Emperor Xinchen has sent the message to Fu Jun.

Emperor Xinchen flew back directly. Fu Jun had just broken the seal of the ocean world. They were very surprised.

"Go back to the ninth world. I want to ask emperor Xinchen how they did it. Unexpectedly, several people were able to break two seals, much faster than us."

"The seal of the earth element world has been broken by them, which is already a miracle among miracles." Fu Jun told everyone the news.

All the people are very happy and rush back to the ninth world together, because they are also looking forward to the opening of the last big seal and rising to the highest world.

Emperor Xinchen stood next to the altar of the seal, watching all this waiting for the arrival of others, when everyone came.

Everyone has felt the king's breath on emperor Xinchen.

"How much has your strength improved? How do I feel that you all have an adventure?" Mr. Hai couldn't see through the realm of the emperor's heart.

Jiuli ruoshuan has been warned by Emperor Xinchen in advance.

Before the big seal is opened, it is not allowed to disclose the current changes of several people. Before that, after all, we were still on guard against the golden robe to wish the morning.

"There's a little change. It's just achieved by relying on the pill. Otherwise, how can we urge everyone to hurry back?"

"I'm afraid that after the pill expires, the realm and combat effectiveness will fall down again."

Emperor Xinchen has already figured out this excuse.

"Let's hurry to open the seal now!"

Fu Jun said this, and Emperor Xinchen several people stood near the space barrier of the altar.

Everyone worked together to open the space barrier of the altar. Looking at the largest seal, the light flickered, and several people were excited in their eyes.

Suddenly an unexpected scene happened.

After Jin Pao Zhu Chen wounded Nian Wushuang in the back, he took the opportunity to sneak into Jiuli ruoxuan. He flew to the seal place above the seal altar.

"The most powerful force is mine. I've been looking forward to it for a long time to break through the last realm. Today I finally have a chance."

"Emperor's presence..." after Jin Pao Zhu Chen shouted, the aura of the seal below poured into Jin Pao Zhu Chen's body without stopping for a moment.

Jin Pao Zhu Chen's body changed and revealed his body.

"Emperor Zun, you are... Emperor Zun!" Fu Jun was not confident in the scene in front of him and recognized who it was.

"It's me. Thank you for the wedding dress you made for me."

The emperor laughed and burst into a frenzy.

For him, after stepping out of the last step, he is the first person in the universe.

"Stop him quickly. After he absorbs all the aura of the seal, we can't open the seal at all. The channel will collapse directly."

"I now understand that the seals of the six channels in the small world below are probably all absorbed by him. After the channel collapsed, he sealed the seals again."

Fu Jun's mind gradually sober, combined with his previous memory, analyzed these things.

"He is now using us as cannon fodder. Let's break the seal again in front, gather Reiki and power on the big seal, and complete his own final breakthrough."

When Mr. Hai said this, Emperor Zun said to everyone with a sneer, "it's too late to know the truth now."

"Really? Do I agree with you to absorb Reiki?"

After emperor Xinchen said this contemptuously, the emperor's sword in his hand began to shine. He stepped on the gold eating beast, and he flew directly to the emperor.

"It's just with the help of the power of pills. I think you have great skills."

Emperor Zun took the temporary lie of emperor Xinchen seriously.

"The emperor's sword is unparalleled and Supreme..."

Emperor Xinchen knows that the urgent task cannot be hesitated. The move he uses is the most powerful one.

The emperor stretched out a finger to the emperor's heart dust and shouted a scornful sentence.

"Emperors, generals, dragons and tigers!"

In the middle of the sky, there was a virtual shadow of a dragon and a virtual shadow of a tiger, but the dragon and the tiger retreated one after another in the howling sound of the gold eating beast

Emperor Zun noticed the change of the gold eating beast. He was not confident in his eyes, but he was even more afraid to be confident in the back.

When Emperor Xinchen's attack fell on him, he didn't have time to dodge. Blood gushed out of his mouth and his body fell back.

The virtual shadow of the dragon and tiger in the air has disappeared and was swallowed into his stomach by the dark elf King hiding in the dark.

When the gold eater attacked the emperor who fell to the ground continuously, Emperor Xinchen used another move that he had just understood.

"Dominate the world... Supreme magic..." when Emperor Xinchen shouted this sentence, the sky changed color.

When the sword of emperor Xinchen was used, the spirit of emperor Xinchen was injected into the body of the emperor's sword.

The emperor, who was about to fall to the ground in mid air, showed despair in his eyes.

He has seen that he can't resist the attack of emperor Xinchen, so he can't help shouting.

"No way, you are definitely not the one who took the last step."

Before the emperor's voice fell, the emperor's heart dust attack fell on the emperor, and the emperor's body became fragmented.

The attack is still not over, and the fragmented body is reduced to ashes by the fire element around the emperor's sword.

There was no emperor between heaven and earth, and even his soul had no time to escape.

"Is this the emperor's heart dust?" Fu Jun opened his mouth.

"It's too late to tell you in detail. Let's open the seal for emperor Xinchen and see if we can return to the highest world we've always wanted to go."

"Fortunately, there is a pill with systematic reward, otherwise I won't have strength this time."

When Emperor Xinchen thought about this, he swallowed the pill of systematic reward in the flame world, and his popularity became full in an instant.

Even there are some auras that directly wash the meridians of emperor Xinchen.

Emperor Xinchen's emperor's sword directly cleaved on the big seal, and other people now beat their most powerful attack on the big seal.

Just listen to a bang, the big seal is broken.

The back passage leaked out, which is a complete passage to the highest world.

"The system rewards open the channel of the world and improve the existing small realm level."

"The host successfully broke through the void breaking state of unprecedented and future comers, and reached the state of immortality."

Emperor Xinchen smiled at the corners of his mouth.

He knew that he had fulfilled his greatest wish now, and the rest was just the end result of his dream.

"Wait for me. I'll pick them up."

As soon as emperor Xinchen finished, he flashed and appeared in front of the crowd with his wives

Besides them, there are Ying Zheng

All the people lamented the entity of emperor Xinchen at this time and shuttled through the space.

"Let's go..."

"I'm coming to the highest world!"

All the figures in the passage have disappeared.


Suddenly, the fairy light is flying and the light rain is all over the sky

The channel is broken, and the huge movement shakes the world!

When the public reopened their eyes, they were shocked.

A breath of incomparably holy came to my face.

There is still the sun hanging high in the sky. Countless towering mountains and rivers of heaven flow. Everything is so shocking and magnificent. A strange and rich Fairy Spirit intoxicates everyone.

Vivid, this is a dream feeling.

"Is this... The real 'fairyland'!" Mr. Hai stared and shouted excitedly.

"Yes, this is the highest world, the center of the heavens and the end!"

(end of full text)