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After about an hour, Xu Fan and the others arrived at the so-called random dungeon.

Dungeons were essentially tunnels that led to other worlds. Some tunnels weren’t so controllable. They would open and close randomly, but the interval between each opening and closing wouldn’t exceed two days. This kind of instance dungeon was always more uncertain than normal instance dungeons. Of course, it also had more resources.

Right now, everyone was looking at the random dungeon that had suddenly opened tonight.

[Gold Mine]

[Level Requirement: 28-35]

Of course, players below level 28 could also enter. Killing monsters of a higher level than oneself would give additional experience.

At the same time, as a random dungeon that appeared in a limited time, it itself had a certain amount of experience bonus. This was also the reason why Xu Fan chose this instance dungeon.

“There are actually so many people.” The sleeves of Chi Luo’s sportswear were a little loose. When they drooped down, they almost completely hid her hands. She grabbed her staff through her clothes and looked around excitedly.

This kind of dungeon did not limit the number of people who could enter, so there was no need to queue up like in the Desolate Sick Village.

Anyway, the things inside were limited. First come, first served.

At this time, there were already many Class Advancement players gathered around the dungeon in groups of two or three, hoping to form a four-man team to explore this dungeon.

When they saw Xu Fan walking past with four beautiful girls, they couldn’t help but stare at him.

“F * ck. What kind of person was this? He’s hugging someone on his left and right.”

“Which aristocratic family’s young master is this? Look at him! He’s a winner in life!”

“I’m so envious. Look at these four girls. Which one of them isn’t a top-notch one?”

“When will I be able to experience the happiness of such a rich person?”

“Wait a minute, what rich man? Look at that guy walking in front. Why does he look familiar?”

“Now that you mention it…”

At some point, Xu Fan’s identity had been recognized.

Even though the artifact spirit girls around him had changed their clothes, they were still called out by their names based on the impression they had left behind.

He had once been in the limelight in an instance dungeon, especially when there were so many beautiful women around him that made people jealous.

“Xu Fan! Is it really him?”

“Didn’t I hear that this kid is a blacksmith? How did a well-known lifestyle class become so awesome?”

“Have you heard? The previous boss from Sick Village was killed by him.

“Really? Blacksmiths can kill monsters?”

“F * ck, why are you so conflicted? Quickly followed and saw what this guy was planning to do.”

“What else can he do? He has already in the dungeon, farming monsters. However, I was really curious as to how this guy farmed monsters. Let’s go and take a look together.”

When these people saw Xu Fan and his group enter the mine dungeon without hesitation, they quickly followed.

As the dark green portal buzzed, they finally arrived at the so-called gold mine.

“Let me see. This instance dungeon seems to be rich in all kinds of arthropod monsters. There is even a chance of spawning skeleton soldiers in some places. They were all monsters with low intelligence. Just kill them casually.”

Xu Fan was holding a manual that was issued by the relevant staff before entering the instance dungeon. It roughly recorded some general information about this instance dungeon.

“The boss is a level 35 necromancer. Judging from his race, he’s an undead. Oh, Skeleton Mage, I remember now.” As Xu Fan walked, he extracted the basic information about the monster from his mind.

In high school, there was a course that explained the types and characteristics of monsters in different types of dungeons. Coincidentally, Xu Fan had always gotten full marks in this class.

“Why do I feel like we’ve been dealing with bugs and zombies?” Chi Luo pouted and complained.

“Bugs? You’ve only participated in the Sick Village, right? Aren’t there only plague ghosts in the Sick Village? Where did the bugs come from?” Xu Fan was a little puzzled. He thought that he had missed something.

“Ah, Sister Ming Shu told me about it. The first dungeon that she and her brother had cleared, weren’t the monsters inside the ant lion and the mummy?”

“That’s true.”

Xu Fan shrugged and walked into the depths of the darkness with the girls.

“Master, I suggest that we find some light sources before continuing forward.” Little Fish, who was dressed like a panda and wearing a black and white robe, held an eight-trigram plate in his hand as he turned around and said.

Xu Fan was still a little hesitant. Chi Luo, who was walking at the front, turned around and raised his staff slightly. The blood-red crystal emitted a faint light, illuminating the originally pitch-black mine cave very clearly.

At this time, perhaps due to the smell of blood from Chi Luo’s spell or the loud noise from their conversation, a few white skeletons actually got up from the mining cart that had fallen on the roadside.

“Master, please step back a little.” Ming Shu drew her sword and sliced off one of the skeletons ‘vertebrae.

Meanwhile, Chi Luo took a big stride forward, holding the only light source in everyone’s hands. With a boom, she smashed the head of another skeleton. With the bonus of 18 points of Strength, it shattered into pieces of bones on the ground.

As for the last one, it had already raised its longbow and aimed at Xu Fan. In the next moment, a petite figure clad in black armor had already lowered her body and moved in front of it. Using her shield as a weapon, she used it to fish up from top to bottom. The hard shield smashed into the bone archer’s jaw, sending his head flying.

“Oh, you guys did well. It was a beautiful battle.” Xu Fan was not stingy with his praise. After all, without these artifact spirits, he would still be an ordinary blacksmith.

“It’s good that Master is fine.”

“That’s right. Brother, look, am I not much stronger than Sister Ming Shu?”

“Thank you… Master.”

[Artifact Spirit Mingshu, Favorability +10]

[Artifact Spirit Chi Luo, Favorability +10]

[Artifact Spirit Fatima, Favorability +15]

Oh, this is not bad. Looking at the three notifications that popped up in the system, Xu Fan’s mood also improved.

After that, he decided to bring Mingshu and the others deeper into the cave. However, Little Fish suddenly pulled him from behind, almost causing him to stumble and fall.

Immediately after, a few hidden arrows suddenly flew out from the cracks in the rocks at the side. They brushed past the corner of Xu Fan’s clothes and nailed themselves to the rock wall behind him.

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