Bai Shizu glanced at him: "Don't say anything that is not conducive to cooperation. Be careful that walls have ears."

Having said that, there is not much blame attached.

The cooperation between the Prince of Qin's Mansion and the Lu Family of Liaojing Mansion is essentially a mutual use. If you want the other party to cooperate honestly, you have to hammer it properly.

Lin Yi and Han Changshi are ready-made tool men.

The deputy reminded: "If a fight does break out, should we intervene?"

After all, the Lu family in Liaojing Palace was still of great use to the Prince of Qin's Palace, so naturally they couldn't do too much harm to them.

Bai Shizu said with a smile: "You are quite confident in Lin Yi."

The deputy smiled bitterly: "Anyone who has seen him fight against King Han would not dare to take this kind of monster lightly. I even suspect that even if he is alone, he will probably make the Lu family pay a bloody price."

"I really want to see that scene."

There was a bit of regret on Bai Shizu's face: "It's a pity that that guy is here. With him here, even Lin Yi can't make a difference."

The deputy didn't know why: "That guy..."

Bai Shizu didn't answer. He focused entirely on the open space in the center of the confrontation between the two sides. There was nothing there, but his expression was unprecedentedly cautious.

You know, even with Lin Yi's amazing performance against King Han just now, he couldn't make him show such an expression.

A wisp of breeze blew by, and in an instant, the confrontation scene that had been solemn just now became full of spring.

Looking at the figure emerging out of thin air in the open space, the deputy finally reacted: "It's him!"

Bai Shizu stared at this person and stopped talking.

As a young man whom King Qin focused on cultivating, there were very few among his peers who could pose a threat to Bai Shizu, even if we looked at the entire inner court.

Lin Yi has suddenly emerged and can be counted as one.

But in Bai Shizu's mind, the person who really feared him the most was not Lin Yi, but the person who appeared at this moment.

The eldest son of the Lu family in Liaojing Prefecture, Lu Chunfeng.

All this time, this was the pervert who had always weighed on him, even making him breathless.

Without King Qin's full training and relying solely on his own talent and opportunities, Bai Shizu seriously doubted that he would never be able to escape the shadow of the other party in his life, and could only become a foil and a stepping stone to highlight the other party.

Lu Chunfeng appeared and instantly became the focus of the audience. Even though he did nothing, the whole situation was inexplicably affected by him.

The key is that everything was moisturized silently from beginning to end. No matter whether it was the enemy or the enemy, no one felt that anything was wrong.

Lin Yi felt secretly worried.

The young man in front of him, who looked as gentle as jade, felt that the threat to him was actually higher than that of Bai Shizu!

Not to mention anything else, just the ability to control the situation invisibly is enough to put his rank above the vast majority of people.

Not only that, Si Nanjie also gave a warning.

From Si Nanjie's viewing angle, this person was far more solid than anyone else. Among the people Lin Yi had come into contact with so far, he was almost second only to King Qin and Cheng Shuang'er, ranking third.

This alone is enough to prove that this person is not simple.

"Brother is here! I'll see how you die this time!"

Han Zhongyue was overjoyed when he saw this and hurriedly ran to Lu Chunfeng and complained about Lin Yi's various crimes.

As for whether Lu Chunfeng could deal with Lin Yi, he didn't have the slightest doubt.

In fact, it was the same not only in his eyes, but also in the eyes of Lu Longgang and others. Seeing Lu Chunfeng appear, they all felt as if they had found their backbone and no longer had any worries.

However, Lu Chunfeng interrupted Han Zhongyue's complaint and looked at Lin Yi with a smile: "When we first met, I have heard about Brother Lin's name for a long time. He is indeed well-deserved. He is an outstanding figure that makes people heart-broken."

As his name suggests, even if you are standing on the opposite side, you can't help but feel like a spring breeze when listening to his words.

Lin Yi became increasingly alert.

If the other party comes up with harsh words or even directly attacks you, that's okay.

The more it is like this now, the more terrifying it is.

Lin Yi replied calmly: "Your Excellency, Lu Shichunfeng's famous name, I am also very familiar with it. It's a pleasure to meet you."

Lu Chunfeng smiled: "Really? I don't believe it."

This time it was Lin Yi's turn to be speechless.

However, when these words come out of the other person's mouth, instead of making people feel disgusted and disgusted, they feel inexplicably friendly and easy-going.

Lin Yi finally got a taste of the eldest son of the Lu family of Liaojing Prefecture.

No matter what he says or does, it seems that he is born to be the protagonist, and will naturally take away the light of others and make everyone become his supporting role.

Lu Chunfeng glanced at Han Jia'an. What was outrageous was that even Han Jia'an, a lunatic who had lost his mind, actually smiled stupidly at him.

"It is better to dissolve enemies than to make enemies."

Lu Chunfeng returned a kind smile and turned to Lin Yi with sincere eyes: "I have always wanted to make friends with young talents like Brother Lin. If Brother Lin is willing, you will be the most important friend of my Lu family in Liaojing Prefecture. I don't know. Do I have the honor?"

After the words fell, Lin Yi instinctively felt his heartbeat for a moment, but it was suppressed immediately.

In a way, this man is truly invincible.

It does not require any substantive small actions at all, just a few words can brainwash people. The key is that the people who are brainwashed will not feel that anything is wrong from beginning to end, but will only have a sense of sudden enlightenment.

Anyone with even less willpower would not dare to have a direct conversation with him!

Lin Yi raised his eyebrows and said, "It's good to make friends. I'm also a person who likes to make friends."

Lu Chunfeng smiled: "It seems that my hunch is right. Brother Lin and I will definitely get along very well and we will feel like old friends at the first sight."

"In this case, then I really regard Brother Lu as a friend."

Lin Yi then changed the subject: "Since we are all friends, please do me a favor, Brother Lu. I am going to take Han Jie'ai out to see a doctor. Can it be convenient?"

The smile on Lu Chunfeng's face did not diminish, but his eyes changed calmly.

Naturally, he has seen people who don't agree with him, but they are all extremely high-level beings. Below the same level, even a talented person like Bai Shizu can hardly ignore his subtle influence on things.

Unexpectedly, I encountered an exception today.

Lu Chunfeng smiled warmly and said: "My Lu family is related to Prince Han's family, and Jie Hui is also my cousin, a real family member. I will take responsibility for his affairs. If Brother Lin just took him away like this , it won’t sound good if it’s spread outside.”

"Since Brother Lin recognizes me as a friend, please give me a thin noodle."

"Let cousin Jiehe stay. I have found the best medical master in the world and I will definitely cure him."

"If Brother Lin is worried, you can stay and take care of him together. We just hit it off and can communicate more."