Chapter 40 - About to Enter the Mountain

With the Baron and El gone, Robb and Snow Dew were the only ones left in the yard. The Oscar-winning actors and actresses looked at each other for a moment, then giggled together.

Snow Dew chuckled. “They’re so gullible! Are all nobles and nuns so gullible?”

Robb threw up his hands. “It’s not that they’re easy to fool. It’s just better to believe in the power of an artifact than to believe that I’m strong. It’s too easy to choose the wrong one.”

Snow Dew said, “I wouldn’t be so gullible.”

Robb said, “That’s because you haven’t seen me when I’m lazy.”

Hearing his words, Snow Dew could not help but shrug her shoulders. “I really don’t understand. Why do you want to stay in such a small town? At first, I thought that you wanted to hide your identity because you were being hunted down. However, when I saw that the Baron of the Grand Kingdom and the nun of the Holy Church could get along with you peacefully, I knew that there was no such thing. In that case, you have no reason to hide in such a small town. With your ability, wouldn’t you be able to easily stand out in a big city? Or, wouldn’t it be extremely thrilling to take the risk to hunt the most ferocious monsters and find the most mysterious treasure?”

Robb shrugged. “What’s the point of making a name for yourself? What’s the point of fighting monsters? What’s the point of finding artifacts? They’re all meaningless.”

Snow Dew didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. “What is this feeling of seeing through the mortal world like an Eastern monk?”

Robb laughed. “All right, Lady Snow Dew, don’t try to talk me out of it. Just let me be. I’ll be here all the time. I won’t go anywhere. I’ll wait until the next time you’re chased by monsters, you come back to see me with a teleport scroll.”

Snow Dew said seriously, “I definitely won’t be able to use that thing so easily!”

“Never say never!”

“What does that mean?”

“Hahaha, I can’t be bothered to tell you.”

That night, Snow Dew used Robb’s “water system” to take a bath. She was amazed. Of course, she changed into clean clothes after the bath. Robb couldn’t keep his eyes open when he saw the Mage with her red hair. She was so sexy and hot.

But the other two members of Snow Dew’s team weren’t so lucky. They’d been working on the house all night. They weren’t very good at the work of a mason. If the holes in the church walls had been mended by a real mason, it would have taken about an hour or two. But the two of them had been busy all night. By dawn, the church walls had finally been mended, and the two of them had fallen asleep with their heads tilted on the grass beside them.

The most tragic thing was that the two of them had just fallen asleep when they were woken up by the sharp whistle on the hill. When they opened their sleepy eyes, they realized that the scout team led by the Baron was preparing to march into the Black Pine Mountains.

Robb, who always liked to sleep in, came out of the church, rubbing his eyes. He was still wearing a tube nightdress. He took a cup and a toothbrush made of pig hair and stood by the faucet by the field. He took a glass of water and brushed it in his mouth with a toothbrush that was not stained with toothpaste. As he brushed, he muttered unhappily, “What in God’s name? Whistling at dawn. No social etiquette at all.”

El, dressed in her nun’s habit and carrying a wooden staff, had also risen from her bed. She came out of the nun’s room in the church and froze when she saw Robb brushing his teeth in the yard. “Father, didn’t the cursed ruby drain your energy and stamina? It takes you forty-nine days to recover. How come you can walk now?”

Robb stilled, thinking to himself, F*ck! I forgot! I woke up half-asleep and only remembered to brush my teeth.

However, there was no need to panic here. It was fine as long as he was steady. He quickly put on a radiant and holy face. “Last night, I recited the Holy Bible of Light desperately and begged the God of Light to hear my plea. Perhaps because I was very pious, the God of Light might have sent something like a miracle to me. I suddenly returned to a state where I could just barely move. Although I can’t use any strength in my body now, I can wash my face, brush my teeth, and walk a few steps.”

The pure-hearted nun was so easily deceived. She nodded at Robb. “That’s great! I can relax a little. Rest well. I’ll visit you when the Baron and I find the evil necromancer.”

“You’re welcome,” Robb said.

“Father, Sister.” The Baron strode towards the two of them. “We are about to set off!”

“Okay, I’m ready too.” El nodded at him.

Robb waved a hand. “I hope you find the necromancer and the lord sends out his troops as soon as possible. We might be able to recover the dozens of bones that were stolen from Westwind.”

“Let’s hope so!” The Baron smiled. “At the moment, I’m confident that I can face any difficulties.”

Robb could see that the man was different. He had learned something after cutting the ruby last night. The stone was fake, but the demon in the Baron’s heart had been cut off was real. He had truly cut off his greed and desire, so he would grow.

“Baron, Sister.” Gorda’s voice sounded from the side. “I was listening. You seem to be going into the mountains to search for some bad guy?”

“Yes!” The Baron did not avoid it at all. He said generously, “We are investigating a conspiracy.”

“Oh, that’s great.” Gorda grinned and said, “Then do you want to entrust us to go with you? As you can see, the three of us are very powerful adventurers, and the Black Pine Mountains you’re about to go to is not a peaceful place. It’s filled with unknown dangers. Although the hundred soldiers under your command are well-trained, they’re only soldiers after all. Their combat strength can already be seen clearly in yesterday’s battle. I think that with the three of us, your tracking will be smoother.”

The Baron was slightly stunned. This multiple-choice question was very easy to answer. Three seconds later, he extended his right hand to Gorda. “Welcome. I’m willing to pay you twenty gold coins for this operation.”

Gorda smiled. “It’s not easy for three people to split twenty. Are you trying to make us fight among ourselves? I think you should pay twenty-one.”

“Oh, it’s a deal!”

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Robb put down his mouthwash cup and toothbrush. “I say, Gorda,” he said sourly, “do you know what the Baron is dealing with? More than seven hundred skeleton soldiers and a powerful necromancer. You take such a task lightly. In a few days, you’ll be in close contact with death again.”

Gorda laughed. “Which adventurer doesn’t deal with death every day? People who are afraid of death won’t come out and take risks.”

Behind him, Kik and Snowdew shrugged. They didn’t say anything, but they silently agreed with Gorda.

Robb thought to himself: What a bloody retard. Do you have to make me worry like this? He’d given Snow Dew another Instant Teleportation scroll last night, but it still didn’t feel right. Well, well, well. I’m a sentimental man, after all. “Wait a minute,” he said to the others. “I’ll get you something from the warehouse.”