Chapter 200

Not only did Wen Yongchen bring a massager to the trip, but he also brought a storage bag.

He sat next to Zhong Yuhuan, slightly bent his back and shook out the items in the bag. He showed each one to Zhong Yuhuan, saying, “This is for foot bathing, this one is for bathing and this… is for brewing tea. This is a warm compress eye mask, and these are earplugs, they’re very good at sound insulation. For this, stick it on places you can’t reach and it will feel better after it heats up…” Wen Yongchen smiled embarrassed, and added, “I quite like to bring these types of things. When I was filming before, I didn’t pay attention to my health and damaged my body so I started to take care of my health.”

“Thank you, Brother Chen.” Zhong Yuhuan sincerely thanked him and then picked out a few things. She smiled and then said, “You’ll have to wait until we go back for the thank you gifts!”

“You don’t have to give a thank you gift, instead, a meal would be fine.” Wen Yongchen said.

After speaking, Wen Yongchen realized he said a bit too much. If someone had bad intentions, it would be easy for them to twist his words. Wen Yongchen quickly changed the subject and began telling stories about what he had experienced in filming. Although Li Jinyuan entered the entertainment industry, his position is an idol and not an actor. From him, Zhong Yuhuan came into contact with the model and idol circle. But about the acting industry… she didn’t know much. So she was happy to listen to Wen Yongchen’s stories. As she listened, she bent down, lifted the hem of her large skirt and rolled the massager over her sore calves.

Li Jinyuan’s gaze seemed to be looking at the water bottle on the table but in reality, his peripheral sight couldn’t help but sweep towards Zhong Yuhuan’s direction.

He could hear the massager’s buzzing noise, accompanied by Wen Yongchen’s smiling voice in his ears… Li Jinyuan felt like he was being split in half. One half was still rational, as a person quietly listening to the story under the camera but the other half wanted him to grab the massager, support her calf, and help her massage it. He didn’t want to look at her doing it so awkwardly and laboriously.

Li Jinyuan suddenly felt that she shouldn’t have appeared in this type of reality show.

She should be the gem carefully hidden in a palace.

If it were eroded even a bit by the sunlight, it would make people feel reluctant and distressed.

Unknowingly, the bathroom door opened and Ge Mei and Gu Yuling came out together. They already changed into pajamas, dried their hair, taken off their makeup and put face masks on. They originally wanted to get together and talk with the others, but a female star still has the burdens of an idol. After thinking about it, they decided to go back to their bedrooms.

The movements they made while moving pulled Li Jinyuan back to reality.

Then he heard Zhong Yuhuan ask, “Why hasn’t Brother Huo come yet?”

Li Jinyuan’s expression returned to normal and he said, “He probably has some things to do. Go take a bath and then sleep.”

Zhong Yuhuan nodded.

“Do you have the strength to get up?” Li Jinyuan suddenly asked.

Zhong Yuhuan put down the massager in her hand and raised her head. Faced with Li Jinyuan’s serious expression, she suddenly got a feeling that if she said she doesn’t have the strength, Li Jinyuan would carry her.

That scene will definitely shatter the countless people behind the screen!

Therefore, Zhong Yuhuan said, “I still have a bit of strength. After all, I am someone who has worked out, fought, climbed mountains, and ran marathons before.”

With that, she flipped her skirt up but the skirt was too large and the crinoline was stiff. This flip almost turned into a faceplant due to the skirt. Thankfully, Li Jinyuan hurriedly caught her.

“Be careful.” Li Jinyuan supported her waist and firmly held her up.

Because Huo Chengming slapped her waist twice today, Zhong Yuhuan was really sensitive there. Having Li Jinyuan’s support there, Zhong Yuhuan felt like it was going numb. She pulled the skirt herself and slowly moved towards the bathroom. Her back view looked very gorgeous and beautiful but she was also indescribably cute, like she was stuck in a giant marshmallow and trying to move.

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