Chapter 587 - I Will Tell You The Truth.

"Johnson..." Samantha called as she walked out of the walk in closet which seems like 15 minutes.

"Yes." Johnson replied as he turned around to see Samantha in still her gown.

"What happened?" Johnson asked as he walked towards her.

"The zip git struck... I am trying to unzip it from past 15 minutes but it's not coming at all." Samantha answered making Johnson sigh.

"Why don't you just call me to unzip it?" Johnson asked as he turned her around and tried to unzip it and then after trying for 2 minutes, the zip got unzipped. 

"Finally..." Samantha said making Johnson chuckle.

"I will go, get changed and come quickly." Samantha said as she held her dress on to her breasts making Johnson chuckle but he nodded his head in yes and she walked inside the closet again...

Johnson again walked towards the glass window to see a waiter walking here and there as he looked up towards the house making Johnson frown. 

But his eyes falls on Johnson who looks at him from upstairs. The person around suddenly just lowered his head noticing Johnson and slowly walked away without trying to do anything which kinda made Johnson suspecious. 

He frowned as he thought what Samantha said a few minutes back.

"She can't trust people around them right now..." This sentence is kinda struck in his mind and noticing the person right now made him more suspecious on what Samantha is trying to say to him and what she is worried off? 

He took a deep breath as he just kept looking outside just then, His phone pinged with a message.

He looked down at his phone and sighed. 

"Johnson." Samantha called making him turn around again. 

"Yes?" Johnson asked as he looked at her and saw Samantha in a long maxi dress.

"Good." Johnson said as he walked towards her.

"Won't you get change before we leave from here?" Samantha asked.

"No. I am good. I will do it at home." Johnson answered.

"It will take us so long to reach home and you will be uncomfortable!" Samantha replied.

"No. It won't take mhch longer. So, I can manage." Johnson said making her sigh.

"Fine... Shall we leave?" Samantha asked as she looked at Johnson.

"We will... But... You haven't eaten anything yet?" Johnson asked.

"I am not at all hungry..." Samantha answered.

"Fine... If you say so. Let's go." Johnson said as he grabbed her hand and interwined their fingers.

They both walked out of their room and to downstairs. 

As they walked downstairs. The same waiter who dressed in a waiter outfit stood near the door making Johnson look at him sternly as he has no idea why is a waiter here and not any other servent.

The waiter was about to open the door for him but Johnson stopped in mid way making him stop opening the door as he stood in front of the waiter.

"Mr. Davis..." The waiter said as he lowered his head in front of him making Samantha frown on why Johnson hasld stopped in front of a waiter.

"Why are you here? This is not your job. Is it?" Johnson asked angrily making Waiter gulp down his saliva.

"Where are other?" Johnson yelled making others to walk in the living room in just seconds from the corner of the house.

"Whose job is this?" Johnson asked.

"Mine, Mr. Davis." A person said as he stepped forward.

"Then what the waiter is doing here in your place?" Johnson asked angrily and Samantha just frowned as she doesn't at all understand why Johnson is behaving like this suddenly and yelling on his workers. 

"I am sorry, Mr. Davis... It just... Umm..." Johnson cut off him in mid sentence.

"Stop stuttering. You can stop working here if you keep stuttering like this and doesn't do your work well! Do you understand?" Johnson asked.

"Yes, Mr. Davis!" The person answered and Johnson looked at the waiter angrily as he looked sternly at the waiter as if Johnson is trying to remember his every single feature of his face.

"Should I now open the door myself or else will you open the door?" Johnson and the servant walked towards the door and opened the door for them.

"Sorry, Mr. Davis." The servant apologized.

"It's fine. Mistakes happen. Don't worry!" Samantha replied to the servant making him smile politely.

"Don't try to support him, Samantha. He is wrong." Johnson said making Samantha look at Johnson making her sigh. 

"He needs to get remember about his work and should know that others can't do his work!" Johnson said making the servant look down.

"I apologise, Mr. Davis. But that waiter wanted to do it..." Johnson cut off him in mid sentence.

"Remember to not do anyone's else job. And look at your job first!" Johnson said to the waiter.

"Yes, Mr. Davis." The waiter replied and he walked outside with Samantha's hand in his hands.

"Why are you so rude to them..." Samantha was cut off in mid sentence as she looked atbthe chopper in front of her in the garden.

"Oh my god..." Samantha said as she looked at the chopper and then at Johnson who is already looking at her with a smile on his face.

"Are you really serious?" Samantha asked and Johnson nodded his head in yes with a smile.

"When did you plan this?" Samantha asked.

"Just when you went inside the closet to change. I order my poilet to bring the chopper here in 15 minutes." Johnson answered making Samantha eyes wide.

"Are you serious?" Samantha asked making Johnson nod his head in yes.

"There is more to this... With what did you black mail him?" Samantha asked making Johnson raise his eyebrows at her.

"Answer!" Samantha said making Johnson sigh.

"Or else... He will lose his job. Nothing much." Johnson replied making Samantha sigh.

"Are you serious? Huh?" Samantha asked.

"Of course, he needs to here in the time I tell him but he is 5 minutes late though." Johnson answered.

"What? Are you firing him then?" Samantha asked.

"Should I?" Johnson asked.

"No... Please." Samantha answered making Johnson sigh.

"Fine. I won't! I will leave him this time."Johnson replied making Samantha roll her eyes at him. 

"Let's go." Johnson said making Samantha nod her head and they both walked towards the chopper. 

They both got inside and they took off from the house.