Chapter 694: Venom

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However, in just the blink of an eye, this negative effect vanished without a trace. Suddenly, it seemed as if what just happened was merely a figment of Chen Fei’s imagination.

Chen Fei remained composed. The fluctuations of the spiritual energy from the Mountain Sea Realm had affected him just now. He had experienced a similar sensation when he first saw Min Yanlu in the Thousand Feathers Alliance Sea

Dominion City.

Now, Chen Fei had the ability to resist such suppression naturally. However, once he countered it, it would also alert the other party.

For Chen Fei, there was no benefit in doing so. Instead, it would only attract unnecessary attention.

“Greetings, City Lord!”

Chen Fei looked at the person in front of the desk and bowed respectfully.

“What brings you here to see me?”

Tang Shouchang looked at Chen Fei and nodded slightly. When the Primordial

Sword Sect relocated to the Thousand Geese Mountain, Tang Shouchang had met several members of the sect, and Chen Fei was naturally among them.

With his cultivation at the peak of the Combined Aperture Tempering realm, only one step away from the Mountain Sea Realm, he stood on equal footing with them.

Although the hope was faint, the cultivation of a martial artist always followed such a path. Therefore, although Tang Shouchang’s attitude towards Chen Fei was plain, it did not reject him outright.

“There might be some changes in the Thousand Geese Mountain. I urge the

City Lord to be vigilant!”

Chen Fei disclosed the situation discovered by the Primordial Sword Sect in its entirety. However, he did not mention the Black Divine, instead portraying it as an inexplicable contaminating force.

Facing the contaminating force under the Black Divine’s command, even if Chen Fei was willing, he was not powerful enough to handle it alone. Moreover, with four experts at the Mountain Sea Realm present in Thousand Geese City, Chen Fei had no reason to charge into battle alone.

As Chen Fei recounted the situation, Tang Shouchang couldn’t help but furrow his brows slightly.

Tang Shouchang didn’t suspect Chen Fei of deceiving him; therefore, there was no point in doing so. If it turned out later that Chen Fei was lying, Tang Shouchang had plenty of ways to make Chen Fei and the entire Primordial Sword Sect pay the price.

“Have there been any discoveries within the city?” Tang Shouchang asked in a deep voice.

“Yes, City Lord, please follow me,” Chen Fei replied quietly.

“Very well.”

Upon hearing Chen Fei’s words, Tang Shouchang’s expression didn’t show any joy; instead, his brow furrowed even deeper.

With a flicker, Chen Fei appeared several miles away from the palace.

Previously, Chen Fei’s main body hadn’t sensed that bluish-green energy in Thousand Geese City due to the city’s large population and the mixture of various auras.

This situation was vastly different from that of the Primordial Sword Sect.

Before seeking an audience with Tang Shouchang just now, Chen Fei had deliberately used his Heavenly Eye to investigate. Due to its precise targeting, it was easy for Chen Fei to sense abnormalities. On his way, Chen Fei had directly sealed one person.

Now, with Chen Fei’s appearance, Tang Shouchang also landed beside him, looking at the person before them.

Initially, Tang Shouchang couldn’t discern anything, but as the power of his soul continued to strengthen within his gaze, a peculiar sensation finally arose in Tang Shouchang’s mind.

With a gesture of his right hand, a bluish-green energy drifted out from the person in front of them and landed in Tang Shouchang’s palm.

As Tang Shouchang looked at the bluish-green energy before him, his eyes narrowed slightly, and his expression became increasingly solemn.

Under the observation of his soul, this bluish-green energy seemed to be alive, more akin to a venom than mere energy, with a terrifying contaminating nature.

Tang Shouchang glanced at Chen Fei. It was astonishing that this newcomer at the peak of the Combined Aperture Tempering realm had such keen perception.

However, now was not the time to discuss this; it was about how to deal with this venom.

Tang Shouchang was about to inform the other three experts at the Mountain Sea Realm in Thousand Geese City when suddenly, the bluish-green energy in his palm exploded.

As this bluish-green energy dispersed, a peculiar ripple spread out.

A dazzling light flashed in Tang Shouchang’s eyes, and he instinctively tried to intercept the ripple, but it seemed he was a step too slow.

In just the blink of an eye, this peculiar ripple spread throughout various areas within Thousand Geese City.

Nearly a hundred people’s bodies suddenly shriveled silently, and the bluish- green energy emanated from their bodies, merging into the void, silent, invisible, and odorless.

The bluish-green energy that merged into the void quickly contaminated everyone it encountered along the way.

Initially, the number of people contaminated in Thousand Geese City wasn’t significant. Considering the size of the city, a hundred people were a very small number.

Chen Fei sensed the changes within Thousand Geese City, and his expression changed as well.

Previously, when Chen Fei sealed those contaminated individuals, there had been no issue. However, Tang Shouchang’s intervention had suddenly exacerbated the situation.

Or perhaps, this was a predetermined rule.

As soon as abnormalities were detected by experts at the Mountain Sea Realm, these venoms would awaken from their dormant state.

Initially, these venoms were likely intentionally avoiding Thousand Geese City. After all, it was right under the noses of experts at the Mountain Sea Realm, and any slight mishap could lead to discovery.

But now, with a hundred contaminated individuals within Thousand Geese City, what about outside the city?

Tang Shouchang’s complexion changed slightly, and a majestic force condensed in the palm of his right hand. Then, he pressed his palm onto the ground.

In an instant, Thousand Geese City seemed to awaken, with all formations starting to operate. In a flash, the momentum of Thousand Geese City reached its peak.

As the formations rose, Tang Shouchang’s perception connected with the entire city, simultaneously sensing the current situation within the city.

The self-destructive venoms from nearly a hundred individuals, dispersed across various locations, were particularly concerning as each location was densely crowded due to the celebration.

The spread of these venoms was beyond comparison, akin to a locust plague. Despite Tang Shouchang activating the formations promptly, thousands of people had already been contaminated, their bodies shriveled, and the venoms continued to spread frantically.

However, as the formations ascended, these venoms were immediately locked in place.

With centuries of development, the formations in Thousand Geese City had reached a high level of perfection. Despite the sudden crisis, Tang Shouchang managed to contain the damage within a certain range.

Inside Thousand Geese City, those who were engrossed in the teachings of the Mountain and Sea were now looking up at the sky, somewhat puzzled as to why all the formations in the city had suddenly risen.

Soon, a piece of news spread throughout Thousand Geese City: a malevolent force was causing chaos, and the sudden shriveling of thousands of people was undeniable evidence.

With experts at the Mountain Sea Realm presiding over Thousand Geese City, yet still causing the deaths of thousands in an instant, what was the situation outside the city?

The elders and sect masters of the numerous sects in the Thousand Geese Mountain had their expressions greatly changed. What had happened to their sects at this moment?

“City Lord, I would like to return to the Primordial Sword Sect to take a look.”

Chen Fei spoke up upon seeing Tang Shouchang about to leave.

With the formations densely arranged in Thousand Geese City now, Chen Fei truly had no way of leaving here in a short time. Although there were avatars guarding the sect now, these avatars were ultimately only ordinary peak Combined Aperture Tempering realm cultivators.

Tang Shouchang glanced at Chen Fei, using elemental power to hold him back.

In the next moment, the two of them appeared in the sky.

“I have noted your contribution. Be careful when you return,” Tang Shouchang said before disappearing, flying towards the Thousand Geese Mountain.

Not only Tang Shouchang, but two other experts at the Mountain Sea Realm also appeared in the sky, joining Tang Shouchang in charging towards the Thousand Geese Mountain.

With the formations in Thousand Geese City, one expert at the Mountain Sea Realm could stay behind.

However, they were completely unaware of the current situation in the Thousand Geese Mountain. Traveling in a group of three undoubtedly made them safer.

This malevolent entity only dared to secretly contaminate, indicating limited strength; otherwise, it would have openly invaded Thousand Geese City long ago.

Watching the three experts at the Mountain Sea Realm disappear, Chen Fei’s figure flickered as he flew towards the direction of the Primordial Sword Sect. After flying more than a hundred miles, Chen Fei confirmed that there were no prying eyes. Activating his teleportation talent, he performed several consecutive teleports and returned to the Primordial Sword Sect.

At this moment, everyone in the Primordial Sword Sect was on the brink of battle. The outbreak of the venom had caused the bodies of the twenty or so members of the Primordial Sword Sect to tremble violently.

However, Chen Fei’s sealing technique, infused with the power of his soul, immediately suppressed this outbreak.

Without the power of the soul, not only would these twenty-something individuals undoubtedly perish, but the Primordial Sword Sect would likely have been contaminated to a great extent by now.

The Combined Aperture Tempering realm cultivators might withstand for a longer period, and the Aperture Tempering realm cultivators might have a chance of survival. However, the Body Tempering realm cultivators would truly all fall.

Nowadays, the Primordial Sword Sect had the most disciples in the Body Tempering realm.

Seeing Chen Fei’s main body return, several elders who were still in the sect couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief.


Chen Fei stood in mid-air, suddenly turning his head to the right. A huge fluctuation of the world’s elemental energy rolled towards them. Even though they were hundreds of miles apart, it was clearly perceptible.

As Chen Fei looked in that direction, he could vaguely see a colossal malevolent entity roaring skyward, its mighty power sweeping across all directions. Chen Fei furrowed his brow. If even the three experts at the Mountain Sea Realm couldn’t suppress the minions of the Black Divine, then things were truly troublesome. Moreover, the Primordial Sword Sect was currently located within the Thousand Geese Mountain.

Even if Chen Fei wanted to flee with people, there was no time. There were too many people in the Primordial Sword Sect at the moment, and escaping wouldn’t be achievable in the short term.


A loud roar came from nearby, and Chen Fei’s gaze shifted to see thousands of malevolent entities, emitting black miasma from head to toe. Boils protruded from their heads, and their two arms were disproportionate-one unnaturally large, the other as small as a chicken claw.

The boils on their heads oozed incessantly, leaving a trail of pus wherever they passed, turning the ground black and killing off trees.

Those who didn’t die after being transformed by this venomous mutation ended up in these bizarre forms.

Although the Primordial Sword Sect was in a remote location, there were neighboring sects around. However remote it might be, all the surrounding sects’ members had been contaminated and transformed into these grotesque beings, now seeking other living beings to attack.

In terms of vitality, aside from Thousand Geese City, the Primordial Sword Sect probably had the most.

The other members of the Primordial Sword Sect also noticed the approach of these malevolent entities and were on high alert.

Chen Fei’s avatar moved forward, wielding a supreme treasure. With the roar of sword energy, a massive sword formation descended upon these malevolent entities.

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The Heavenly Profound Sword was far more refined than the previous Profound Heavenly Sword.

Although the avatar lacked much soul power and couldn’t fully unleash the power of the sword formation, even in its current state, its might surpassed that of an ordinary peak Combined Aperture Tempering realm cultivator by a considerable margin.

The sharp sword energy within the formation relentlessly cut through these malevolent entities. Despite their numbers, the strongest among them was only at the early Combined Aperture Tempering realm stage, and their attacks were chaotic and disorganized.

Although their numbers were many, they posed no real threat.

In just a moment, these malevolent entities were slaughtered to the last. However, as these malevolent entities perished, bluish-green energy diffused in all directions, and the elemental energy of the world surged. This bluish- green energy surged towards the Primordial Sword Sect.