Chapter 880 - Greeting The Guests (1)

"What do you think you're doing? Time is up, you fool! Stop it! Now! You've lost!" shouted Joseph in anger.

Cathy said lazily, "It doesn't matter. They will lose anyway. Waiting for a little while doesn't hurt."

About half an hour later, Joseph's people bought came back with snacks in their hands. Then, they saw Emily sitting on a single sofa that showed up out of nowhere. Standing straight next to Emily was a man in a black suit, looking decent and handsome.

Cathy and the other girls behind her were dumbfounded. After all, they rarely saw such a handsome man in their lifetime. Moreover, the men around him were also very handsome.

"Is it done?" Joseph didn't forget about the main issue. He had just gone to the pharmacy to check his arm and was told that it was fine. He didn't even need to go to the hospital. He just needed to go back home and take care of it for two days. He had planned to ask the pharmacy owner to write him a note saying that his arm was in a serious condition in need of emergency treatment. He would've let Emily and the others take him to the hospital and ask for more compensation. Now, it seemed that he could only admit that he was unlucky.

It was almost noon. Many office workers passed by this road. They saw a group of people standing around a wall. So, they also squeezed in and saw the delicate graffiti on the wall. Honestly speaking, it was more than graffiti. The details were handled very well. It was like a masterpiece of artwork, not casual graffiti.

More and more passers-by squeezed in just to look at it.

The noise rose from the crowd.

"Oh my! Who drew this?"

"Could it be this group of people standing near it? It's amazing! This is so vivid!"

"That's right! It almost looks like a photograph! The eyebrows, the eyes, and demeanor! This is gorgeous!"

"Isn't this a graffiti wall? Why would anyone do such a painting on it?"

"No idea, man."

"I heard that they are competing to see who can draw better. The other one is over there. I have seen it. It is not bad. Average, I would say."

"What is it about?"

"Just go see for yourself."

The crowd turned to look at Cathy's work. There were only a few passers-by standing near Cathy's work other than her friends. They glanced over and hurried to Emily's masterpiece.

The outcome of the competition had already been determined.

Cathy couldn't believe it. She hadn't checked what Emily had drawn. When a man only shook his head after he checked Cathy's work, Cathy couldn't help but follow the crowd to Emily's painting.

The man walked back to Emily's wall and said, "I just checked it. It is indeed very ordinary. It's a head of a tiger. It is very good for someone to draw graffiti to this level. However, compared with this one, that tiger head is obviously not on the same level."

When Cathy heard this, she just went through the crowd.

She looked up and saw the picture.

If she hadn't experienced it herself, she would have been frightened by this painting. Emma had drawn all the clothes, the figures, the expressions, and even look in the eyes during the confrontation. All of these were drawn on the wall in great detail.

Cathy came out of the crowd, Ferne was in front of her, "Hey, girl! You guys lost, right? Look at the audience my team have here! It must be obvious to you who's the winner now!"

Joseph immediately shouted, "You lost! It's a competition of graffiti, and this is no graffiti at all!"

Cathy opened her mouth and wanted to say something, but she closed it again.

Although it was not graffiti, Cathy did not expect that Emily could paint the scene on the wall in such a short time and in such detail.

Ferne sneered, "You're just trying to deny the fact, boy. Don't you try to pull this on us! What a shame on you!"

"The shame is on you!" Joseph shouted.

"Are you looking for a fight or what?" said Ferne as he tried to roll up his sleeves. But the sleeves of his down jacket were not easy to roll up. Noah could not bear to look at such a funny scene and pulled Ferne behind him.

Emily was sitting on the sofa resting her wrist. She held her right wrist and said to Ferne, "Let's go. That man made a point. This is not graffiti. We lost."

Vincent wiped the paint on Emily's fingertips away. When he heard this, his thin lips curled up slightly and he patted Emily's head as if he was encouraging her, "Nice painting, anyway."

Emily rubbed her head against Vincent's palm. She looked at Cathy and said, "I'm a rookie in graffiti, and I still need more practice."

Cathy looked into Emily's eyes and said, "You clearly don't know how to graffiti at all, why did you choose to compete with us? Wait, you don't want to compete with us at all! Why did you draw this, then?"

Emily looked at the wall and said, "Consider this as a memento of what happened at this place. This wall carries stories, and this is the story I want to leave on it."

When people that loved graffiti behind Joseph heard this, they were all stunned and silent.