"Secondly, I want to suppress Lin Yi's limelight."

"This person has been in the limelight recently, and his relationship with Gu Jiumu is unclear. His existence is a big variable to the overall situation."

"If it is folded on the polar island this time, it can save a lot of trouble."

"But it's a pity that both purposes have failed."

Having said that, there was no trace of annoyance on his face, this calm and composed feeling was like losing a game of backgammon, that's all.

Kong Shenglin shook his head lightly: "This son of Lin Yi has huge variables in him, even if he is a father, he can't see through it. It's not so easy to suppress. If not, Gu Jiumu would not bet on him again and again."

"Aside from other things, Gu Jiumu's vision of layout is something that even a father admires."

Kong Shu chuckled and nodded: "Son is the same. I studied some chess records he played when he was young and benefited a lot."

Kong Shenglin paused for a moment, then pointed out: "In the previous trial selection, I thought I could see some details about Lin Yi, but the focus instead fell on Yuan Kun. Judging from my intuition, there should be something strange in it. Go back and check."


Kong Shu complied, and then sighed a little: "The knife of the Assassin's Association is not sharp enough after all. It's okay to use it to scare ordinary people. If you really want to use it for real, except for those two, the others are still not good enough. mesa."

What he regrets is that he can control the other top killers at will, but only the top two can't be called around even in his capacity.

Kong Shenglin picked up the ancient books and classics again, and said calmly: "It's not that I can't give you a sharper knife, the problem is that you have to pick it up yourself."

The joy in Kong Shu's eyes flashed: "Thank you, father."

While the two were talking, an extremely powerful aura suddenly passed over the Kong family, and then fell on a magnificent building hundreds of miles away, and Lin Yi's voice immediately resounded in all directions.

"Assassin's Association, wait to die."

For a moment, all witnesses were stunned.

After this scene was posted on the Internet, it even made the entire kingdom of God on land boil instantly!

Although the aura just now was not from Lin Yi himself, there is no doubt that it was issued by Lin Yi from the polar island thousands of miles away. This is not an open threat to the Killer Association, but a real declaration of war!

Kong Shu's expression changed, and then he smiled meaningfully: "This Lin Yi is really interesting, but he has made trouble for him twice, and he is going to launch a counterattack, and he even flew over our Kong family to demonstrate It means a lot."

Kong Shenglin shook his head lightly: "If someone wants to step on the face of our Kong family, then let him be fulfilled, and you can deal with it."

Kong Shu stood up with a chuckle, "My son understands."

Following Lin Yi's sudden and blatant declaration of war, not only the Kong family, but the situation in the entire kingdom of God on land began to change drastically, and all the important figures collectively changed their faces.

Today's Lin Yi is no longer a topical figure who can only attract the attention of ordinary people, but has truly ranked among the top.

His every move must be carefully interpreted and judged by all forces.

Otherwise, if you are a little careless, the consequences will be unimaginable.

This is the real right to speak.

The other forces are just watching the fun, even if they can't stay out of the matter completely, they won't be the first to bear the brunt.

At this moment, the one who really felt that the rain was about to come was the Assassin's Association, which was publicly named by Lin Yi.

Under normal circumstances, with the powerful strength of the Assassin Association and the profound background behind it, even if you don't walk sideways in this land of the gods, you are definitely full of confidence and are not afraid of any threats.

But now facing Lin Yi's public roll call, the huge Assassin's Association has fallen into an unprecedented panic and panic.

Without him, news of the death of all the top killers has already spread.

Counting it down, more than half of the top ten top killers in the killer list died directly or indirectly in the hands of Lin Yi. Apart from the top two monsters who were hidden, there is currently only one clown who ranks fourth. still alive.

It is even unknown whether the clown can survive, after all, he is now on the extreme island.

If Lin Yi wants to attack him, it may be more or less auspicious.

With all the bloody precedents in front of them, even the most naive people can understand that Lin Yi's name calling is definitely not a simple threat, but a real notice of death!

Death notices have always been the exclusive property of the Assassins Association, and now it is the first time that they have fallen on them!

Immediately, under the impetus of a crowd of online viewers who watched the excitement and didn't think it was a big deal, Lin Yi's declaration of war directly became a popular search on the entire Internet.

Killer Association, wait to die.

However, Lin Yi himself, who was the source of all this, never thought that the momentum would become so loud in an instant.

At this time, he was in the underground palace, and besides the ultimate military master who was in charge of guarding the gate, there was only one living person left in front of him.

Killer ranked fourth, the clown.

While Lin Yi was looking at the other party, the other party was also looking at him.

In the previous battle with Wei Zhi, although this moody clown was ranked lower, he always took the initiative in the scene.

Of course, the price he himself paid was not small, especially when he was affected by the divine photos of the Emperor Ling. The battle with Wei Zhi was basically a loss for both sides, and the clown would win miserably at best.

However, even though he was in a bad state, the clown didn't show any fear towards Lin Yi.

"You are so blatantly declaring war on the Assassin's Association, shouldn't it be time to attack me? After all, I am also from the Assassin's Association."

The clown's eyes were quite crazy, but compared with Lin Yi, he felt that he was the normal person.

No matter how crazy he was, he was just taking advantage of the chaos to challenge the old fourth Weizhi, not crazy enough to challenge the top two monsters.

And since Lin Yi declared war on the Assassin Association, he must face those two monsters head-on.

Lin Yi looked playful: "I do plan to destroy the Assassin's Association, but it doesn't mean that the Assassin's Association is my enemy, and I can still make some friends."

"Be friends with me, a psychopath?"

The clown pointed at himself and laughed strangely: "My friends have already been stabbed to death by me, are you sure?"

Lin Yi smiled: "A real neurotic will not say that he is crazy."

The clown sneered back: "That's not good."

After finishing speaking, he turned around and walked towards the door, but the ultimate military master didn't mean to give way, instead, he was eager to try and try to attack him.

As an out-and-out fighting machine, except for the brief fight with the ghost mother just now, the ultimate soldier master just had a strong onlooker, and he hasn't had enough fun yet.