Chapter 1138 - Yong Ye

Name:Astral Pet Store Author:Ancient Xi
Chapter 1138 Yong Ye

“You’ve passed the test?”

A Celestial State expert who had black-and-white hair was stunned by what he saw. It was none other than Yong Ye, Lin Xiu’s master and the leader of the Dark Star Zone.

The other Celestials narrowed their eyes upon hearing what Lin Xiu said. They soon noticed that Lin Xiu’s aura wasn’t that of a Star Lord State anymore; it was undoubtedly a Celestial State signature.

The unusual phenomena caused by Celestial State power were invisible to Star Lords and Ascendants, but other Celestials could see it clearly.

It was exactly the same as how Su Ping appeared earlier.

The ruins gave birth to two Celestial State experts?

Which of them was real and which was fake?

All the Celestial experts were shocked and suspicious.

Conversely, Yong Ye was surprised and delighted. He said, “Have you really claimed the legacy? Su Ping came out earlier. He also displayed Celestial State power; did two ancient Celestials leave their legacies in the ruins? Or maybe he was faking it? But…”

Lin Xiu realized what happened and showed an angry sneer. Master, I treated you fairly and respected you for many years, but you betrayed me in the end. It’s true that everyone would betray me in the end, including my own parents. You’re not the exception…

Brutality and thirst for blood emanated from his eyes, but he soon concealed them.

He said to Yong Ye, “Master, he lied to you. His cultivation hasn’t risen to the Celestial State; he simply took a pill that gave him a Celestial aura for a brief period of time. He is still a Star Lord at the moment. Where is he?”

The Celestials showed astonishment, but they somehow believed what Lin Xiu had said.

Even though Su Ping had disguised himself well, the fact that he left in a rush was disconcerting, no matter how he explained it.

Why would he want to leave if he had just inherited the legacy?

The experts present realized that Su Ping probably didn’t get the legacy and only found some treasures; he ran off because he feared that whoever received the legacy would ask him to give them up.

Furthermore, Shen Huang was gone; he was probably escorting his disciple on the way back. “I see…”

Yong Ye was greatly enlightened.

A Celestial expert then asked curiously, “What kind of pill is as amazing?”

Lin Xiu looked at the Celestial expert and said coldly, “It’s a king-level Path Seeking Pill. It’s already extinct now, but you probably have heard about it from other ancient ruins.”

“Seriously? The Path Seeking Pill?”

One of the Celestials took a deep breath; he clearly knew of the item. “So, even if Shen Huang’s disciple didn’t get the legacy, he was quite lucky nonetheless. It’s been said that he’s so talented he cultivated unique triple small worlds! Given his potential and the effects of the pill, it’s only a matter of time for him to rise to the Celestial State…”

The other Celestials exchanged looked at each other in bewilderment. They didn’t expect two Celestial State experts to emerge from that place.

They had learned of Su Ping’s triple small worlds through their respective disciples. They finally understood why Su Ping was able to crush all the other geniuses when he was only in the Star State.

Su Ping was truly terrifying when considering his potential. Even they envied him.

After all, having cultivated the unprecedented triple small worlds, he might make greater accomplishments than theirs!

Lin Xiu had a grave expression; he was already aware of that. After all, the former Lin Xiu had seen it with his own eyes, and learned everything about that era from the guy’s memories.

That was also the reason why he chose to walk around as Lin Xiu.

He wouldn’t have been scared of those Celestials if his treasures would have been looted by Su Ping.

However, he only had his own power at the moment, as all the weapons had been taken. Also, he was still weak after just being reborn; he would still need Yong Ye’s protection.

I will dominate the universe when I recover my treasures. Goddamn thief…

Lin Xiu felt as if his heart were bleeding upon remembering the emptied undersea palace.

He examined the palace through the teleportation arrays and saw that the sutra was gone. At first he thought it had been stolen; it wasn’t until that moment that he realized he had been betrayed!

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However, the goddamn brat won’t live for long; he must have been threatened and manipulated by them. The brat will surely die once they leave this place. However, they can’t possibly get away. When I find them, I will surely…”

Lin Xiu’s heart was burning with the desire to kill; he had already decided how to batter and torture them when he found them.

They wouldn’t forget the lesson for the rest of their lives!

“No wonder the kid was in a rush to leave. I’m going to find them; they must have gone back to the Celestial Court. Lin Xiu, you’re also going to the Celestial Court. Come with me!” Yong Ye immediately said.

He certainly wouldn’t give Su Ping the opportunity to grow up. Since he was just a fake Celestial, Shen Huang was the only one who could protect him against the other Celestials.

Even if they couldn’t kill Shen Huang, the others could easily destroy the Celestial Court as long as one of them kept him busy! That was also what the Celestial State experts were scared of.

They were all on the same level; they could hardly kill a Celestial even if two of them were fighting them, unless the two were truly determined. Even so, one of them could be killed in the end.

However, it wasn’t difficult if they only wanted to keep the opponent busy. The other Celestial could easily destroy his disciples and subordinates!


Lin Xiu quickly accepted the request. “Can you open the residence? Su Ping went and disappeared elsewhere. I suspect he can’t open the residence. You opening the residence will be a direct proof that you’ve inherited the legacy,” said another Celestial who was friends with Yong Ye; he was only asking for Yong Ye’s sake.

After all, it would have been inappropriate if Yong Ye had asked the question.


Lin Xiu snorted but didn’t say a thing. He waved his hand, and a giant beast that looked like a ferocious tiger hopped out of the residence. The beast turned out to be one of the ten most dangerous beasts in the age of deities and demons; it was even more terrifying than the Ghost Lamp Nether Fish! He had found and tamed the beast with the help of the demonic sutra; it was absolutely loyal to him.

The Celestial experts gasped upon seeing the creature; they finally believed that Lin Xiu had indeed inherited the legacy.

It was quite the intimidating beast. It was an actual Celestial State pet! All the Celestials fell silent and stopped questioning Lin Xiu after watching him hop onto the beast’s head.

Those who were close to Shen Huang heaved sighs; it seemed that a gory battle was inevitable.

“Yong Ye, ask your disciple to release ours. The trial is over, so it’s time for us to go,” said a Celestial State expert. Yong Ye raised his eyebrows as he realized the malicious intent in the request.

It was true that Lin Xiu was his disciple, but he was no longer what he used to be. Even Yong Ye, being his master, had to consider him an equal. After all, Lin Xiu had already reached the Celestial State and was qualified to be called by his own name, instead of being referred to as someone’s disciple.

“That’s right. Release my disciple; we’re leaving,” another Celestial State expert said. They didn’t want to stay any longer; they were also worried about their disciples’ safety.

Lin Xiu frowned and considered for a moment, eventually nodding. “No problem.”

Just with a thought, he transported everybody who had been waiting outside the palace with green lamps to the empty ground next to him.

“Lin Xiu?”

Everybody was stunned to see him.

Many were terrified when they saw him riding the ferocious beast. Even though all of them were top Star Lords, the Celestial State beast wasn’t concealing one bit of its brutality, making them feel as if they were in a swamp full of crocodiles, about to be killed at any moment.

“Huh? Where’s my disciple?” Some Celestial State experts searched the crowd but didn’t find their proteges; they couldn’t help but show distress in their expressions.

Lin Xiu said calmly, “The trial for the legacy is risky; those who failed have perished. I would have ended the same way if I hadn’t passed the trial. That’s the price for reaching the Celestial State.”

The experts’ expressions displayed anger, but they also knew that Lin Xiu was right.

Was there anything truly risk-free?

To reach the top of the universe was certainly dangerous!

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All the disciples were stunned to hear what Lin Xiu had said. They didn’t expect Lin Xiu to have claimed the legacy; not after seeing with their own eyes that Su Ping had slain him.

Furthermore, Su Ping had acquired the key.

“Su Ping took part in the trial too; why is he still alive?” asked one of the Celestials.

Lin Xiu was furious; that was precisely the source of his anger. Su Ping had entered his residence, but he wasn’t killed by the nether fish. He even plundered all the treasuries and took away the essential dragon and phoenix blood containers. It was all the nether fish’s fault!

“I don’t know. Maybe he didn’t enter the land of legacy and instead went somewhere else. In any case, we’ll know what happened when we find him!”

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