That family said that as long as Qian’e married into their family, they would give her 500 dollars as a betrothal gift. They would also give her the ‘three turns and one sound’.

At first, Zhao Ni could not understand why that family wanted Qian’e to marry into their family. Later on, when she knew that that family had four daughters, she then understood that what they wanted was for Qian’e to bear a son to carry on the family line.

However, Qian’e had already removed her uterus during the previous incident and could no longer have children.

If that family found out about this, they would definitely break off the engagement. However, she did not know how Old Madam Qian had managed to persuade them to agree to Qian’e marrying into their family and also give her a generous betrothal gift.

It was possible that Old Madam Qian did not tell them the truth at all and was just tricking them, and throwing Qian’e under the bus for that bit of money.

“This matter is already settled. You’ll get married next month. There’s no room for discussion on this,” said Qian Wang.

Qian’e laughed like a lunatic and said, “Could it be that you all did not tell them that I’m infertile. If they find out, they definitely won’t agree to the marriage.”

Before she could finish speaking, Old Madam Qian went up and slapped Qian’e.

“You money-losing good-for-nothing. If you dare to say anything, I’ll beat you to death right now,” Old Madam Qian said.

“Come on, kill me if you can. I’ll see if you need to go to jail then,” Qian’e said as she glared fiercely at Old Madam Qian.

“If you go to jail at such an old age, you definitely won’t be able to come out alive. When the time comes, see if anyone would go there to collect your bones. When you die, you’ll be casually thrown aside somewhere,” Qian’e said.

Old Madam Qian raised her stick and started hitting Qian’e. Qian’e did not make a sound and only looked at Old Madam Qian fiercely.

“Alright, alright, stop hitting her. Is it true that you did not tell that family that this wretched girl can’t have children?” Qian Wang looked at Old Madam Qian and asked.

Old Madam Qian hesitated for a moment before saying, “I didn’t tell them. If I did, they wouldn’t want Qian’e.”

Qian Wang frowned and looked at the old lady. It seemed that he would not be able to marry off Qian’e this time.

“You’re really muddle-headed. If Qian’e really marries into their family and they find out that she’s infertile, and then that family comes to the hospital to look for me, I would get into trouble during the grading exercise,” Qian Wang said.

Old Madam Qian was stunned on the spot. During that time, all she could think of was showing photos of Qian’e to that family. After that, they were very satisfied with how Qian’e looked.

She was focused on how this money-losing good-for-nothing could get finally married and not be a burden at home, and that Zhao Ni would become more obedient after that.

Between marrying off this money-losing good-for-nothing and Qian Wang’s grading, Qian Wang’s grading was definitely more important.

“Let’s not talk about this matter anymore. Quickly tell that family that we are not going through with this marriage,” said Qian Wang.

“It’s all your fault, you money-losing good-for-nothing. If you had built a good relationship with the He family back then, would we have such a hard life?” Old Madam Qian said.

Back then, Qian Wang rose to become the department head only because Qian’e had a very good relationship with He Mei. At that time, when Qian’e casually mentioned that her father was still a trainee doctor, He Mei arranged for her father to get promoted.

Speaking of the He family, she would not have ended up like this if not for He Mei.

Qian Wang’s mind was filled with thoughts of how to reconcile with Xia Fang. It was important to have the support of the hospital director during this upcoming grading exercise. He knew that the hospital director and Xia Fang were relatives.

If Xia Fang said anything detrimental to Liu Yang this time, he would definitely not be able to pass the grading exercise.

This matter could not be rushed as everything had to be considered at length. He felt that he still had ample time.

“This matter ends here. From tomorrow onwards, go to Xia Fang’s house every day to apologize until they forgive you.” After saying that, Qian Wang returned to the room.

Qian’e looked at Qian Wang and Old Madam Qian with a great deal of resentment in her eyes. When she was on good terms with the He family, everyone at home was very nice to her regardless of what she did.

Now that she had fallen out with He Mei, she was scolded and beaten up at home every day.

There was still a long time ahead. She would remember all these things and return the treatment to them one by one in the future!