Chapter 276 - Chapter 276: Drinking the Zombie Loyalty Elixir

Chapter 276: Drinking the Zombie Loyalty Elixir

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“A ninth-tier Evolved Being!” Bone Maiden stared at Ye Li.

Bone Maiden thought that after Ye Li knew the Fire-worshiping Sect’s leader was a ninth-tier Evolved Being, he would be frightened, but to her surprise, Ye Li’s expression remained unchanged.

The leader of the Sky Eagle Organization, Lan Shan, was also a ninth-tier Evolved Being. Since the Fire-worshiping Sect could confront the Sky Eagle Organization, it meant that the Fire-worshiping Sect had strength comparable to the Sky Eagle Organization.

Ye Li had already guessed that the leader of the Fire-worshiping Sect was a ninth-tier Evolved Being.

“I might not be able to help you seek revenge right away, so promise to follow me first,” Ye Li said slowly.

Bone Maiden looked at Ye Li coldly. Although Ye Li had displayed terrifying strength just now, facing the massive Fire-worshiping Sect would be like an egg striking a rock.

“As 1 said before, 1 will follow you if you can help me seek revenge!” Bone Maiden said coldly.

When Ye Li had encountered Yutong at the West Mountain Burial Mound, he had purchased the Zombie Loyalty Elixir in the Points Mall. After drinking it, a zombie would become 100% loyal.

Ye Li thought that since her memories wouldn’t change after drinking it, he could help her seek revenge later.

“You don’t have the power to refuse me right now,” Ye Li said slowly.

With that, Ye Li spent ten thousand points in the Points Mall to purchase a Zombie Loyalty Elixir.

“Drink it.” Ye Li handed the Zombie Loyalty Elixir to Bone Maiden.

Bone Maiden looked at the elixir in Ye Li’s hand, and her expression grew even colder. It was clear that she didn’t want to have anything to do with Ye Li.

Seeing that Bone Maiden refused to take the elixir, Ye Li was about to say something when Ziqiong approached.

“Senior Demon King.”

After calling out to the Demon King, Ziqiong looked at Bone Maiden.

With just one look, Ziqiong took three steps back in shock.

“A… A sixth-tier purple-eye zombie?”

While watching from the sidelines, Ziqiong had heard about the recent high-level female zombie in the outer region of the Falling Stone Mountain Range. However, she had never expected it to be a Sixth-Level zombie.

Once zombies reached the sixth-tier, they were almost completely indifferent to humans. It was not like the level 1 to level 10 zombies that would attack humans as food.

Ye Li paid no attention to Ziqiong and continued to look at Bone Maiden.

“Drink it. 1 don’t want to say it a third time,” Ye Li said slowly.

Bone Maiden’s stunningly beautiful face grew colder. She still had no intention of accepting the Zombie Loyalty Elixir from Ye Li.

“Take it. Although I don’t know what this is, Senior Demon King won’t harm you,” Ziqiong blinked and said to Bone Maiden.

Bone Maiden was taken aback by Ziqiong’s words. Why wasn’t this third-tier Evolved Being girl afraid of a sixth-tier zombie like her?

“You’re just a sixth-tier zombie. In Senior Demon King’s Apocalypse Legion, there are five zombies that are all eighth-tier zombies.”

Then, Ziqiong explained the Apocalypse Legion’s zombies to Bone Maiden.

There was the Divine Fist Zombie, Ah Da, the Ironfoot Zombie, Bai Wawa, the Ice Zombie, Hongye, the Petrification Zombie, Yutong, and the Ghost Sword Zombie, Swordsman Ah Qi.

Although Bone Maiden had a cold and unfeeling personality, hearing Ziqiong’s explanation made her feel somewhat stunned.

Bone Maiden looked at Ye Li, and for some reason, she suddenly felt an irresistible magical power emanating from him.

Then, she reached out and took the Zombie Loyalty Elixir without hesitation. Afterward, she drank it in one gulp.

Once the Zombie Loyalty Elixir was consumed, the zombie would become 100% loyal.

“Don’t worry; I will help you seek revenge,” Ye Li said to Bone Maiden as he looked at her.

“Yes, Master.” After drinking the Zombie Loyalty Elixir, Bone Maiden showed a complete transformation in her attitude..