The next day, Bai Xiaoai came to the psychological clinic with Tang Xiaotang.

There are professional deep hypnotists who can treat replaced memories.

Tang Xiaotang lay on the treatment bed and slowly went to sleep under the little guidance of psychological experts.

Bai Xiaoai didn't go in, but waited outside.

After about half an hour, the psychologist came out first.

The psychologist had a good relationship with Bai Xiaoai. Seeing the anxiety on her face, he comforted: "don't be nervous, her memory should have returned to normal."

"I'm not worried about that."


"I'm afraid she'll feel worse after she recovers her memory," Bai Xiaoai said.

"Probably not."

As soon as the psychologist finished his words, Tang Xiaotang came out.

She looked at Bai Xiaoai in front of her and gently pulled her lips.

Yes, through this treatment, she remembered all her previous memories.

She remembered how she knew Qiao Liting, how she was with Qiao lichen, and how she gave birth to a child that didn't belong to them.

After giving birth to the child, she left alone, leaving the child and Qiao Liting

"Child!" Bai Xiaoai got up and hugged her.

The two of them came out of the psychological clinic. The driver on the car was none other than Qiao Liting.

Tang Xiaotang sat in the back and took a quiet look at Qiao Liting driving in front.

For a moment, she didn't know what to say to him.

"I want to see the pudding," Tang Xiaotang said finally.

"OK!" Bai Xiaoai nodded.

Qiao Liting drove and took them to the villa of Qiao lichen and Su Xiaowan.

Su Xiaowan is blind and stays at home most of the time.

When she learned that her mother-in-law and uncle were coming, she hurriedly asked the servant to open the door.

"Mom, big brother!" Su Xiaowan said hello.

"Little evening, where's the pudding?" Bai Xiaoai asked her.

"I went to school and haven't finished school yet."

"OK, let's wait first," said Bai Xiaoai, holding Tang Xiaotang's hand.

When they came in, they were silent all the time.

Su Xiaowan thought the atmosphere was strange and took his cell phone to the kitchen.

Press the number one button above. This is Qiao lichen's phone.

When Qiao lichen learned that his mother had gone home with Tang Xiaotang, he knew that they must want to see little pudding.

He went to school early to pick up the child.

When Little Pudding learned that big dad and grandma were coming, as soon as he entered the door, he cried happily, "grandma, big Dad!"

Hearing the sound, Tang Xiaotang suddenly looked back.

The child who used to be in her belly has grown up!

Can talk!

He was wearing a small suit and looked like his school uniform.

When I ran over, there was a thick smile on the meat face.

Tang Xiaotang's eyes were suddenly wet!

This is her son born in October!

"Little Pudding, this is your big mother!" Bai Xiaoai held her little grandson and spoke kindly.

"Big mother?" the Little Pudding's black eyes turned and looked at the big mother sitting next to grandma.

Although he is still young, he has followed his big father since childhood.

At that time, big dad was still his father.

He knows that his father has been looking for his mother!

Originally, she is her mother

He went to Tang Xiaotang and raised his hand to wipe the tears off her face.


Hearing his son's "mother", Tang Xiaotang's heart collapsed instantly!

She held her son in her arms: "child, mom, I'm sorry for you..."

Only then did Su Xiaowan know that her mother-in-law had brought Tang Xiaowan.

But she couldn't see the woman who gave birth to her son.


After Tang Xiaotang recovered his memory, he took Qiao Liting, Qiao lichen and Jiang Feng to Africa.

They destroyed the whole organization.

"Now the organization is gone, but the person behind Ji Qing hasn't been found." Jiang Feng frowned and looked at Tang Xiaotang.

Tang Xiaotang took out the map: "every time they look for me, they will give me an injection, making me dizzy."

"But I woke up early once. I remember there was a factory nearby, with a big chimney. It should be a chemical plant, in the Southeast..."

When she said this, everyone gathered together to look for it on the map.

Soon, everyone found the place.

But the people here have long run away.

Everyone began to search carefully to see if there were any useful clues left.

"By the way, I thought of it." Tang Xiaotang suddenly thought of something: "they once said that they were targeting the world's rich."

"So, they mainly want to get money from the millionaires?" Jiang Feng asked.

"It's very possible. They will support Ji Qing to deal with the Qiao family. Don't they also want to get the Qiao family's wealth?"

"Let's see what other rich men they will attack." Qiao lichen immediately said, "since it's for wealth, it can't only target our Qiao family."

Soon, they found that there was another richest man in S. his son had been missing for three years.

But recently, the missing son suddenly went home. He not only went home, but also inherited the family business.

But the richest man's family property slowly declined after his son inherited it.

On closer inspection, most of the property of the richest man's family has been transferred abroad.

Moreover, not only this richest man, but also several rich people in several other countries suddenly went bankrupt in this form.

Qiao lichen felt that these people, perhaps the children of the rich, might have been replaced instead of the original one.

By checking the bank account, the other party was very smart. After several turnover, the account went to the account of a jewelry company.

The boss of the jewelry company was soon caught.

After he confessed, this anti wealth organization was composed of several of his brothers. Their original funds were kidnapped and blackmailed a rich man.

Then, they feel that the money they get from kidnapping is limited after all.

As like as two peas, the researchers began to work with an illegal research institution to find someone who resemble a rich son. They are just like plastic surgery. They clean up all their memories and become their chessmen and arrange for them to move back and away.

Finally, the gang, which had been engaged in sabotage for so many years, was arrested.

Qiao lichen did not deal with them privately. After all, these people offended too many rich people and got a lot of money these years. After learning that, those rich people wanted to break their bodies.

After everything was handled, several people returned to China.

During this time abroad, the relationship between Tang Xiaotang and Qiao Liting is also getting along, and it is slowly not as embarrassing as before.

Qiao Li Ting didn't blame her. She knew that everything she did was to listen to Ji Qing's words.

Knowing that all the things have been handled, he Zhe and Gu Qingqing also return home.

As soon as she returned home, Lin Mo came here and asked her out to meet.

Meet at a cafe.

Lin Mo arrived first.

Gu gently pushed the door in and saw Lin Mo sitting by the window from a distance.

During this time, she has been thinking about her relationship with he Zhe and Lin mo.

She and Lin Mo are in the past after all.

She and he zhe are husband and wife.

Lin Mo paid a lot to him. In fact, he zhe was not under pressure.

But she is very clear that she will bear a person after all.

"Coming!" when Lin Mo saw her, his lips raised a smile and got up to open the chair for her.

She sat down and watched Lin Mo wear the sportswear he wore in the factory for the first time.

Time flies. So many years have passed.

He now wears the sportswear of his youth, but he is still so graceful.

"He Zi told me last night that you and he zhe would come back today." Lin Mo said.

His black eyes deeply coagulated her and wanted to put her in his mind forever.

Never forget!

He loved her very much and deeply.

Is the person he loves most in his life.


No matter how much love, it can't equal fate.

He had a car accident and didn't come back, which meant that he and she lost the chance to be together in this life.

He is too stubborn!

"Just got off the plane this morning," Gu said softly.

"I'm anxious to see you. There's one thing I want to share with you for the first time." Lin Mo said, taking out a red wedding invitation from the pocket of his sportswear.

"What is this?" Gu was slightly surprised.

"I'm going to marry Weng Jiaojiao," he said.

"Weng Jiaojiao?"

"It's the daughter of a rich merchant." he thought she didn't remember.

Gu Qingqing certainly remembers this man, who blocked a shot for Lin mo.

She was just surprised.

"Gently, on the wedding day, come with he zhe!" Lin Mo said.

"... OK!" Gu Qingqing was surprised. He didn't expect that he would specially come to send Xi stickers to himself.

"Well, you just got off the plane. You must be very tired. Go back and make up your sleep!" Lin Mo's deep eyes coagulated her.

Gu gently lowered his head and looked at the happy post in his hand.

"OK!" she nodded, got up and was ready to leave.

"Gently!" he suddenly stopped her as she turned around.

He got up and came to her.

"Can I hug you again?" he asked, with mixed feelings in his voice.

She nodded.

He stretched out his hands and hugged her.

This hug, both of them know, is a farewell to the past relationship.

"Lin Mo, thank you!" thank you for appearing in my life.

Lin Mo's tears fell from the corners of his eyes. How reluctant he was, but he knew it was time to let go.

Only when he let go can she live well with he Zhe and she can be happy.

"Let's go!" Lin Mo turned his head and didn't want her to see the tears on his face.

Gu glanced at him, turned and left quickly.

Lin Mo is in front of the window, looking at her leaving back, tears falling quietly.

He never thought that one day he could have the courage to really give up her.

Once in the factory, in Haicheng, all the scenes are constantly wandering in my mind.

Goodbye, the love of my life!

After Gu walked gently, Weng Jiaojiao, sitting at the other table, came over and put her hand on his shoulder.

She didn't say anything. She just wanted to spend the rest of her life with him and this affectionate man.

She thought that one day, he would see her good and like her.

After getting on the bus, Gu gently opened the happy post.

The handwriting on it is very beautiful. It was written by Lin Hei himself.

Invite her and he Zhe to his wedding with Weng Jiaojiao on the 8th of next month.

She pressed down the window and the cold wind blew in.

Tears fell silently from the corners of the eyes.

He chose Weng Jiaojiao, and she also chose he Zhe.

On the wedding day of Lin Mo and Weng Jiaojiao, Qiao lichen took his wife and children, Qiao liching also took his wife, he Zhe and Gu Qingqing, Jiang Feng and He Zi came.

After the wedding, Lin Mo and he zhe drank too much.

Two cousins, once had a good relationship.

Later, because of Gu Qingqing, there was some estrangement.

But now he zhe knows that he gave up gently, but he feels guilty.

Both of them are drunk!

Soon, Jiang Feng and He Zi got married.

When Lin Mo brought Weng Jiaojiao to the wedding, Weng Jiaojiao was pregnant.

A few months later, He Zi was also pregnant.

Only Gu Qingqing has not been pregnant. We don't know. Only Qiao Minghe and Bai Xiaoai know that their daughter can't have a baby in this life.

He zhe also knows that he just wants to be with his wife and children. He doesn't want them.

But as everyone around her has children, Gu Qingqing is gradually inspired by motherhood. She especially wants to have her own child, which has reached the level of madness.

At this time, my grandparents' base developed an artificial uterus, which can help them conceive children.

Hearing the news, Gu Qingqing couldn't wait to take he zhe there.

Joe Minghe and Bai Xiaoai were worried and followed.

Ten months later, Gu Qingqing finally got his child and became a mother! (end of full text!)