Chapter 804 - Chapter 804: The ripened lotus seed (1)

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Chapter 804: The ripened lotus seed (1)

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Bang! Bang!

Before the two fists met, Cao Qingyang’s eyes flashed with admiration.

The sound of the fists hitting each other was crisp, Xu Qi ‘an leaned back and was about to fall to the ground. Suddenly, the muscles in his waist and abdomen trembled like water. He pulled Xu Qi’ an back in an unreasonable way.

Cao Qingyang backed off, trying to release the force while shaking his painful arm.

Outside, the tense atmosphere suddenly stagnated.

After Chu Yuanyou and Li Miaozhen avoided the blade, they stopped. They didn’t rescue or counterattack, but looked at Xu Qi ‘an in shock.

No way …

Tianji and Tian Shu were both shocked and angry. They stared at Xu Qi ‘an, at his every move, and at the subtle changes in his body movements.

An unbelievable thought emerged in their minds.

The demonic priests of the earth sect narrowed their eyes and glared at Xu Qi ‘an maliciously. Blue lotus Daoist’s eyes flickered with an ominous glint and he sneered, “”Cao Qingyang, how much longer do you want to play?” In the eyes of the cultivators, Cao Qingyang had gone easy on them.

“That, that punch just now …”

The experts from martial Union looked at each other.

As high-ranked martial artists, they were much more knowledgeable than the Daoists of the earth sect.

The explosion of the punch and Alliance master Cao’s continuous subtle movements as he retreated proved that he was not acting. He had really been knocked back by Xu Qi ‘an’s punch.

Xu Qi ‘an let out a breath and suppressed the ecstasy in her heart. She didn’t let the joy climb up her face. She maintained her cold attitude and said slowly,

“I’m a rank-5!”

In fact, what he really wanted to say was, “I’m a demigod!

However, this sentence still caused a huge sensation among the “audience.”

He had indeed reached the fifth stage. Previously. he had said that he wanted to take this opportunity to advance to the fifth stage … Li Miaozhen’s emotions were very complicated. She was happy for him but also a little disappointed.

She was the Holy Virgin of the heavenly sect. What was a Holy Virgin? Only the one with the most outstanding talent and potential among her peers in the heavenly sect could become the Holy maiden.

The position of a heavenly sect in the pugilistic world was high and mighty, an existence that everyone looked up to. Every disciple of a heavenly sect was a proud Son of Heaven in the martial world.

Li Miaozhen was the proud Son of Heaven among the proud sons.

At the age of twenty, she was already a level four. When she was at the age of a mature Begonia flower, what realm would her cultivation reach?

The chief of the heavenly sect had once said that the Holy Sons and holy virgins of this generation had a great chance of advancing to the third stage and surpassing the mortal level.

Li Miaozhen had been proud for twenty years until she met Xu Qi ‘an. She suddenly found that the talent she was proud of seemed to be not bad in front of him.

genius, a genius with talent

Yang cuixue looked excited and sighed, ” I’ve seen many young talents, and Xu yinluo was one of them. His talent is amazing.

“Xu yinluo is indeed amazing to break through and ascend to the fifth stage. It’s not an exaggeration to say that his talent is no less than the North vanquishing Prince’s.” Xiao yuenu said with emotion.

Her face was covered by a veil, so her expression couldn’t be seen clearly. One could only see that her limpid eyes suddenly let in Starlight.

When the capital Scout joined the night watchman at the end of the year, he was only at the peak of essence refinement. In less than a year, he had advanced from a ninth-grade peak fast hand to fifth-grade huajin …

Tianji and Tianshu, the two top secret agents, could not help but think about Xu Qi ‘an’s information.

This talent was even better than Chu Yuanyou’s.

When Chu Yuanyou resigned from his post to practice martial arts, he had long passed the most suitable age to practice martial arts. No one thought that he could make any achievements in martial arts.

However, he just had to rise up and give everyone a slap in the face.

In just a few years, he had challenged a fourth-grade golden gong. His talent had caused a huge sensation in the capital. Wei Yuan had praised him as the number one swordsman in the capital.

This was the reason.

Xu Qi ‘an’s talent was even stronger than Chu Yuanxi’s.

If he didn’t kill such a person, he would definitely become a great disaster in the future.

Qiu Chan Yi’s nose was red, her eyes were red, and the tears on her face had not dried yet. At this moment, her mouth was slightly open, and she was in a state of great shock.

“Thank you, Alliance master Cao, for your help. ”

Xu Qi ‘an thanked him sincerely.

your golden body is at its end, ” Cao Qingyang said. without this protective art, even if you reach level five, I can defeat you with a single punch. Just admit defeat.

Physical defense was the foundation of a warrior in close combat. Without a body of copper skin and iron bones, how could one resist the opponent’s attack?

Xu Qi ‘an refused to admit defeat. how would you know if you don’t try? ‘ “This time, I won’t hold back,” Cao Qingyang said in a deep voice.

In the lingering sound, his body was torn apart by the wind. It was just an afterimage. The purple robe Alliance master appeared in front of Xu Qi ‘an in a flash and punched his face.

Xu Qi ‘an’s figure disappeared and reappeared on Cao Qingyang’s left.

“Alliance master Cao, have you forgotten my unique skill?”

Xu Qi ‘an closed in and hit Cao Qingyang’s body with his fists.

He disappeared again, avoiding Cao Qingyang’s back, and reappeared on the other side of the purple robe Alliance leader, ready for another round of close combat.

However, Cao Qingyang’s warrior instincts were just as sharp. He grabbed Xu

Qi ‘an’s wrist and leaned forward, turning himself into a collapsed stone pillar.

Xu Qi ‘an retracted his hand first and hit the collapsed stone pillar back with his fists.

Bang Bang Bang! “Pa pa pa!”

The two of them relied solely on physical techniques to display an effect that shocked the onlookers. Their moves were continuous, without any flaws, fierce and fierce.

If it were any other system at the same level, they would have been killed eight to ten times in such an intense melee.

The crowd was surprised to find that Xu yinluo had been suppressing Alliance master Cao.

Xu yinluo seemed to have the ability to predict the future. Every time, she would be the first to avoid or interrupt Alliance master Cao’s attacks, and then give him a set of fierce attacks.

Although Alliance master Cao’s indestructible body had allowed him to ignore Xu yinluo’s attack to a certain extent, it was a fact that he was at a disadvantage.

Xu yinluo’s Vajra power was on the verge of collapse. If she was at her peak state, Alliance master Cao would have been suppressed and would not have been able to fight back. Many people couldn’t help but think.

Xu Qi ‘an’s face suddenly turned red, and his movements became sluggish. Such a huge flaw could not be ignored. Cao Qingyang seized the opportunity and punched Xu Qi’ an’s chest, causing him to stagger back.

After that, there was no gap between attacks. After the punch, there was a

flying kick, then a pull back, followed by a series of inch punches, followed by an elbow strike and a whip kick, and then a pull back. It was another set of powerful damage output.

Bang! Bang!

The golden light shook violently and completely dissipated.

The Vajra power was broken.

Xu Qi ‘an slapped Cao Qingyang’s chest, turned his wrist, and slapped his chin.

Shua shua shua … Alliance master Cao took a few steps back, feeling as if his jaw had almost dislocated.

Xu Qi ‘an ended the contest and cupped his fists. “I’ve lost,”

It seemed like Alliance master Cao was more skilled … Just as everyone was thinking this, Cao Qingyang said, ‘

“You’re injured. If you’re at your peak, I might not be your opponent.”

Did Alliance master Cao mean that he couldn’t beat Xu Qi ‘an with only physical skills?

Everyone stared at Xu Qi ‘an with strange looks.

At this moment, the nine-colored lotus flower in the cold pool glowed with a magnificent light and shot into the clouds.

A few breaths later, the light dissipated, and the nine-colored flower bud floating on the surface of the pool slowly bloomed.

Everyone’s eyes moved away from Xu Qi ‘an and looked at the Lotus. In an instant, many people’s breathing quickened.

Suddenly, a huge amount of black mist gushed out of blue lotus Daoist priest’s forehead like a waterfall.

The black mist condensed into a human figure with a blurry face. It seemed slow but was actually fast. Before the crowd could react, it pounced toward the cold pool and the nine-colored Lotus.

The clone of the earth sect’s Dao chief had actually been hiding in blue Lotus’s body all this time, keeping everyone in the dark.

He wanted to snatch the Lotus as fast as lightning and escape before the master who had appeared in Chu Zhou could react.

That’s right, from start to finish, the earth sect’s Dao capital had believed that the mysterious expert was hiding nearby.

Cao Qingyang’s hand was like a blade, and he slashed out a blade will, easily cutting through the black mist. However, the black mist quickly gathered back together, and he did not suffer any substantial damage.

Golden Lotus Daoist priest, who was sitting cross-legged with his eyes closed, finally opened his eyes.

“Blacklotus, I’ve been waiting for you for a long time.”

As he spoke, the space between Golden Lotus Daoist priest’s eyebrows collapsed like a black hole. A rolling cyclone appeared out of thin air and sucked the clone of Black Lotus Daoist head into it.

The Golden Lotus Daoist priest closed his eyes and stood still like a stone statue.

He was going to fight the clone of the earth sect’s Dao chief on another battlefield.

Although Golden Lotus had dealt with a threat, he had also handed the Lotus over to martial Union.

The Lotus Daoist of the earth sect, King Huai’s Secret agent, and other forces joined forces to fight for the Lotus seed.

In response to the threat of these “minions,” Cao Qingyang turned his blade around, and his blade intent swept across the entire area.

“Pfft …”

Other than the rank-4s, everyone present was spurting blood from the saber intent’s sweep.

There was only one person who dared to stand in his way.

Cao Qingyang squinted his eyes and glared at the insatiable young man.

“Xu yinluo, our battle is over. I won’t show any mercy this time. I’ve already given you face. Even if I slap you to death, no one in the pugilistic world can say anything bad about me. ‘

Tian Ji and Tian Shu, who were both shocked and furious, suddenly felt that the development of this matter was very much in line with their wishes.

The two of them were worried that Xu Qi ‘an would not be easy to kill since he had the protection of the Yue clan’s Villa and some self-proclaimed chivalrous people from martial Union.

Suddenly, things took a turn.

Cao Qingyang was determined to get the nine-colored Lotus. He had given Xu Qi ‘an enough face by giving in just now. Now, Xu Qi ‘an did not give him any face and tried to stop him. Even if Cao Qingyang hurt or even killed someone, the outside world could not say anything.

The heaven and earth Union’s disciple panicked and shouted, ‘

young master Xu, you’ve already done your best. You don’t have to guard the Lotus seeds anymore.

“Young master Xu, please step back, step back.”

They really felt that it was enough. Xu yinluo had tried her best. The heaven and earth Union’s disciples even felt that the Lotus seed was no longer important compared to Xu yinluo’s safety.

Xu Qi ‘an ignored him. He looked at Cao Qingyang and smiled.”lt’s not that I want to stop you, it’s someone else,”

He reached into his pocket and took out a yellow Talisman Amulet. He ignited it with what little Qi He had left.

[ PS: it’s the holidays, so I have to take a car home. That’s why I’m late. ] I think everyone can understand, right? She was too sleepy. She had endured until now, and her mind was muddled. Today’s chapter is a little short, I’m sorry.

“State preceptor, save me! I’m xu Qi ‘an,” he shouted.

[PS: it’s the holidays, so I have to take a car home. That’s why I’m late.] I think everyone can understand, right? She was too sleepy. She had endured until now, and her mind was muddled. Today’s chapter is a little short, I’m sorry. I’ll fill in the word count tomorrow..