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Li Yuhuan held onto Lei Hanping’s large d*ck. She wanted to lift her hips away, not wanting to stay in this embarrassing position, but it was already too late. Lei Hanping pushed his face, his mouth latching to her folds through her panties, constantly using the tip of his tongue to lick her most sensitive area.

“Hmm… Hmm… Fourth Brother…” Li Yuhuan could no longer focus on licking his length. She twisted her hips, trying to avoid his mouth.

Finally, Lei Hanping removed her panties and pressed his tongue right against her wet and slippery vagina.

“Ah…” Her hole quickly contracted, and a large amount of honey slick gushed out of her entrance. Li Yuhuan could feel Lei Hanping’s tongue drilling in and out, licking hard into her, “Mm mm… Ah… Fourth Brother…”

Lei Hanping moved his hips, plunging his big shaft into her mouth. As he dominated her small mouth, he tasted the honey that flowed out of her vagina, not letting a single drop go to waste.

Li Yuhuan’s legs were weak, and her walls kept clenching and unclenching around his flexible tongue. Her eyes were blurred with tears as she licked his shaft. She gradually fell into the haze of lust. When she came back to her senses, she could feel his large hands on her bum, pushing her off, changing their position once again. This time, she was lying on the sofa, while he buried his head between her thighs, sucking and licking her sensitive nub. He even used his teeth to bite her wet vagina lips. Li Yuhuan couldn’t stand his constant teasing, and within a few minutes, she reached her climax.

However, he didn’t move to stop his ministrations.

Lei Hanping’s mouth was still playing on her nub, sucking all of the essences she just released. He raised his head again, held Li Yuhuan’s face, and kissed her mouth, feeding her all the slick he had tasted. She could taste herself in his mouth. It was heady and hot.

Then she could feel his thick member rubbing against her sensitive entrance, “Do you like the taste of your dirty slick?”

Under the dim lights, he could see Li Yuhuan’s cheeks flushing bright red. Her eyes were dazed and her mouth was gaped open. She had long lost her rationality, all from his own doing, “Fourth Brother… Fourth Brother, please… put it in…”

“What do you want, hmm?” Lei Hanping asked.

“I want Fourth Brother’s big d*ck,” Li Yuhuan was so desperate that she started crying. She still wasn’t good at controlling her lust, and the emptiness in the depths of her body was driving her crazy, “I want Fourth Brother’s big d*ck to impale me…”

Seeing that Li Yuhuan finally stopped acting with him, Lei Hanping straightened up in satisfaction. He knelt between her legs and slowly pushed his swollen head into her slippery hole. Her tender hole was opened, and her moist lips parted for him to enter. Her small nub was red from blood flowing into the sensitive area. Li Yuhuan scratched the pillow above her head with both hands, as he inserted himself inch by inch. She groaned in pain and joy, “Ah… Mm ah… Fourth Brother, it’s so good…”

It was really good.

After her first climax, her inner walls became very sensitive, and coupled with her lack of experience in sex, she was no match for the old, sly fox known as Lei Hanping.

That night, Lei Hanping continued to ram into the woman under him. He knew that Li Yuhuan had already accepted this kind of play. Although she said that she didn’t like him being rough with her, she would always beg him to go deeper and deeper every time she was aroused.

“Fourth Brother… There… That place feels so good… More, use more strength…” Li Yuhuan wrapped her legs around his waist, a pillow under her tailbone, and her breasts swayed, continuously following the motion of his thrust.

Lei Hanping liked Li Yuhuan’s lewd, sincere response.He didn’t see any traces of acting on her face or her movement. It came from the bottom of her heart. However, when he thought of the way she looked at Shen Ang, Lei Hanping’s eyes turned fierce. He held her breasts tightly and suddenly pressed harder, hitting the depths of her womb.

“Ah ah…” Li Yuhuan arched her back and closed her eyes, enjoying Lei Hanping’s rough movement, “It feels so good… Ah…” The more she said it, the more force Lei Hanping exerted.

When he became bored of their position, he pressed her against the floor-to-ceiling window and entered from behind, reaching deeper into her. With every thrust, he pressed against her womb.

Their room was more than 70 stories high, and there were no blinds to cover them. She could see the bustling night view of the city and the gorgeous fireworks that were still set off into the night sky. It was a visual and physical enjoyment, which satisfied her more than she could imagine. She tried to scratch the glass with her nails, trying to find something to hold. Her eyes caught the overlapping silhouette reflected on the glass. Her mind was numbed, completely immersed in Lei Hanping’s rough performance.

Li Yuhuan was satisfied, and so was Lei Hanping. There were a few times when he wanted to come into her, but he managed to control himself. He turned Li Yuhuan’s face and kissed her lips again. Their lips and tongues intertwined, and their lower bodies were still connected.

At Li Yuhuan’s most emotional moment, Lei Hanping whispered in her ear, “Is it just me?”