Having spent the previous night being toyed with—and tossed about repeatedly, Han Yang was now quite tired, so much so, he slept until the break of dawn.

Waking up, he sluggishly felt around in the spot beside him, sensing no trace of Helian Qing. Uncomfortable with not having that person’s warmth next to him, his hooded—half opened eyes caught sight of the blurry image of Helian Qing standing at the side of the bedroom facing the mirror, and fiddling around with something.

Han Yang moved, propping himself up, crawling over to the other side of the bed so he could get a proper look, only to discover the other man was trying on a scarf. Also that, hanging on the back of the chair right next to him, was another scarf which looked like it had already been tried on.

Helian Qing had a tall build and good looks, so it would be reasonable to say, that given this, Han Yang had chosen scarves which ought to have been very cool. But, for some unknown reason, Han Yang thought the scene before him was completely ridiculous; and at this moment, was very much unable to stop himself from laughing out loud.

As he faced the mirror, Helian Qing heard Han Yang’s laughter and thus turned to find the other man lying on the bed, shaking from laughter. With the grip of the scarf in his hand growing rigid, he angrily pulled it off—rolled it into a ball, then stuffed it into its bag. Striding over to the side of their bed, he stared at Han Yang with a face covered with displeasure, “What’s so funny?”

Han Yang had laughed so much, his stomach hurt. Covering his tummy, he breathed out a few surprised and joy-filled exclamations before replying, “No, it’s just… Why on earth were you trying on the scarves while you were still only wearing your pajamas! Oh my god! You’re killing me right now!”

[T/n: He’s killing himself laughing/Laughing his ass off]

Giving himself a once over, Helian Qing saw he was indeed still wearing his pajamas, and his face stiffened. He was in no way angry, nor did his expression show he was, as he stood by the beside a bit awkwardly.

Earlier, having just got up and washing up, he had intended to find himself a change of clothes when his vision came upon the two scarves in the cupboard. He was not sure why he thought so, but his first inkling was that they were bought by Han Yang just for him.

A wave of joy came over him so quickly, he immediately took the scarves and went to try them on, not for second taking into account the fact he was still wearing his pajamas. After trying them on, he found himself to look pretty good wearing them, never once expecting Han Yang to wake up and catch him red-handed.

Within his heart, there was a sort of indescribable shame from being caught in the act like that.

“Have you had enough of a laugh?” Helian Qing looked at Han Yang with a long face.

“Enough, I’ve had enough!” Han Yang pinched his thigh below the blanket—Ouch, wincing as he endured the pain.

“Those scarves you bought are so ugly, did you leave your sense of taste back in your village or something?” Master Helian was clearly displeased by the lad’s attitude. “You’re still smiling.”

“They’re such ugly scarves, yet you still wore them,” Han Yang retorted, feeling they looked really good!

“You’re so ugly, yet I still married you, didn’t I?” Helian Qing sneered.


It’ll always be nothing but quarrels with you Helian Qing. Han Yang rolled his eyes. You beauty, you goddess, you Princess Qing.

Snorting, Helian Qing made his way to the wardrobe to himself a change of clothes.

Since he had no classes on this day as well, Han Yang was in no hurry to get himself out of bed. Propping half of himself off the mattress, he looked on at the man changing in front of him; admiring the man’s broad shoulders, his slender waist, and those longs legs of his.

Helian Qing knew very well he was looking, and it appeared as if he had also slowed the speed at which he changed into those clothes, taking his time as he completed the act. Just as he buckled his belt, he turned, coldly looking at the other, saying, “Hurry up and wipe up your drool, or else you’ll soak the covers.”

Han Yang did not fall for that man’s trick so easily, choosing instead to open the blanket and get off the bed to go straight for the grey scarf hanging on the chair, then walk towards Helian Qing, standing squarely before him and say, “You should try this one. I especially picked it for you.”

Helian Qing, who originally wanted to ignore him and spit out a couple mean words about the scarf, after hearing the lad’s intention, simply choked back those words and slightly bowed his head to allow the shorter man to wrap the scarf for him.

Han Yang carefully straightened out the scarf for Helian Qing. With his head lowered slightly, Helian Qing could only see the bangs covering his brows and eyes from his perspective, being able to see nothing but the tip of the other man’s nose.

Helian Qing’s gaze then fell upon Han Yang’s fingers as they twirled and wrapped the scarf, before finally returning to his forehead once more. He stared at that place for a few seconds, his hand then reaching out to lift the lad’s bangs, as he next lowered his own head to place a kiss upon that no longer concealed spot.

The feeling of those warm lips pressed upon his head made Han Yang’s hands still, with him then lifting his eyes to look at the other man.

Helian Qing, in response, nonchalantly withdrew his hand, flittering his gaze all around as if nothing had happened.

Smiling faintly, Han Yang proceeded to press the scarf into the hem of his shirt, then taking a couple steps back as he watched him for while, afterwards going into the cupboard to retrieve a coat for Helian Qing to wear.

Helian Qing let the younger man fiddle around, cooperatively lifting both his arms as he did.

“Perfect!” Han Yang straightened the man’s collar, circling around him a few times while nodding satisfyingly, “Very handsome!!”

Helian Qing was indeed quite handsome with that scarf on. His tall stature, coupled with his extraordinary temperament, were normally rather exceptional when he wore suits. So now, with him dressed in a long cashmere coat paired with this simple and tasteful scarf, his entire aura had increased twofold.

That handsome man felt very delighted by Han Yang’s praise, even leaning his body on one side to let the lad admire him more.

Han Yang had already perfectly understood this hint of his was used for the sake of seeking out compliments, thus immediately—without being one bit stingy, rained a number of praises from beside him, and causing that Qing Gége’s heart to set off into full bloom.

After finishing their breakfast, Helian Qing dropped Han Yang off at his family’s home before heading straight to work. The visit was due to a call made by Lao Yezi the day before to have the lad come play a game of chess with him.

Han Yang followed the butler to the study, where inside, Lao Yezi had already set up the chess pieces and was happily playing on his own.

“Come.” Lao Yezi lifted his head and waved his hand, “Come on, get over here.”

“Morning Granddad.” Han Yang went over and sat facing him, “Have you eaten breakfast?”

“Yes, I ate. Have you eaten as yet? Do you want to have Aunt Zhou make you something hot?” Lao Yezi asked in return.

“I ate just before coming over.” Han Yang helped him arranged the chess pieces, “So are you moving first?”

“I’ll let you go,” Lao Yezi replied.

Han Yang smiled, then made the first move.

These days, Han Yang would often drop by to accompany Lao Yezi in a chess game, so his chess skills saw a vast improvement. Following the end of the round, Lao Yezi sighed before saying, “Is there a chance I’ll be able to play a couple rounds with your grandfather?”

“You’ll get the the chance,” Han Yang answered.

Smiling, Lao Yezi added, “Don’t stress, all of us here have long accepted you and A’Qing’s situation, so your grandfather over there will too, don’t worry.”

“Okay,” Han Yang smiled along as well. Actually, he had already planned on going back there to celebrate the New Year with his grandfather, and also telling him of his situation with Helian Qing. After all, theirs was a path meant for two people, and he could not always allow Helian Qing to be the one pushing ahead on his own.

[T/n: the path for two is their marriage.]

Soon after he had lunch there, Han Yang returned home, because he wanted to take care of some minor tweaks the website he was requested to design still needed.

Mo Suya knew that apart from attending university, he also worked, thus she was immediately both gratified and worried. When she saw him off, she caressed his hair, brushing it behind his ear, saying, “Don’t wear yourself out too much, okay. Make Qing’er do that money making stuff for your family. His skin’s tough enough, he’s not supposed to be averse to hardships.”

Due to that Princess Qing’s own mother turning her back on him, Han Yang had a moment of silence, nodded, then laughed, “I know. Anyway, it’s cold out so you should hurry and go back in, alright.”

Mo Suya, in turn, urged him to get back to his home, so Han Yang got into car the chauffeur got ready then left.

On his way back, the warm feeling within Han Yang’s chest grew increasingly more warm. This was all thanks to Lao Yezi understanding, Mo Suya’s loving tenderness—and most importantly, Helian Qing’s own utter lack of reservations in cherishing him.

Sometimes, he could not stop himself from wondering what he had done to deserve meeting them all, and for them to show him all the love and concern he never dared to expect.

It’s probably because I spent out all my luck for my next life, ah? Han Yang pondered, as he stared out of the window.


That afternoon, after he took care of his work, Han Yang noticed it was not yet four o’clock. Helian Qing had been busy for the last few days, and had also said that today he would be unable to make it back in time for dinner. Han Yang was not in the mood to cook solely for himself, so he originally thought about ordering takeout, but then he had second thoughts, and wondered if it would be better to go buy groceries.

In the end, he chose to make dinner; sending Helian Qing a message while he was on his way to the store.

The market had much fresher vegetables than the supermarket, and Han Yang—quite meticulously—chose a good number of veggies to buy, with the intention of getting some for the next day as well. Sometime during his shopping, he also gave Xiao Chen a call to confirm whether Helian Qing was at the company, as well as, there being no dinner party scheduled for that evening.

Worried Helian Qing would end up waiting for too long, Han Yang finished buying the groceries, then returned home and got right to work. Later, with his dinner preparation all done, he packed all of it into a cooler, then left.

When he at the base of the company, Han Yang looked up at the tall, multistorey building. Before becoming familiar with Helian Qing, he had once thought he would be fighting to get into the Helian Group after graduation for work, never had he expected that he would not be entering for a job, but would instead end up marrying Helian Qing.

Thinking about this, Han Yang could only sigh at life’s ever so fickle nature. After which, he made his way into the first floor’s reception area, then gave Xiao Chen a call since he did not have an appointment.

Following the end of their call, Xiao Chen quickly went downstairs to receive him.

“Sorry for troubling you,” Han Yang said to Xiao Chen.

“It’s no trouble at all, don’t say such a thing. Boss is busy and still hasn’t had dinner as yet, so you came at just the perfect time.” Xiao Chen said in return as he led him into the elevator.

“You didn’t tell him I was coming over, did you?” Han Yang asked, he was thinking of giving Helian Qing a little surprise.

“Of course not, don’t worry.” Xiao Chen chuckled understandingly.

“Thank you,” Han Yang said. Then recalling that Helian Qing had been working overtime day after day recently, he then asked, “Why have you all been so busy recently?”

“There’s an important new product that will hit the market, tomorrow, and there’ll even be a news conference, so Boss is more busy than usual,” Xiao Chen replied.

Han Yang nodded, not asking anything more.

When the elevator stopped at the top floor, Han Yang said, “I’ll be fine going on my own, you can go take care of your work.”

Xiao Chen nodded, pressing the elevator door for Han Yang, then said, “His office is at the end of the hall, on the left.”

“Okay, thank you.” Han Yang thanked him, then walked towards the office.

Helian Qing’s office was at the end, and to the right there was a meeting room, a conference room, a reading room, and a waiting area; all of them quite large. According to Xiao Chen, all of the left side was Helian Qing’s office, so if that was so, it meant the space he occupied was the equivalent of every one of them put together.

Han Yang stopped in front the door of Helian Qing’s office, noticing it was partially open, with also a voice coming out from the inside. “So you’re just planning to always keep Han Yang in the dark, huh?”

That voice sounded a bit familiar, and Han Yang heard his name. He was then going to knock on the door but his hand froze after hearing Helian Qing say: “You’re poking your nose in too much.”

“I’m doing it for your own good!” that voice countered. “Tsk, tsk. You’ve been hung up on that person from since they were in high school, till now. You’re the one who’s being too much with this ever-enduring love of yours!”

“Enough with your nonsense. After dropping something off you should know to just get lost,” Helian Qing said rudely.

“Fine, alright, okay! For your pleasure, I’ll just go then.”

What did he mean? What high school? Why did they mention me? Han Yang paused for a while, completely puzzled by the meaning of their words.

He then heard that voice again say: “I’ll go first, yeah. If anything comes up, call me.”

“Scram,” Helian Qing stated.

Han Yang heard what they said along with sound of footsteps, and so, he too a few steps back then took a look at the person who came from inside.

——It was Xu Luozhao.

No wonder I felt the voice sounded familiar, Han Yang thought.

Upon first seeing him, Xu Luozhao was a little surprised. When he saw the cooler in his hand he made his way over, closing the door behind him.

“Hello,” Han Yang greeted him.

“Hi there,” Xu Luozhao laughed. “Here to drop off A’Qing’s dinner?”

“Mhm. I didn’t disturb you two, did I?” Han Yang asked.

“Of course not, but…” Xu Luozhao paused for a moment, using an assured tone as he said, “you heard us just now, right?”

Han Yang also did not deny it, “I heard a bit.”

“Are you curious about what we were chatting about?” Xu Luozhao asked.

Han Yang hesitated, but Xu Luozhao did not wait for his reply before whispering a sentence.

Han Yang, shocked, lifted his head to look at him, while the other man laughed. “Go back home to find out, it’s a surprise.” After saying that, he excused himself.

Han Yang stood motionlessly for a few seconds. Then, lifting his hand, he knocked on the door, pushing it open and proceeded to enter.

When he entered, Helian Qing had his head lowered as he flipped through some materials. Thinking Xu Luozhao had again come back, he did not lift his head, saying, “Is there something else?”

Han Yang did not respond, and instead waited for the man to notice him.

After few seconds passed, Helian Qing stopped flipping through the pages, raising his head to see the one standing there, and facing him, was Han Yang. He stared blankly at the other person for a little while, then blurted out, “What are you doing here?”

“Delivering takeout.” Han Yang raised the hamper in his hand, laughing towards him.

Seeing him lifting up the hamper and smiling at him, Helian Qing felt all the exhaustion from his day instantaneously disappear without a trace.

From the day they has gotten married, till now. This was the first time Han Yang had come to deliver a meal to him, along with doing so without him knowing it was happening at all.

The Husband works overtime, and the wife delivers him dinner on her own initiative.

This was practically the damn plot of some idol-drama, so freaking retarded.

Even so, Helian Qing could not help the corners of his lips from curving upwards, almost to the point of making him wanting to whistle.

[T/n: whistling is considered rude.]

Because there was dinner for two persons, what Han Yang brought was quite hefty, other than the four dishes he prepared, he also brought a thermos of soup.

Helian Qing, seeing him take out all of the dishes, was somewhat amazed, “Why so much? Do you think I’m a pig?”

Han Yang put away the cooler, “I haven’t eaten either.”

Hearing his words, Helian Qing’s first reaction was to think that he wanted to eat together with him, and this realization made his heart bloom, but very quickly, another thought crept into his mind.

Lifting his hand, Helian Qing took a look at his watch to see it was already past seven o’clock, brows knitted as he said, “Next time, eat then come over.”

Knowing he was worried about his stomach, Han Yang then said, “I ate a bit of cake before I came.”

Helian Qing nodded satisfyingly after listening to him, pulling him to sit beside him to eat their dinner.

“I bought this when I went to the market today, it’s especially tender,” Han Yang pointed towards the crab, “You should taste it.”

Helian Qing drank half of the container of soup, then took the crab and began peeling. Since Han Yang had steamed the crab perfectly, its delicate flesh could be seen, and it was indeed very succulent. He then took off a small piece of the meat, stuffing it into Han Yang’s mouth.

“Mmn!” Han Yang bit down unconsciously. “Aren’t you going to have some?”

“I’ll eat,” Helian Qing spoke, just before lowering his head to kiss him.

Han Yang’s eyes went wide at the entrance of Helian Qing’s tongue into his mouth where the piece of crab still sat. Afterwards, that slippery tongue began teasingly provoking the tip of his own.

It was probably the man’s intention to show his desire to be even closer to the other. Thus Han Yang did not resist. Closing his eyes and compliantly tilting his head upwards to give into Helian Qing’s kiss, the tip of tongue moving carefully, before gradually reacting.

After about half of a minute, Helian Qing got his fill from their kiss, with the crabmeat held within Han Yang’s mouth also being snatched away. Chewing, as he pleased, a couple times before swallowing, he then looked at the lad, saying, “Tastes pretty good.”

Not knowing whether his words was in regard to the crabmeat or something else, Han Yang, although more than aware of that man’s shamelessness, nevertheless could not avoid his ears growing red, before lowering his head and eating his meal.

With his now cheerful mood, Helian Qing helped him peel the rest of the crab’s meat out of its shell.

Following their dinner, Helian Qing continued with his work. Han Yang wanted to help him, but he was not familiar with those matters and so could not be of any assistance.

Seeing his intention, Helian Qing said while stroking his head, “Go have fun, okay. I’ll teach you later.”

Han Yang nodded, taking the man’s cellphone and went on to play.

Having finished approving a proposal, Helian Qing raised his head just to catch a glimpse of Han Yang, whose head was lowered, as he played with the phone, the sight causing his lips to lift into a smile.

Curious as to what the other was playing, Helian Qing got and went beside him; propping himself up over the back of the sofa before bending over to get a better look. Once he saw exactly what the younger man was doing, he was left speechless.

He saw that Han Yang was using Helian Qing’s phone to apply for a WeChat account under the name “Princess Qing”, along with one for himself called “Little Saltfish”. This single person played the role of both persons, chatting along happily between them.

Han Yang, who had both phones in his hands, lifted to look at him, asking, “Do you want to play?”

“…Guai [1], just play by yourself, alright.” Helian Qing rubbed his head, “My little nincompoop.” After saying that he went back and continued working.

“…” Han Yang glared at him, tossing the phones aside, in exchange for a tablet which he then played a game on.

During their time in the office, someone had come in to give a report to Helian Qing for which Han Yang had planned on excusing himself, but Helian Qing made him stay stay instead. He then went on to discuss some business with the person who gave the report afterwards.

Normally, Han Yang got to see more than enough of Helian Qing’s irascible, stubborn, tsundere, sarcastic, gentle, and hooliganistic behavior; but this was his first glimpse of that man’s working businessman persona.

Although he would usually bring some of his work back home with him, at this moment, the atmosphere he gave off felt extremely different.

This prompted a single phrase to suddenly flash in Han Yang’s mind: A man’s at his most handsome [cool] when he’s working hard.

A while passed, after which Helian Qing took the materials then went to face Han Yang. “I have to go to a meeting, so keep yourself occupied, and if you get tired you can go rest inside,” pointing towards the room to rest in after he spoke.

“Alright,” Han Yang nodded.

When Helian Qing returned after his meeting was done, Han Yang was already lying fast asleep on the sofa, his tablet beside him, the device displaying a tiny pumpkin character on its screen which seemed to be in the middle of clearing a stage in a game.

Afraid he would catch a cold, Helian Qing bent over and picked him up into his arms.

Han Yang awoke upon realising he was being carried, rubbing his eyes as he asked, “Is the meeting over?”

“It’s over,” Helian Qing replied. “Didn’t I tell you to go inside to sleep? Or were you especially waiting for me to come back and carry you?”

“You’re over thinking it,” Han Yang patted his shoulder, “I was just resting my eyes for a while, so can you let me down please.”

“Satisfying his wife is a husband’s duty.” Helian Qing remained unmoved, carrying him into the room to rest.

This sentence had quite a few interpretations, and given a certain person’s bad criminal record, Han Yang chose to remain silent.

Helian Qing placed Han Yang on the bed, taking advantage of the moment where he pressed the other person onto the bed to place a few kisses, before getting up to say, “Go back to sleep, I’ll call you in a little when I’m no longer busy.”

“Okay,” Han Yang nodded. Waiting until after Helian Qing left to close his eyes and rest.

When the two returned home it was already past midnight, and because he slept at the company, Han Yang felt quite energetic.

He tossed and turned on the bed, soon recalling what Xu Luozhao said earlier, thus adding another reason he could not fall asleep.

With Helian Qing still in the bath, he hesitated for a few seconds, then opened the covers and got out of bed and went to the study.



[1] 乖: guāi: it basically means, be good/behave/obedient/… , used to describe a good child and stuff. But sometimes it’s use is not as clear cut, so I left it as is.