Chapter 230 Punishment

Old Master Lin held his anger in and asked in a muffled voice as soon as he got out of the car, “Who exactly is Su Yan?”

Xia Jing, who had also just gotten out of the car, couldn’t help but freeze when she heard this. Initially, she had joined forces with Lin Qiong to plot against Su Yan because Su Yan was abandoned by a wealthy family. Even though she had some entertainment company under her name, how could that small business be compared to the Lin family’s business? That was why she dared to target Su Yan so brazenly. However, when she saw Wei Zhou take the initiative to look for Su Yan at the hotel just now, she realized how foolish her thoughts were.

All of these labels, such as the abandoned wife of a wealthy family, leaving home with nothing, money-worshipping woman, and so on, had only been put on her in the past three years. Their group of high school female students often treated Su Yan as a laughing stock. After all, Su Yan was publicly acknowledged as the most beautiful school belle in high school and had captured the hearts of countless young men. But just now, she saw a situation that was completely different from what they had imagined.

Rumors were misleading! Wei Zhou clearly had feelings for Su Yan, but people said that he despised Su Yan. Xia Jing cursed herself. She should have thought of it long ago. After all, Su Yan’s gorgeous face had captivated too many men.

Although the Lin family was very powerful in Feng City, in front of Jiangdu’s Wei family, the Lin family was far inferior. Even Old Master Lin had to be polite to them. Today, the Lin family went to find trouble with Su Yan, and Wei Zhou liked Su Yan, so once Wei Zhou found out about what happened today, the Wei family would definitely make things difficult for the Lin family in the business world.

“Xia Jing!” Old Master Lin said in a deep voice, “You and that Su Yan were high school classmates?”

Old Master Lin had been an influential figure all his life. Whether it was his temperament or his aura, he was far superior to ordinary people. He had been well-established in the Lin family for a long time. Xia Jing felt a chill when he glanced at her.

“Dad, although we were high school classmates, we haven’t seen each other since we graduated. In the past ten years, I only read some news about Su Yan on the Internet. I only know that she married Wei Zhou three years ago and divorced Wei Zhou at the beginning of last year,” Xia Jing said with an aggrieved expression.

Towards this old man, she only dared to say so much. Otherwise, she would be seen through at a glance.

Hearing her say this, Old Master Lin said, “Oh really? They were married before? No wonder Wei Zhou knows her.”

After saying that, he paced back and forth. “Tell me, why did they get divorced?”

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Without waiting for Xia Jing to speak, Lin Qiong, who was at the side, giggled and said, “Dad, let me tell you about this. Three years ago, Su Yan accidentally saved the Wei family’s Old Master. Wei Zhou asked her what she wanted, and in the end, Su Yan proposed to let Wei Zhou marry her. Although Wei Zhou was very helpless, he had no choice but to bite the bullet and marry Su Yan. Unfortunately, their marriage was in name only. Because from the day of their marriage, Wei Zhou never returned home even once. Su Yan also stayed alone in the empty room for three years because in Wei Zhou’s eyes, she was a scheming woman who worshipped money.”

Even though Lin Qiong was usually carefree and ignorant, she was eloquent. With just a few words, she explained everything between Wei Zhou and Su Yan.

Hearing this, Old Master Lin raised his eyebrows. “Money worshiping? Scheming


Xia Jing chimed in, “That’s right. Su Yan looks young and beautiful, but she’s a sl*t deep down. Back then, she…”

She stopped abruptly. She couldn’t say too much. At least, she couldn’t let Old Master Lin know too much about the relationship between Wei Zhou and Su Yan before she got the compensation for her divorce from Lin Yang. She didn’t want him to know too much about the grudges between her and Su Yan.

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Seeing that she didn’t say anything, Lin Qiong went on to tell Old Master Lin what he knew and combined it with the content on the internet.

After a moment, Old Master Lin nodded. “Oh, I see.”

After that, he turned to look at Xia Jing, but he quickly shifted his gaze to Lin Qiong. “You unfilial thing, the Lin family doesn’t need trash like you. Hurry up and get out of Feng City. Go wherever you want!”

Lin Qiong put a bitter look on his face. “Dad, why are you chasing me away? No one wants something like this to happen, and I didn’t do it on purpose.”

Old Master Lin snorted coldly. “Shut up! You useless piece of trash! Other than spending your days out partying and having fun, what other crap have you done? What happened last night was already embarrassing enough. How can you still have the nerve to stay in Feng City? This matter isn’t negotiable, and you don’t have the right to challenge me.”

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