, the cavalry behind him immediately followed. The tide of people rose and fell on the backs of their horses in an aggressive manner.

“What are you all waiting for? follow me!” The mo saber Army’s commander shouted anxiously.

The mo saber Army soldiers understood and followed their commander out of the formation.

In the next moment, the troops that had requested to go out to battle came out in full strength, afraid that they would be robbed of their military merits.

Those troops who didn’t request to fight were angry and anxious, as if their wives had been snatched away.

“A total of twenty thousand soldiers. Let’s see if you’ll die or not.”

One of the commanders spat out in anger, feeling extremely vexed. That Xu fellow from Da Feng was destined to die without an intact corpse. Why wasn’t he smart enough just now and didn’t request to fight, letting these sons of b * tches have it easy?

On top of the city wall, Zhang Kaitai and the other generals “expressions changed drastically. Looking down from above, they saw the Black Mass of people like a group of rats, like a tide, and dust billowing.

And in front of this Army was a blood-stained blue robe.

This scene made the soldiers on the city wall feel numb.

Gulp … One of the guards gulped as he said in fear,

“Xu, Xu yinluo, can you block it? Let’s … Let’s go down and save them.” “Xu yinluo will be recalled …”

“If we open the city gates now, the enemy soldiers below will swarm in. We won’t be able to save anyone.” no. a soldier shouted, ” we can’t just watch Xu yinluo be in danger! He needs reinforcements! He needs reinforcements.

It seemed that Xu yinluo’s unstoppable heroic posture had completely enraged the enemy. They were determined to kill Xu yinluo at all costs.

The guards could clearly see that among the charging troops, there were cavalrymen who were invincible.There was the mo saber Army that had been annihilated by a single Saber Strike;There were also formation-breaking soldiers in heavy armor and shields …

All of them were first-class elites.

And these elites were obviously not good at sieging, so they were headed for Xu yinluo.

Even Xu yinluo could not defeat so many elite troops … The guards were nervous. No matter how much they admired Xu Qi ‘an, they couldn’t help but worry about him.

The group of people behind him were worried about him, but Xu Qi ‘an himself stood still, as if waiting for the enemy to arrive.

Xu Qi. an was intoxicated … Including Zhang Kaitai, the martial artists all had the same thought.

This was not an exception. The martial arts system was different from other systems. As one’s cultivation level increased, one’s mind would become more and more ” lawless. people who were overcautious and indecisive would not be able to become high-ranked martial artists.

Due to this reason, when killing enemies on the battlefield, it was very easy for one’s blood to boil. If one didn’t care, many martial artists would kill and be trapped in the enemy camp, unable to turn back.

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Zhang Kaitai’s heart suddenly sank, and fear and worry surged in his heart. He couldn’t care less about maintaining Xu Qi ‘an’s invincible image to boost morale. He looked at the generals and said, you guys stay here. I’ll go save Xu Qi ‘an.

“Lord Commander, we will go with you.”

Several high-ranking generals didn’t agree to let him go out alone.

Zhang Kaitai shook his head.

“You guys will have to stay here. If we go down, nurheka will definitely make his move. I’m going to save Xu Qi ‘an. I’m going. He’s a junior of the Yamen, the night watchman. I’m going to protect him on behalf of Lord Wei..”