Chapter 20 - Taking Office _ 1

Chapter 20 Taking Office _ 1

Fear from Yang Wen, +1620, +1520, +…

Resentment from Yang Bao, +1430, +1280, +…

Liu Jiang’s lips curled up slightly as he watched the emotional force absorbed by the Treasure Tree.

Looking at the moonlight outside the window, Liu Jiang realized that it was already late at night.

After a quick shower, he went to bed.

The night passed uneventfully.

When he woke up, Liu Jiang realized that the fear in the Treasure Tree had increased by more than 30,000. He could not help but beam.

The soul controlling fruit still required 9,999,806 points of fear to mature.

Realizing that his clothes were stained with blood and had not been washed, Liu Jiang had no choice but to wear a clean scholar’s robe.

Early in the morning, Liu Jiang swiped an energy fruit and an epiphany fruit on the way and slowly arrived at the Inspection Bureau.

“Good morning, Captain Liu.”

An inspector saw Liu Jiang and immediately greeted him politely.

He even gave Liu Jiang a wave of fear.

Liu Jiang looked refined and delicate like a weak scholar, but when he attacked, he instantly turned into a fierce tiger.

Yesterday, Liu Jiang attacked Yang Wen and the other two with abnormally vicious means.

When he saw Liu Jiang, he could not help feeling a little afraid.

Zhang Yun, who usually ignored Liu Jiang, was polite and respectful to him.

Liu Jiang was secretly pleased. Looking at the renewed sense of fear, Liu Jiang felt even better.

However, he did not show anything on his face. He just smiled and nodded. Moreover, he did not put on any airs. As usual, he smiled kindly and said, “Good morning, Inspector Zhang!”

Zhang Yun looked at Liu Jiang’s kind demeanor and felt that he was not a bad person. Although he was a little fierce during the competition, he treated people very well.

Now that he was an official, he did not have any airs.

Joy from Zhang Yun, +888!

Liu Jiang did not expect that he would gather joy from greeting others warmly.

Fear and joy.

Not bad.

“Captain Liu.”

“Good morning, Captain Liu.”

There were people greeting him along the way, and Liu Jiang responded politely.

Just a few people gave him more than 4,000 fear and 6,000 joy.

In a happy mood, Liu Jiang went to see Chief Zhao Laoxiu.

After asking for instructions on a work assignment and currying favor with him, Liu Jiang collected more than 5,000 joyous emotions. He left with satisfaction when he saw the second red energy fruit on the Treasure Tree ripen.

After advancing to nine-star Black Iron, he had refined four energy fruits. He needed three more to reach the peak of the nine-star Black Iron level.

Now that he had two, he was short of just one.

Liu Jiang walked into the Inspection Bureau building and walked through the door that belonged to Team 3.


Vice-captain Yang Cheng, team members Li Jun, Zhang Hu, Yang Yue, Wang Quan, and Tian Li stood up immediately.

Fear from Yang Cheng, +1240, +…


The moment the members of Team Three arrived, they instilled fear in Liu Jiang for more than 10 thousand years.

There were also more than 4000 points of envy. A meridian opening fruit that was about to ripen instantly ripened.

Vice-captain Yang Cheng said politely, “Captain, you’re here.”

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Yang Yue said gently, “Captain, good morning.” The others called out to their leader.

He was not particularly used to it and was a little shy. After all, previously, Liu Jiang was just a junior employee who often ran errands for them.

Now he had climbed over their heads and become their captain.

But no matter what, they accepted the fact that Liu Jiang had taken up the position.

Liu Jiang’s powerful combat ability yesterday had already subdued them.

Li Jun grinned. He did not have the coyness that Liu Jiang had. There was a fawning smile on his face. “Captain, I have already cleaned your room. If you find any spot that still needs cleaning, let me know and I will clean for you.”

What a completely despicable person. He doesn’t hide his despicable behavior at all. He’s extremely shameless.

In the past, when Zhang Daliang was the captain, Li Jun was like a loyal lackey. He hung out with Zhang Daliang all day and even took care of Liu Jiang, whom Zhang Daliang was concerned about.


Liu Jiang did not expect Li Jun to change so quickly.

But for some reason, he felt inexplicably happy.

No wonder Zhang Daliang trusted Li Jun so much that day. He handled all the big and small matters for him.

It was only after becoming a leader that he realized that it was comforting to have such lackeys and subordinates.

After all, everyone was born with a little vanity.

Otherwise, why would there be a few bootlickers around every leader?

Liu Jiang looked around and imitated Zhang Daliang’s tone as he remembered it. He said calmly, “Our Team 3’s job is still the same as before. We’re in charge of the safety of the people in Black Clouds Town’s Linjiang Street. The focus is to get rid of ghosts. Next, we’ll resolve the disputes in our territory. Now, I’ll arrange the specific duties for today.”

The six team members instantly stood up straight.

Of the two jobs, the job of resolving disputes in the territory was the most disgusting.

One had to patrol the streets all day. It was time-consuming and exhausting. Most importantly, it was difficult to produce results. It was strenuous and not profitable.

The job of getting rid of ghosts was much easier. If there weren’t reports of ghost sightings, one did not have to be out all day and had enough time to practice cultivation techniques and martial arts.

Although the job was a little dangerous, it was not that dangerous. After all, the primary job of the junior-level inspectors was providing intelligence. They just needed to confirm the location and power of the ghosts and report directly to the higher-ups if they could not defeat them.

If they exterminated powerful ghosts, they would gain a lot of credit and be rewarded with cultivation resources.

Relatively speaking, it was much better to get rid of ghosts.

Liu Jiang took a sip of the tea that Li Jun handed him and said calmly, “Yang Cheng, take Yang Yue and Tian Li to patrol the streets. Li Jun, take Zhang Hu and Wang Quan with you. You’re in charge of getting rid of evil spirits.”

Lee Jun, Wang Quan, and Zhang Hu were all delighted. They said loudly, “Yes.”

As long as they did not receive any report, they could practice cultivation techniques and martial arts for a day in the Inspection Bureau today.

The three of them were delighted and contributed more than 10,000 joyous emotions to Liu Jiang.

The third energy fruit ripened immediately.

Yang Cheng found it a little hard to believe that he, whose combat strength was second only to Liu Jiang, was actually put in charge of resolving disputes in his territory and patrolling the streets. How could he accept this?

He had thought that he was an expert whose combat strength was second only to Liu Jiang. In the future, Liu Jiang would have to rely on him.

Unexpectedly, Liu Jiang did not mind at all.

He should have gone out on operations last night.

Resentment from Yang Cheng, +1450, +…, regret, +1650, +…

Yang Cheng nodded reluctantly. He did not have the guts to go against Liu Jiang.

Fortunately, work was arranged every day.

He planned to go back and prepare some good things today. He would look for Liu Jiang at night to carry out some operations.

Otherwise, if he arranged for him to patrol the streets every day, he would go crazy.

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Tian Li’s expression was calm. After all, her cultivation level was low and she used to patrol the streets.

However, she still contributed more than 200 points of resentment to Liu Jiang.

Yang Yue’s expression turned ugly. She did not expect Liu Jiang to not feel sorry for her at all. In the past, he had been meticulous in taking care of her.

Resentment from Yang Yue, +1420, +…

The second epiphany fruit quietly ripened.

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