Early one morning, as Kate was getting ready to see Daisy, she was suddenly sick to her stomach.

Anna immediately panicked and advised Kate should see a doctor.

Kate agreed only because they were going to be at the hospital anyway. She assumed it was just something she ate or the stomach flu, but after the doctor did blood work and ran some other tests, they found out Kate was pregnant.

"Sister Kate, this is exciting, but are you ready to be a mother? What are your plans?" Anna questioned her.

Knowing that she and Joseph were not married yet, they had always used protection when they made love. Kate had no idea what to do or how to tell Joseph, but she wondered if it was a gift from God.

After leaving the hospital, Kate went to work, but she was distracted most of the day. Every so often, she would gently touch her stomach and smile, still contemplating what to do, though.

Joseph called to say he was on his way to pick her up, and Kate became even more anxious. She knew that he would suspect something; she had no way of keeping a secret from him, never mind one this important.

As they drove home, Kate was quiet, and even after they crawled into bed, she didn't say much.

Joseph asked, "Why aren't you saying anything?”

Kate took a deep breath then smiled, "I am wondering when we are going to apply for our marriage certificate.”

"Are you proposing to me?” Joseph laughed and looked directly at her, "I asked you to marry me numerous times, but you have always refused. Why are you proposing to me? Aren't you afraid that I might reject you?"

"So, are you going to be arrogant now?” She asked nervously. Kate was already worried, but his words sent chills up her back.

"You already know my answer!" Joseph whispered and leaned in to kiss her.

Kate was caught up in his passionate kiss, but then she suddenly put her hand on his chest to push him away. She lowered her head and blushed, "Mr. Smith, I am afraid that you may have to be celibate for some time, though."

"Why?” Joseph looked at her, not understand what she was talking about.

"You probably shouldn't be laying on me unless you want to hurt the baby."

"Baby?” Joseph was shocked. He stared at Kate and stuttered, "What baby? Are you?”

His slow reaction to move angered Kate, "Mr. Smith, you are so fast-paced when it comes to business, but now you are dumbfounded. I am worried about my unborn child."

"Do you mean that you're pregnant?” Joseph shook his head in disbelief. He got up and rubbed her belly with his hands. He was in a daze, "Did I hurt the baby?”

"No, no,” Seeing the look on his face filled Kate with joy. She touched his face and asked, "Are you happy?"

Seeing that he was so nervous, Kate couldn't help teasing, "Don't worry, I will be more careful this time.”

Joseph shook his head, "Our happiness is what is most important.”


Immediately, Joseph began making plans to take Kate away from Aubi City. He found someone to take over most of the workload at Smith Group, JK Group, and Kate Group. He did some work but not nearly as much as he was before he found out Kate was pregnant. He also hired a servant to take care of the White's mansion and to watch over Anna.

A few weeks later, Joseph and Kate left for a remote Smith family villa to get rest and relax. Joseph worried that if Kate was stressed with work or daily visits to see Daisy, she might have another miscarriage.

They received some bad news while they were away, Vincent became ill and passed away. Joseph would miss his grandfather but decided against going to his funeral; he thought it was not worth jeopardizing Kate or the baby's health.

Kate spoke to Anna and Daisy's doctors regularly. They were not hopeful that she would regain consciousness and suggest Kate think about taking her off of life support. She decided that she wanted to wait until the baby was born so that her baby boy could meet his Aunt Daisy.


Upon arriving home, the first thing Kate wanted to do was see Lisa; they stopped at her tea shop on the way to the hospital.

"Kate, I have been talking to Rowen while you were away. Don't worry about things, though; I want you to take care of yourself and the baby. I have even ordered special tea that is safe for pregnant women. It is both healthy and delicious."

"Really? What did you talk about?”

"I'm keeping it to myself for now. Have a drink; I ordered them especially for you."


Anna still visited Daisy every day while Kate and Joseph were away. They hadn't told Anna they were coming home because they wanted to surprise her. However, Kate was the one who was surprised when she entered Daisy's room.

"Daisy, I know you may not be able to hear me, but I still talk to you. I also know that you hate me and that we fought a lot. You were afraid I would take your sister away, but we all could get along. I understand that I did a lot of things that hurt you and Kate. I had no courage even to show my face, nor did I dream either of you would ever forgive me. So, I continued to pretend that I lost my memory, even after it returned. I planned on confessing thousands of times, but I did not have the courage."

Anna sobbed, "Do you know how much I wish you would wake up and move back to White mansion with Kate and me? I wish we could all just live together again as sisters."

Kate stood silently in the doorway; Anna's words moved her. She had her suspicions but never had confirmation that Anna had recovered her memory.

She pushed the door open further and walked into the room.

Shocked to see Kate standing there, tears rolled down Anna's cheeks, "I am so sorry, Sister Kate. I hurt you so much. I didn't feel like I had any choice but to let you continue thinking I had amnesia."

"Did you ever lose your memory?" Kate clenched her fists tight, feeling a little upset. She wondered if Anna might attack her and cause a miscarriage, then she thought of possibly losing Anna. She was unsure of which upset her more.

Anna nodded and explained sincerely, "I never dreamt of taking advantage of you. I endured Daisy's beatings to pay for my sins and hoped if one day I begged for your forgiveness, you would understand. All of my thoughts and emotions were genuine, obviously except for the memory loss."

Kate breathed a sigh of relief; she walked over and hugged her, "Silly girl, why do you want to wrong yourself like this? I forgave you a long time ago. We will always be sisters.”

"Sister, thank you.”

Joseph walked in to see both Kate and Anna crying. He frowned and glared at Anna, "Did you make my wife cry?”

"No, I didn't …My sister and me…” Anna was terrified of Joseph's harsh tone.

"Anna, don't be afraid of him,” Kate walked toward Joseph, wiping away her tears, "I am crying for joy.”

"That is good!” Joseph exclaimed.


Later that evening when Kate and Joseph pulled into the driveway, but Kate refused to get out of the car.

She sighed, "I don't want to do it on my own.”

"So, what do you want me to do? Do you want me to carry you?”

"Hold me in your arms.”

"Okay, but you usually complain when I do this,” Joseph teased.

"Not anymore; I want you to hold me in your arms for the rest of our lives!”

"Finally, you are giving me everything I want! I will hold you and our children in my arms for the rest of our lives!”