Chapter 372 - Chapter 372: Self-righteous

Chapter 372: Self-righteous

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Back in the apartment, Ji Jing had already determined that Sun Luo wanted to use this array to awaken someone to descend onto Sun Ya’s body. The more the doll thought about this, the more serious its expression became.

In the end, it told Ji Jing everything about Sun Ya and itself without reservation.

Although Sun Ya herself didn’t know, the doll still remembered for her. Sun Ya also inherited her master’s bloodline.

“Although Sun Ya doesn’t know it now, she does indeed possess an extraordinary bloodline. This is probably the reason why Sun Luo has his eyes on her. This also means that once Sun Ya’s soul leaves her body, she’ll be finished.” On the way here, the doll made this judgment. Sun Ya’s situation was very dangerous!

The vast majority of Puppet Masters were unable to obtain immortality through their puppets through soul possession because their souls were especially fragile. They were so fragile that even ordinary people who were dying could have their souls stay in the world for a short period of time, but Puppet Masters could not withstand any separation of their souls from their bodies.

This was also why Ji Jing hurriedly gave Sun Ya a talisman as soon as she arrived. It was to protect Sun Ya’s soul as much as possible.

Even if Sun Luo’s array was completely activated, it would be good to buy a few more minutes of struggle time for the unknown existence to descend.

Now, the doll didn’t know who Sun Luo was going to wake up.

The best outcome would be that Sun Luo’s half-baked effort would not be able to awaken any powerful existence. Even if it appeared, it would be killed by Ji Jing and the doll the moment it landed on Sun Ya’s body.

The worst result would be that Sun Luo knew about the Puppet Masters and wanted to wake up a powerful Puppet Master.

“In the end, my current body is still a puppet made by my master…” Back then, the doll had said,” Puppets are naturally at a disadvantage against Puppeteers. If he really awakens a Puppet Master, I’m afraid I won’t even have the chance to resist.”

. What’s worse is that I might fall into their control.” The more the doll spoke, the worse its expression became. If that was the case, Ji Jing would have to fight against the three of them while protecting Sun Ya. And now, half of their worst fears had come true.

Not good. Very bad!

If there was only the existence summoned by Sun Luo, Ji Jing still had the power to deal with it. With the addition of a puppet doll that was being manipulated, it would really be over!

Ji Jing’s hand, which was hidden behind her back, tightened its grip on the jade pendant again. She tried to send a message to Ming Ze that she needed external help!

At this tense moment, Ji Jing heard Sun Luo’s smug voice.” What’s the use of those weak Puppet Masters?!” Sun Ya, you should feel honored. The person who is about to wake up in your body is the legendary Huai Meng, hahaha… How many people have relied on its puppets to live forever? It’s your honor to be used by it!”

“Pah!” Sun Ya sneered.” A scum like you still wants to live forever? Living another day is a pollution to the world!”

Sun Luo didn’t care about Sun Ya’s insults at all. He only smiled sinisterly, immersed in his beautiful fantasies about the future.

Huai… Dream…?

The jade pendant in Ji Jing’s hand suddenly loosened. She tilted her head and looked at the doll. They both saw the surprise in each other’s eyes.

“What? Huaimeng?” When the doll asked this question, its expression was very subtle.

‘ Of course it’s the strongest Puppet Master from two hundred years ago,

Huaimeng.” Sun Luo thought that the doll didn’t know, so he laughed cruelly.” So what if he’s strong? He’ll still fall into my hands, just like you guys who think too highly of yourselves…”

“Pfft.” Ji Jing couldn’t help but chuckle.

The doll’s expression also changed unpredictably.

Sun Luo’s entire body stiffened. A very bad premonition suddenly rose in his heart. He said with a dark face,” What are you laughing at?”

He gritted his teeth, but there was a hint of uneasiness in his tone.

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“Haha… Hahaha, you actually wanted to wake her up.” Once Ji Jing started laughing, she couldn’t help but laugh even more impudently.

“Heh.” Even the doll sneered and put away its long sickle. It easily carried the sickle on its back, walked to Sun Ya’s side, and held Sun Ya’s hand that was wearing the ring.

Dreaming? Sun Ya looked at the scene in front of her in confusion. She muttered this name in her heart, and it sounded familiar.

“What are you laughing at? What are you laughing at!” Sun Luo had clearly been released from his shackles, but he felt that he was shrouded in a great panic.” What do you want to do?!”

“I’m laughing at your ignorance.” Ji Jing laughed sarcastically..” Do you know who she is?”