Chapter 20 - This Was Her Ruse

Chapter 20 This Was Her Ruse

The room fell silent for a moment. Fu Beiting said in a low voice, “Is that so?”

Then, he turned to look at Qin Xiangwan, who was lying on the bed.

Standing at the side, Su Xinyue frowned as a sense of danger flashed across her heart.

If it was in the past, Fu Beiting would definitely hug her immediately and comfort her. But now, he was only thinking about Qin Xiangwan.


Su Xinyue’s resentful gaze landed on the woman lying on the bed.

Could it be that Qin Xiangwan deliberately used this ruse to win back Fu Beiting?

That must be it.

She would not let Qin Xiangwan get what she wanted.

“Beiting, you should go back and rest,” Su Xinyue said softly. “I’ll stay here to accompany Xiangwan.”

“No need. I’ll stay here and watch over her.”

“Beiting, I’ve let Xiangwan down,” Su Xinyue cried softly. “If I hadn’t fallen for you, then Xiangwan wouldn’t have been angry. Let me accompany Xiangwan. Take it that I’m apologizing to her. That way, I’ll feel better


Fu Beiting took a deep breath. His mind was in a mess.

The scene of Qin Xiangwan being knocked away by a car last night replayed in his mind again and again. It was as if he was shocked and his heart was being stabbed repeatedly.

He thought that he would look at her indifferently, but only now did he realize that he was in more pain than he had imagined.

“Alright, you stay with Xiangwan.” Fu Beiting stood up. “Call me if you need anything.”

“Definitely.” Su Xinyue nodded.

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Fu Beiting turned to leave, but after taking a step, he turned back and reached his hand out in front of Su Xinyue. He carefully pushed away a strand of messy hair on Qin Xiangwan’s face and said in a low voice, “You must wake up.”

With that, he strode away.

Su Xinyue stood behind Fu Beiting and looked green with jealousy.

She did not expect him to be so concerned about this woman. Even when she was hospitalized, Fu Beiting had never helped her tidy her hair.

It seemed that Qin Xiangwan’s ruse was very successful. She was almost going to steal Fu Beiting’s heart.

The door of the ward closed gently, and the room returned to silence.

Only then did the gentle smile on Su Xinyue’s face fade away. She looked at Qin Xiangwan coldly.

“Qin Xiangwan, you’re really good at seducing men. You almost managed to win back Fu Beiting’s heart under my watch.”

“It’s a shame you’re so unlucky. You tried to pretend like you were hit by a car the way I did, but you really got knocked off your feet. You really deserved it.”

“Do you know who drove that car that hit you? Hahaha, you still don’t know, right? That’s a hooligan I hired! I paid them to kill you. Who would have thought that you would go ahead and get hit by the car purposely to gain sympathy! You want to snatch my man? I won’t give you a chance!”

Su Xinyue sneered, her eyes cold. That hit-and-run car was driven by a hooligan that she had secretly hired. She instructed them to park the car at the entrance of the hospital and hit Qin Xiangwan when she was discharged from the hospital.

She had asked the doctor about Qin Xiangwan’s condition. She knew that Qin Xiangwan was weak and could not afford to be frightened.

Hence, Su Xinyue told the hooligan that he would only need to scare Qin Xiangwan and cause her to bleed out.

She did not expect Qin Xiangwan to run into the car herself.

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Now that the hooligan saw that he had actually hit someone, he was so scared that he drove away and did not even dare to ask her for compensation. This way, she could even save money.

“Qin Xiangwan, go to sleep.” Su Xinyue bent down and touched Qin Xiang Wan’s pale face with a smile. “Don’t ever wake up.”

With that, she started humming and with a smile on her face, reached out to pinch the tube connected to the oxygen mask on Qin Xiangwan’s face!

The unconscious Qin Xiangwan furrowed her eyebrows slightly. The lack of oxygen caused her face to turn red. Her fingers twitched unconsciously and her nails scratched the bedsheets.

Su Xinyue did not let go. A victorious smile appeared in her eyes.

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