This war can be said to be a cowardly, completely unequal strength, doomed to the complete failure of the joint navy of Portugal and Spain.

On the port of Lisbon, 5000 Portuguese soldiers saw the scene that the Allied navy was completely destroyed. Everyone was shocked. At the same time, the news was quickly conveyed to the rear. Then the shocked kings of Portugal and Spain soon issued an order to send land infantry to Lisbon port, that is, the sea is not the opponent of the other side, Then guard the land. As long as they are not allowed to land, the security of the two countries will be guaranteed.

Although the union fleet was lost, the two kings did not feel the danger. They even laughed at Yang's arrogance at sea. If they destroy the combined fleet and land directly, how can the five thousand soldiers stop it? Now the Yang system should have been killed on land. There should be war everywhere in Portugal.

Now, they are ready. Almost all the Portuguese army has sent out 300000 troops, and Spain has sent 200000 troops. Together, there are 500000 people. How can we give each other the chance to land?

As long as the Yang navy can't go ashore, how long can it persist in eating, drinking and scattering at sea? Finally, the other party will withdraw troops. In this way, they will be successful in defense. I think with this failure, the Yang Navy will not attack them at will in the future.

The two kings were still laughing at the Yang Navy's inability to land and didn't know to seize the opportunity. But I don't know that Kaohsiung intended to do all this.

Of course, he can land directly after eliminating the joint navy of Portugal and Spain. But in that way, when entering the hinterland of the two countries, we must face a large number of armies of the two countries. At that time, without the support of warships and artillery, it must be difficult to fight.

How to seriously damage or even destroy the two armies is something Kaohsiung needs to consider. In this way, there is no opportunity to land in order to give the other party time to deploy troops. In this way, a month later, the other side had a shore in Lisbon, and indeed prepared 500000 troops waiting for their own harvest, which also proved that Kaohsiung's decision was extremely correct.

"The order goes on, and everyone has a good rest. Tomorrow morning, we will bombard Lisbon and prepare for the landing of the army." Kaohsiung sees that the other party seems not to be recruiting, so he knows that this should be all the strength that the other party can take in a short time. Even so, he doesn't need to wait. After all, the sixth young master is still waiting for his good news.

The Yang Navy had made an order to attack the whole line the next morning. Neither the Portuguese nor the Spanish army knows about this. The situation on the battlefield doomed them to be only the defensive side, and they could only wait for Yang's landing or the other party's departure.

Perhaps because of January, the Yang Navy didn't do anything, even the artillery bombardment on the shore. This makes the armies of the two countries form an illusion, that is, the number of naval shells of the Yang system is limited, and the number of soldiers of the army is limited. They are unable to attack the land. I'm afraid they are in a tangle because they didn't leave immediately.

Completely belittled the two armies and armies of the Yang Navy, to the effect that they were not even prepared at all. In twos and threes, they gathered on the shore to chat and talk about women. It was a winner's gesture.

The next morning, the weather was good and the sky was clear. Far away, the Portuguese and Spanish armies were also ready to have breakfast. When the fire began, the Yang Navy moved. The two navies were still caught off guard when they started, and many soldiers did not stay in the dug trenches. Of course, even if you stay in the trenches and don't know the caliber and strong power of the Yang Navy's artillery, it's useless.

The trench was too shallow to withstand the attack of 150mm caliber artillery. When the shells fell on the position, the land was soon ploughed again, and the whole land was turned over. Under the circumstances, the so-called Portuguese and Spanish coalition forces became pieces of blood corpses with the artillery fire and buried here.

Such powerful artillery fire was the only one in his life. A full 500000 double tooth allied forces were baptized by shells, and more than 100000 people were killed and injured in the first wave of attack alone. Many of them were directly killed, and some were shocked to death by the power of powerful artillery.

I never knew that the artillery could still have such great power. These double tooth Allied soldiers just fell to the ground because of fear, but I didn't know how powerful the afterpower of the shells under the 150mm caliber was. One by one, all the internal organs were broken and died.

There were also many far away double tooth allied forces, who were injured by shrapnel because of the power of shells, fell to the ground and cried everywhere.

"Ha ha, the second wave of gunfire is ready to launch." he put down his telescope and smiled all over Kaohsiung's whole face. Then there was another loud drink. The deafening gunfire rang out again and extended to the double tooth coalition army.

The double tooth Allied soldiers who were lucky not to be shelled before were stunned by the scene in front of them. They were still standing there one by one, staring and sighing. When the Yang Navy had strong firepower, a wave of red light came over their heads.

"No, it's a shell attack. Run," shouted an officer of the Portuguese army. But his voice had long been replaced by the rumbling artillery, and no one could hear the voice except himself.

Even if it can be heard, where is the safe place under the roar of ten thousand guns?

The extended coverage of gunfire once again struck the double tooth coalition with thunder. Tens of thousands of coalition soldiers were killed, with mutilated limbs everywhere and countless wounded.

After two consecutive artillery attacks, the extension of the artillery was finally stopped. The present double tooth allied army has long failed to build. Except for the dead and wounded, the remaining 500000 troops are less than 100000 people. They are scattered in various places. If they are attacking with artillery, they feel like artillery hitting mosquitoes. It is a waste. At this time, the Marines can be used to land directly.

At this moment, the land king of the five-star Navy finally officially appeared.

Six ZTZ-99 main battle tanks jumped out of the deck of the class VI warship where Kaohsiung is located, and drove smoothly to the port of Lisbon, Portugal, through the temporary iron bridge built by engineers. Behind the roaring king of land, there are countless tens of thousands of cold front soldiers of the Navy. They took a unified 95 style and strode ashore.

With the rumble of guns and bursts of gunfire, those double tooth Allied soldiers who were not covered by guns became live targets. When the coalition soldiers came forward with single shot guns, even big knives and spears, flame blockades appeared hundreds of meters away, becoming large meat grinder.

When tens of thousands of Allied soldiers were shelled and shot to the ground, the fighting will of the remaining two tooth allied forces finally collapsed at this moment. At this time, there is only one thought in their mind, that is to escape.

The farther you run, the better. The farther you are from these murderous demons, the better.

It was like the scene when the Eight Power Allied forces set foot on Chinese land many years later. At this time, the five-star Navy landed with arrogance and defeated the two tooth allied forces.

Under the guidance of six tanks, tens of thousands of cold front Marines successfully captured Lisbon, and then chased the deserters of the double tooth coalition army towards the hinterland of the Portuguese kingdom.

The advantages of firearms and years of hard training have finally paid off. In less than a month, he completely won the whole Portuguese Kingdom, and then the army kept pointing at Toledo, the king of Spain.

Not only China has seen traitors in the world, but there have also been many Portuguese traitors and Western traitors in the face of the powerful offensive of the five-star Navy. In order to survive, they took the initiative to be the guide of the Yang army. They helped occupy the land of the two countries and plunder the wealth of the two countries. In just three months, the bright red flags of the five-star army were inserted on the borders of Portugal and Spain.

It is worth mentioning that when Kaohsiung invaded Toledo with a large army, a construction factory for railcars was also found here. This was all bought by Garcia, a businessman, at a high price from chixian city. He originally wanted to have an industrial revolution in Spain. Now, all this has fallen into the hands of the five-star army again. As Yang Chendong expected, he has made wedding clothes for the development of the Yang family.

The occupation of Portugal and Spain is only a microcosm of the Yang Navy's expedition to the West. Such things have been happening all the time. One western country after another has been destroyed, and one vast land after another has become a member of the Yang family. This battle will continue until one day, the five-star flag of Yang system will be inserted in every corner of the western world.


Beiming capital.

Dai Zong Zhu Qiyu died of illness. In 1469 A.D., his son Zhu Jianji succeeded to the throne and was named hezong. It means peace.

It's just an emperor's name, which can't change everything. The national strength of the northern Ming Dynasty is weakening rapidly. If it's not that the Yang family is still consolidating and swallowing the victory fruit of the Southern Ming Dynasty, it doesn't mean to send troops to them. I'm afraid that the northern Ming Dynasty will soon step into the dust after the Southern Ming Dynasty.

Obviously, for the northern Ming Dynasty, Yang Chendong didn't mean to raise troops. The three battles fought during the capture of the Southern Ming Dynasty have killed more than 10000 soldiers. That's enough. Next, to deal with Beiming, Yang Chendong hopes to accept all this in a more peaceful way. He believes he can do this.

Zhu Jianji succeeded to the throne, although he didn't like power very much, and even didn't want to be the emperor from his bones. But when he was in power, he tried his best to turn the tide on his own. One of the things he did was to take back some of the power of his teacher Xu Youzhen and deal with the national politics himself.

Although Zhu Jianji did not show any wild hope for power and political means when he was the prince. But no one can underestimate the power of an emperor. On the day when he really took over the throne, when the royal guards and East Hall of the northern Ming Dynasty were used by him, Zhu Jianji saw the disadvantages of some measures taken by Xu Youzhen. He really couldn't understand how the obvious Keng country trip of buying officials and crimes with money was passed by his late parents.

Xu Youzhen's power was removed and he was banned at home. In the following time, Zhu Jianji, a young and energetic man, began a two-year reform journey.

In this regard, Yang Chendong has been watching. He also wants to see what kind of measures the young emperor, who has never appeared in history, will make the whole northern Ming Dynasty a new look.

Obviously, Yang Chendong is going to be disappointed. Zhu Jianji, who only wants to rely on his own strength, is still too young to understand the way of emperors. Although many ideas are good and some young officials with ideas and aspirations have been employed, the road of reform is not so easy. In the interests of conservative forces, even the emperor will lose Mai Cheng.

After two years of trouble, the above decree could not even go out of the capital shuntianfu. The young emperor of Zhu Jianji was also resisted by more and more officials. At this time, Xu Youzhen had a place to play. More and more officials found him and hoped that he could stand up and take charge of the overall situation. When necessary, they were even willing to bow to King Wunan.

These instant beneficiaries are not stupid. They have seen that if Zhu Jianji continues to toss about, I'm afraid it won't be long before their property will shrink significantly. Even if the reform continues, their lives may not be saved. In contrast, if they surrender to Yang, they can at least survive safely and keep at least 20% of their wealth. In contrast, they can accept this result more.

Under the call, Xu Youzhen came out. In the palace, he and Zhu Jianji, the emperor of hezong, talked about the darkness from the morning. No one knows what they said. Only shortly after Xu Youzhen came out of the palace, Zhu Jianji announced that he needed to rest in the palace because of his poor health. The imperial power returned to Xu Youzhen again.

As soon as Xu Youzhen ascended the throne, the first thing he did was to send someone to ask the king of Wunan for peace, and said that they were willing to give up the power, and let Beiming become one of the forces of the Yang family.

If it had been two years ago, Xu Youzhen dared to say so. Doing so must be blamed by thousands of people. But now, none of the people who knew the news stood up against it. Perhaps they had already seen that Beiming had no way to go except being swallowed up by the Yang family. The difference is that you have to fight before you surrender, or just surrender peacefully.

None of the officials in the court stood up against it, because they have always been the moderates. In line with the idea of emphasizing culture and restraining force, they don't want to fight if they can't fight.

After finishing Wen Chen, there are only generals left. As a powerful figure in the army of the northern Ming Dynasty, Shi Heng has already quietly traveled to Shicheng, one of the cities built by the king of Southern Wu. On this trip, he came to seek peace or, frankly, to surrender.

Shi Heng, the Marquis of Wuqing, has long been informed that the Shaanxi general has been secretly taken by Xu Deyi, the deputy general. Now the army is secretly marching towards Datong. It seems that it is going to take Datong. As for Sun Hong, the general soldier of Datong, he is old. In recent years, because the northern Ming Dynasty and the Yang family get along well, there is no war. The imperial court has long cut off each other's food and salaries. It is deputy that Datong mansion is a constant referee, and it has long been unable to prosper as it was. Once the Shaanxi army enters Datong, what will happen is to think with your toes and know what will happen. At the moment, if Shi Heng is not making the right choice, I'm afraid he won't be given a chance to surrender in the future.

As the saying goes, it is better to start first and suffer later. Shi Heng took the lead. This is the most good general in history. He took the initiative to come to Shicheng and expressed his sincerity to surrender to the Yang family.

For the arrival of Shi Heng, Hu mang was not surprised at all. In fact, he has been waiting for this moment. Otherwise, as a member of the Military Commission, he should have gone to chixian city to take his new post. Seeing that Shi Heng finally appeared, he couldn't help breathing a sigh of relief.

Lang Youqing and concubine are interested. The next negotiation is naturally very smooth. Shiheng's requirements are not high. He just wants to save himself and his family. I'm afraid he also knows that he has fought many battles with the five-star army over the years, although they all ended in great defeat. But how many soldiers of the five-star army have also been killed. Who knows if others will hate themselves? He didn't dare to ask too much, just for an old life and family peace.

Hu mang was not too embarrassed about Shi Heng's knowledge. As the young master often said, the northern Ming army is also composed of Han people. Our own people don't fight our own people. In this way, it was agreed that Shi Heng would surrender to Yang with his 300000 northern Ming army in just more than an hour. As a reward, Yang will not embarrass Shi Heng and his family and allow him to leave half of his property.

Shi Heng is very satisfied with the condition that he is able to keep half of his property, compared with finding some tycoons who often have to hand over 80% or even 90% of their property. After the big talk, Shi Heng smiled and chatted with Hu mang while drinking tea. The atmosphere was very harmonious.

Taking this opportunity, Shi Heng carefully asked, "tiger general, but I don't know about the Deputy General of Shaanxi..."

The corner of his mouth tilted slightly. Hu mang knew what the other party meant. At this time, he was not afraid that the other party would know. He said in a very casual tone: "Shi Hou asked Xu Deyi, deputy commander in chief. In fact, he was a member of our Yang family as early as ten years ago. By the way, he was self-developed by the king of Wunan and has been in the northern Ming army as an insider."

Shiheng's eyes immediately flashed a startling light, said a good means, and began to rejoice that his practice was correct. That is, Yang Chendong can arrange insiders in the Shaanxi army. Who knows if there are such people around him? If he had to resist to the end, he might have his head cut off by a follower before the war started.

In this regard, Shi Heng, who learned the truth, strengthened his determination to surrender, and then cooperated with the five-star army very much. 300000 northern Ming army became prisoners of the five-star army without blood.

Soon after, good news came from Xu Deyi. In view of Datong general Sun Hong's unrepentant death, he still wants to compete with Shaanxi army despite the great difference between his military strength and Shaanxi army. After sleeping one night, his head was really cut off by an insignificant soldier around him. So far, the headless Datong soldiers had no choice but to surrender when the Shaanxi army was under the city.

Successive rebellions by the border troops opened the west gate in Beichen. Shi Wanshan, commander of the new Fifth Army, calmed the Wusi Tibetan area and took the army into the territory of the northern Ming Dynasty after a year's rest. The army came straight towards the capital of the northern Ming Dynasty.

The army crossed Xuanfu, leaped to Huailai, and came through Juyong Pass. After the news reached the capital of the northern Ming Dynasty, all the civil and military officials in the court were shocked. They knew that the northern Ming Dynasty would not be an opponent of the Yang family, but they never thought that the army surrendered without a battle.

In the palace of the northern Ming Dynasty, he Zong Zhu Jianji, who had stopped reform and handed over power, did not change his face when he heard the news. All this was expected of him. During his two years in power, he felt that there was a big hand blocking him. It seemed that everything he wanted to do was full of difficulties. At that time, he expected such a day.

"Come and tell young Fu Xu to enter the hall." with a sigh, Zhu Jianji issued a will.

About an hour later, Xu Youzhen entered the palace hall and saw Zhu Jianji sitting on the Jinluan hall. "I have seen the emperor."

It's just a bow. As Xu Youzhen is the emperor's teacher, it has become a common ritual to see without kneeling unless something important happens.

"Come and give the young master a seat."

"Thank you, Emperor."

The monarchs and officials were opposite. Zhu Jianji waved his hand. At that time, all the eunuchs and palace maids in the temple withdrew. After there was no one else, Zhu Jianji said with a dead gray face, "young Fu, can't I keep this Daming River and mountain?"

In this sentence, Zhu Jianji could not express his bleak feeling in his tone. Although he had no intention of imperial power, his fate made him a descendant of the Zhu family. At this time, it was also very uncomfortable to see his ancestors' foundation lost in his own hands.

Xu Youzhen, who had already prepared for this, although he wanted to persuade his emperor student to open up, he didn't say it after opening his mouth. He just hesitated and spit out a word, "yes."

Listening to this almost resolute voice, Zhu Jianji laughed bitterly. He knew that he was powerless. But even if it's a surrender, he needs to know where he belongs. "Shaofu, do you know how my future road is?"

"Well, if the emperor is willing to meditate, he can travel around the world like the emperor of the Southern Ming Dynasty and have no worries about food and clothing. If he wants to resist to the end, he's afraid he's going to enter the king's grave for the rest of his life."

"Hmm? Shaofu has been in contact with the king of Wunan?" hearing Xu Youzhen's remarks in such detail, Zhu Jianji's eyebrows raised and his anger burned in his heart. He already had a feeling that Xu Youzhen and Yang Department seemed to have close contacts. Now it seems that it is a fact.

At the moment, Xu Youzhen is not afraid of anything. The Yang Department will dominate the whole Daming. Even if he admits some things, it doesn't matter. He believed that even if Zhu Jianji knew, he would not do anything about himself, because there was no need. On the contrary, killing yourself will only make the situation in Beiming more chaotic. "Yes, King Wunan sent someone to find his subordinates."

Xu Youzhen actually admitted, which was somewhat beyond Zhu Jianji's expectation. At this moment, he was very unhappy and asked, "why? Shaofu thinks I'm not as good as king Wunan?"

Xu Youzhen would like to say yes. But it's meaningless to say this at this time. In order to take care of the emperor's face, he had to say against his heart: "the emperor, King Wunan has worked hard for decades. In contrast, the emperor has just ascended the throne of Dabao. It's better to say that the former Emperor didn't lay a better foundation, which has nothing to do with the emperor. In my opinion, the emperor is a holy and qualified monarch."

With this remark, Zhu Jianji's face obviously looked better. Although he knew that Xu Youzhen was obviously suspected of flattering, he still liked to listen to it. Thinking that he did not work as hard as Yang Chendong for a long time, the Beiming he took over was actually full of holes. He sighed and said: "what the young master said is that even if the destiny is not here, I can't change my destiny against the sky. So I'll order the young master to negotiate with King Wunan. We must tell them not to hurt my people. They are all innocent."

Deliberately pretending to be compassionate is the only thing Zhu Jianji can do as an emperor. At least in this way, it won't be too embarrassing to record yourself in history books, will it?

Zhu Jianji finally decided to surrender, although this did not surprise Xu Youzhen. But nothing is absolute. Before he got the result, he was still a little nervous. Now that all the dust has settled, he can also breathe a sigh of relief. Then he hugged his fist and replied, "please rest assured. I will do my best to do this. To ensure the safety of the people of the northern Ming Dynasty, the emperor can have a better treatment."

The last sentence is exactly what Zhu Jianji wants to hear. Seeing that Xu Youzhen understood what he meant, he nodded with satisfaction, then waved his hand and said, "OK, young Fu, step back. I'm tired."

In August 1471, emperor of the northern Ming Dynasty and Zong Zhu Jianji invented the imperial edict Zen, which is located in the east of Yang Chendong, king of Wunan.

Three years after the annexation of the Southern Ming Dynasty, the Yang system unified the northern Ming Dynasty and completely unified the whole Daming Dynasty. After 22 years of division, Daming returned to unification.

The next month, all the important officials of the Yang family of the former Northern Ming Dynasty rushed to chixian city to attend the ceremony. Yang Chendong set up a birth altar, worshipped his ancestors and told heaven, and established the great Chinese Empire.

Big, only broad meaning.

China refers to the land of China.

Xia, Chinese history is the dynasty of early civilization. The descendants of China are often called by later generations.

The great Chinese Empire completely replaced the Yang Dynasty and became the latest, strongest and largest imperial dynasty.

Four years later, with the continuous efforts of the great Chinese Imperial Navy, the western countries were unified. The great migration of the world officially began. Westerners came to the East as slaves and maidservants, and Han people went to the West as masters and masters. Except for some deserted and remote areas that have not yet been conquered by the troops of the great Chinese Empire, all civilized places belong to the land of the great Chinese Empire.

The great Chinese empire finally unified the world. Under the chairmanship of emperor Yang Chendong of Qi Dynasty, the cabinet meeting and Military Commission meeting of the new world were successfully held in chixian city.

Yu Qian and Shen you withdrew from the cabinet because they were old. Put on a new attic, old Yu Mian and white double. So far, the nine members of the new cabinet are Luan Xiaochen, Wu Qian, long Tienan, Yu Mian, Bai Shuang, Xu Youzhen (former official of the northern Ming Dynasty), Hu Changning (father of Queen Hu Yan, former official of the northern Ming Dynasty), Shang Yun (former official of the Southern Ming Dynasty) and Ma Dali.

The Military Commission was expanded from five members to nine members, namely Hu Mang, Leng song, Kaohsiung, Tianyu, Tian Hu, Yang Er (commander of heiqi Longwei), Yang San (director of the general intelligence administration), Yang Si (chief of General Logistics), and Yang Wu (commander of the forbidden Army in the Imperial Palace).

After the cabinet and the Military Commission, there are more than 30 governors. They are:

Governor in East Asia: his sphere of influence includes Daming, Mongolian grassland, Korean province and Xiaowo province.

Governor in Southeast Asia: his sphere of influence includes the Philippines, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia and Brunei.

Governor in South Asia: his sphere of influence includes Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, India and Pakistan.

Governor in Central Asia: his sphere of influence includes Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and Timur.

Governor in West Asia: his sphere of influence includes Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Israel, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Turkey.

In addition, more than 20 regional governors have been established, including governor in northern Europe, governor in Eastern Europe, governor in Central Europe, governor in Western Europe, governor in southern Europe, governor in North Africa, governor in East Africa, Central Africa, West Africa, South Africa, Oceania, governor in North America and governor in South America.

The governor's position is changed every five to eight years to prevent any private power from becoming bigger.

The list of governors is composed of the Military Commission's nomination and recommendation, and finally the great Chinese emperor's appointment.

Each governor's region has a governor in charge of local affairs such as people's livelihood, agricultural development, urban development, taxation, census, education and so on; There shall be a military governor in charge of local public security and the security of the garrison; There is a commercial governor in charge of light commerce, industry and commerce, heavy commerce and resource management (including the development and management of minerals, oil and non-ferrous metals).

Each of the three governors has the power to make secret concessions to the great Chinese emperor, so as to ensure mutual checks and balances, and no big things will happen. At the same time, the supervision, anti-corruption and intelligence departments will conduct covert investigation on officials in various regions at any time. Once there are dereliction of duty, inaction and corrupt officials, they will take them immediately and be impolite. Because these secret investigation officials are also randomly transferred and changed every few years, it is impossible for anyone to buy them out.

After more than 60 governors took office, the first thing was to stabilize the local people's livelihood, first solve the problem of everyone's food, and then enhance the lofty position of the Han people in the whole century. All Han people or Han nationality enjoy the highest treatment among the people. For example, they have special care in education, hospitals, housing, management and so on. Even in marriage, only Han men can be polygamous, or Han women can be polygamous after their application is allowed.

For a time, people all over the world learned Chinese, learned to write Chinese characters, and were proud to have a Chinese nationality.

Suppress other religions and destroy other words and books. Anyone who finds a hiding place will be guilty of even sitting. It is light to kill people, heavy to destroy their families. All Dahua Xia needs is a voice, a text and a history

Finally, the supreme power of Dahua Xia was given to the emperor, followed by members of the nine cabinet, members of the five armed forces and commissions, and more than 60 governors on the third floor below. As the founder, founder and core figure of Dahua Xia, Yang Chendong was also ready to release his power and become a supreme emperor.

In 1475, the fourth year of great China, Emperor Yang Chendong handed over the throne to his successor, crown prince Yang Bo.

With lightning speed, when the cabinet, the Military Commission and the governors knew about it, Yang Chendong had already left the throne of imperial power and started World Tourism with his eight wives. The people of the world who heard the news were crying for a time. They think this is a great great Chinese emperor who doesn't want his people. Many Han people think this is a great event like the collapse of heaven and earth. It was not until the new emperor, great China II Yang Bo, took the initiative to stand up and express his position to people all over the world that his father Yang Chendong didn't care about his people, but wanted to travel around the world, observe their lives closely and understand their needs that the people broke down their tears and laughed.

At this time, Yang Chendong really achieved the aspirations of the people in the Han Dynasty and led the Han people to the peak of the world, which no ancient emperor could do. His achievements will be recorded in history and will always be recorded in the hearts of countless Han people who are moving towards prosperity and happiness.

The emergence of Yang Chendong realized the ultimate goal of Han people's reunion and Han people's supremacy. He did not disappoint Dachang's help and the mission entrusted to him by the first time.

Remain true to our original aspiration.

When the Han people reached the peak of the world and other nationalities crawled at the feet of the Han people, he smiled.

That's the biggest laugh I've ever had in more than 20 years. Then the laughter spread all over the great Chinese Empire, forever imprinted in the hearts of the Han people!

The end of the book

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