Chapter 503 - Chapter 503: Junior Brother Han’s Exceptionally Unique Perspective

Chapter 503: Junior Brother Han’s Exceptionally Unique Perspective

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In front of the Spirit Herb Garden, Jiang Hao could sense that Han Ming’s cultivation had improved. He never stopped improving himself.

It was all because of his talent and hard work.

He utilized both opportunities and potential to the best of his ability. In the entire Cliff of Broken Hearts, there were only a few people who could match him.

He had matured a lot. He still clung to luck a lot, but that was just a small flaw.

It didn’t affect him much.

As for who Junior Brother Han would bring back, he didn’t really care. It wasn’t very likely that he would bring back a dragon, after all. They were rare.

However, since Han Ming’s sect mission had arrived, his own mission might also be coming soon.

Sure enough, three days later, he received a sect mission.

Surprisingly, this time the mission was once again related to the Sea Fog Cave.

“Why is it the Sea Fog Cave again?” Jiang Hao felt a headache coming on.

After asking the senior at the Task Hall, he got the answer.

“It wasn’t originally yours. Last time, it was fine for a Foundation Establishment Realm cultivator to lead the team. But now, the Sea Fog Cave has become a lot more dangerous, so we need a Golden Core Realm cultivator to lead the group. Since you advanced to the Golden Core Realm recently, the mission was assigned to you.”

He was speechless.

If possible, he wanted to bribe with some spirit stones and request a mission change.

But sect missions were not something that could be modified or changed.

Only a few individuals had that authority.

Sect missions could be exchanged with others, but they couldn’t be avoided.

This was something that most disciples had to face.

Normally, there would be no punishment for failures. Jiang Hao’s focus was always on keeping a low profile.

But with the advancement of his cultivation realm, he had become the leader.

Trying to pass off unnoticed would be troublesome, as he couldn’t deceive everyone in the group.

Just like last time, there were four people in the group, including him.

What surprised him, however, was that all three were people he knew.

There was Zheng Shijiu from the Ice Moon Valley, who was now in the early stage of the Golden Core Realm.

There was also Xin Yuyue from the Thunder Fire Peak who was at the late stage of the Foundation Establishment Realm.

Yue You from the Flowing Waterfall was also at the late stage of the Foundation Establishment Realm.

The first two had cooperated multiple times before with him. The last one had worked with him twice.

“Senior Brother Zheng, you have also reached the Golden Core Realm!” Jiang Hao said with admiration.

Thirteen years ago, Senior Brother Zheng was at the late stage of the Foundation Establishment Realm.

Now, he had advanced to the Golden Core Realm.

Jiang Hao wondered why he wasn’t the one leading the team instead.

Xin Yuyue’s advancement was also quite rapid. She had advanced from the early stage to the late stage in just thirteen years.

It’s quite fast, considering Han Ming had just reached the peak of the Foundation Establishment Realm.

Xin Yuyue was most likely in her forties now.

Han Ming was thirty-one.

‘It seems Junior Brother Han is not young anymore.’ Jiang Hao shook his head and chuckled.

After that, he planned to go back and prepare. It was not safe to enter the Sea Fog Cave unprepared.

He needed to see if the Saint Bandits had done anything new recently. Unfortunately, he believed he couldn’t find anything about them unless he could lure Yin Wei out.

‘Perhaps I can lure Yin Wei out. Once I appraise him, I’ll know if he has done anything.’

Yin Wei used the Blood Wish Path and hid in the shadows. Even people at the Soul Ascension Realm worked under him. It meant that his status and influence might be quite extraordinary.

‘So, what method can I use to lure him out?’

Jiang Hao thought along the way but didn’t find an answer.

However, he still had half a month. Perhaps he could come up with something. During this time, he also needed to ask about the exact situation of the Sea Fog


Ever since they had cooperated with the overseas people, there had been very little information from the Sea Fog Cave. There was no news about what might have actually happened inside.

Ordinary disciples probably wouldn’t know what happened inside. Fortunately, he could go and ask at the Lawless Tower.

Perhaps he could learn a thing or two from there.

A few days later, in mid-January, Jiang Hao went to the Lawless Tower and learned that many people had already entered the Sea Fog Cave for exploration.

There wasn’t anything too dangerous for now. It was still manageable. Therefore, they even allowed Foundation Establishment Realm cultivators to enter the cave for missions.

Jiang Hao still couldn’t rest easy. But there hadn’t been any major conflicts so far, and he wasn’t sure if the Saint Bandits had left or had a different plan.

There was also no progress in the stone tablet.

Gui and the others didn’t mention anything about the Saint Bandits.

Seemingly, there hadn’t been significant developments overseas.

The only good news was that Gui seemed to have successfully cursed Yin Wei.

Although weak, the curse was indeed a success.

However, it seemed that the person had sensed Gui’s location, so she was being careful.

Jiang Hao was the same.

Yin Wei’s strength didn’t seem to be weak. His methods were not lacking in strategy and strength.

“Senior Brother Jiang?” some called him.

After wrapping up his sales, Jiang Hao was walking along the path near the entrance of the Cliff of Broken Hearts.

He turned and saw Han Ming.

Three other people accompanied him. Two men and one woman.

“Junior Brother Han, who are these people?” Jiang Hao was surprised.

“I recruited them for the outer sect,” Han Ming said with a confident smile. Jiang Hao was surprised. ‘Does he really expect to surpass Xiao Li with the help of these three?’

In fact, no matter how talented someone was, they couldn’t surpass Xiao Li.

After all, this young dragon was not truly at the Foundation Establishment Realm. She was just recovering her lost cultivation.

Her true cultivation might even have surpassed the Sect Master’s.

It was quite normal for her at the Foundation Establishment Realm to be able to fight on par with those at the Golden Core Realm.

In the eyes of their Cliff Master, Xiao Li was extraordinary. The only regret was that she was practically unmanageable.

He had also heard that whenever Cliff Master tried to teach her, Xiao Li would always fall asleep.

In the end, the Cliff Master gave up. He would only say, “Go and eat.”

Naturally, Xiao Li was delighted.

Jiang Hao looked at the three people behind Han Ming.

On the left was a rather tall man who appeared to be at the fifth stage of the Lifeblood Refinement Realm but was actually at the middle stage of the Golden Core Realm. There were traces of the Great Thousand Spirit Technique in his spiritual energy. Jiang Hao wondered if he was from the Great Thousand God Sect.

In the middle was a young girl who seemed to have no cultivation aura, but in reality, she was at the late stage of the Golden Core Realm. It seemed she had traces of the cultivation technique he had seen on Situ Jian and the others. He wondered if she was from the Blackheaven Sect.

The last one was a young boy who appeared to be destitute and weak but had a strong and vigorous lifeblood. His spiritual energy was similar to the Heavenly Saint Spiritual Technique. Jiang Hao wondered if he was from the Heavenly Saint Sect.

Regardless of their cultivation realms, these three individuals had one thing in common.

Their method of concealment was too crude.

Anyone with a higher cultivation than them could see through their guise.

“Junior Brother Han, are you going to meet the Cliff Master?” Jiang Hao asked.

“Master is busy, so I’ll just meet with a Senior Brother. If the Senior Brother is also busy, I’ll just arrange their accommodation directly,” Han Ming said.

“Then, Junior Brother Han, be careful on your way,” Jiang Hao said.

If he were to meet the master, Jiang Hao thought Han Ming might be in


The people would be worried about meeting the Cliff Master, but meeting a fellow senior would be no problem.

However, what they didn’t know was that the fellow disciple helping with tasks was most likely Senior Brother Bai Yi.

If these three Golden Core Realm cultivators had disguised themselves better, Senior Brother Bai Yi probably wouldn’t have bothered to investigate.

It was just unfortunate for them. Even if they had advanced in their cultivation realm, Senior Brother Bai Yi wouldn’t have said anything.

Most of the time concealing one’s cultivation didn’t necessarily mean that they were a spy, but the senior would note down their names for future reference, just in case.

Jiang Hao watched Han Ming leave.

The next day, Cheng Chou told Jiang Hao that Han Ming had received great praise for capturing three spies.

He had calmly handed them over to Senior Brother Bai Yi.

The three Golden Core Realm spies had contributed to Han Ming’s merit..