Chapter 602 Extra: Gu Jue

Gu Jue was born in a relatively wealthy family in Kyoto.

From a young age, he knew that he was the object of attention of many people in the compound.

At that time, he vaguely felt that because of the relationship between his parents and grandfather, many adults taught their children to please themselves.

So Gu Jue didn't have any real friends in the compound.

From childhood to adulthood, Gu Jue has always had smooth sailing.

Except for his grandfather being stricter with him, he can be said to do as he pleases the rest of the time.

But in the summer when he was sixteen, he went to the county town to visit his grandmother, and was assassinated on the way back!

He was knocked out of the head and fell into the river—

The moment he fell into the water, Gu Jue thought that his life was about to end.

But even he himself didn't expect that he was washed along the river to the bank of a small village.

He was rescued by a kind-hearted family named Lan.

When Gu Jue was drowning and unconscious, he faintly heard someone say that they brought him back because they wanted him to be the son-in-law of his younger sister.

Fortunately, this matter is just talking, and the fat sister of the Lan family did not agree.

Gu Jue lost his past memories because of falling into the water.

He doesn't remember who he is or where he came from.

Fortunately, the eldest brother and the fat sister of the Lan family are very kind to me, and the uncle and aunt of the Lan family are also willing to take me in.

The fat sister also named him Xiaobai.

It means a blank life, everything starts again.

Gu Jue lived in Lan's house for a month. On weekdays, he would help the family with some work within his capacity, and even learn how to cook from the fat sister.

In the family, he spends the most time with his fat sister, so he saw with his own eyes that her fat sister lost a lot of weight in just one month from being a big fat man like a steamed bun!

The fat sister has lost weight, and she can already see the outline of a beautiful girl.

A fat sister like this doesn't need to find a door-to-door son-in-law, she can easily marry herself.

Suddenly one day, the old lady of the Xu family in the village came to Lan's house to make trouble, and Gu Jue found out that the fat sister had already married, and she returned to the village because she divorced the Xu family's son.

Gu Jue didn't have a different opinion of Fat Sister just because she was married.

Fat sister is very good, she has a kind heart and can cook a lot of delicious meals. Whoever can marry her is lucky!

Not long after driving away the old lady of the Xu family, the fat sister said that she was going to the county town.

This decision made Uncle Lan and Big Brother Lan feel uneasy, so Gu Jue said that he would go to the county town with Fat Sister.

Before going to the county seat, the fat sister was no longer fat due to weight loss, so from then on, Gu Jue silently changed his name for the fat sister.

From now on, she should be called Sister Lan.

Gu Jue and Sister Lan have done a lot of great things in the county town that he didn't even dare to think about at first!

They went to night school together and took the diploma test.

Sister Lan also cooperated with a toilet paper factory to promote the transformation of the toilet paper factory and make sanitary napkins for women.

The factory is making money every month, and the invested funds are quickly returned.

Gu Jue can't do much for Sister Lan. After getting a diploma, he learned the maintenance of machines imported from abroad.

During that time, Gu Jue was really happy.

The feeling that he has to struggle step by step to achieve success, let him realize what achievement is!

It's a pity that he and Sister Lan didn't stay together for too long.

Once by chance, someone recognized him.

Soon, Gu Jue met an elegant and intellectual middle-aged woman who claimed to be his mother.

Gu Jue finally knows who he is!

But when he thought of breaking up with Sister Lan, he couldn't bear it.

But in the end he still left with his mother, because he had an appointment with Sister Lan, and they would meet in Kyoto during the Chinese New Year.

After returning to Kyoto, Gu Jue thought of Sister Lan every day.

He would think, what is Sister Lan doing today? How's business at the toilet paper mill?

Gu Jue seldom calls Sister Lan, because he knows that Sister Lan is very busy at work, and he is worried about disturbing Sister Lan.

Besides, phone bills were not cheap at that time, and Sister Lan needed to spend money to answer the phone, so making fewer calls would also save Sister Lan some money.

Gu Jue counted the days of the New Year, waiting to see Sister Lan again.

When I called Sister Lan once, I heard Sister Lan said that the toilet paper factory needed investment, and Gu Jue gave all his money to Sister Lan without hesitation!

Gu Jue was very happy to be able to help Sister Lan.

After he invested in the toilet paper factory, he was finally able to talk to Sister Lan on the phone in a legitimate way~!

Relying on the phone, Gu Jue found out that sister Lan not only runs a toilet paper factory, but also runs a clothing factory!

When Gu Jue left Qingyang County, the garment factory was just a small garment workshop. I didn't expect Sister Lan to be so capable in business!

He somewhat regretted not being by Sister Lan's side, not witnessing Sister Lan's step-by-step success.

And he can't be idle in the capital, he has to study hard, just like Sister Lan said, he has to move towards his goal!

Gu Jue's goal is to enter Peking University School of Medicine, learn medical knowledge, and become a useful person to the country in the future!

Time passed quickly in his reading.

Finally, the Chinese New Year is coming!

Sister Lan came to Kyoto.

In addition to having some business in Kyoto, Sister Lan is actually from Kyoto!

After listening to Sister Lan's explanation, Gu Jue realized that Lan Weicheng from the Lan family in Kyoto and Lan Shengli from the Lan family in Tianshui Village were related.

When Sister Lan was born, two couples from the Lan family in Kyoto gave birth to a child in Qingyang County. Because they both had the surname Lan, the two children were accidentally picked up by the nurse.

So Sister Lan’s biological parents are in Kyoto, her home is in Kyoto, and she will come to Kyoto often in the future!

Later, Sister Lan did come to Kyoto more and more because of business.

And Gu Jue also went to Peking University School of Medicine to study medicine.

During that time, whenever Sister Lan came to Kyoto, she would come to see him at school.

Sister Lan also cooks some of his favorite dishes, wraps them in a towel, and sends them to school for him to eat!

Every time Sister Lan came, the seniors and sisters in the lab would joke and say, ‘Your girlfriend is here. '

It was also at that time that Gu Jue discovered that his feelings for Sister Lan had unconsciously turned into liking!

Gu Jue didn't explain to his seniors, didn't tell them that Sister Lan was not his girlfriend, he mustered up the courage to confess his love to Sister Lan, and told Sister Lan that he liked her!

Unfortunately, he was rejected by Sister Lan.

Sister Lan said that he is still young and doesn't know what liking is, and when he grows up, he won't say such things again.

But Gu Jue thinks that even if he is a few years older, this love will never change!

It doesn't matter if Sister Lan doesn't agree, he will use time to prove that his liking is well thought out, not just a momentary illusion that Sister Lan thinks!

In school, apart from studying, Gu Jue had dreams almost every night for a period of time.

Dream about those memories lost in his head.

From childhood to adulthood, everything I personally experienced was revealed by dreams.

Gu Jue originally thought that in this way, after he understood all his childhood experiences through dreams, he would be able to regain his memory.

But until his dream continued to develop, there appeared another memory that should not belong to his current self!

In his memory, after he was murdered and fell into the water in Qingyang County, he was not picked up by the Lan family, nor did he meet Sister Lan.

In his amnesia, his life was difficult, he had done various jobs, and his hands were rotten from the cold in the cold winter.

After three years of exile, he slowly regained his memory and found his own home.

After returning home, because of some things, he suspected that someone killed him on purpose.

After investigation, he found his brother!

Gu Jue has a half-brother.

The older brother is Gu Cheng, the son of his father's first wife.

Because there is a big age difference between Gu Jue and his elder brother, even though they are brothers, they don't really spend much time together.

In my impression, the relationship between my brother and him is not very good, but it is not bad either.

Gu Jue never thought that his brother would kill him!

I can’t figure out why my brother did this?

In the dream, the self who came back from suffering was young and energetic, and when he was impulsive, whoever wanted to harm him would of course demand that the other party pay the price!

So he started to confront his brother Gu Cheng **** for tat!

Gu Cheng is in business, so he is also in business, trying to take away Gu Cheng's business, and let Gu Cheng suffer a crushing defeat!

But Gu Jue didn't realize that he didn't have the talent for doing business.

He is not his brother's opponent, he is the one who suffers the ultimate defeat, and even his parents, grandpa, and grandma are trampled under his feet by his brother Gu Cheng!

The memories in these dreams are very clear and realistic, making it hard for Gu Jue not to take them seriously!

So he investigated according to the memory in the dream, and found that it was really just like in his dream. His murder was not accidental, but premeditated!

Behind all of this is his older brother Gu Cheng!

After finding out about these things, Gu Jue didn't tell anyone about it.

He knows how big the gap is between himself and Gu Cheng, and he will no longer act recklessly and recklessly against Gu Cheng like in the dream!

He continued to secretly investigate and collect evidence, this time he wanted to send Gu Cheng to prison!

During this process, Gu Jue did not delay the important events in his life.

Although his confession to Sister Lan was rejected, Sister Lan agreed to be with him under her own offensive.

They fell in love with each other, and after Gu Jue became an adult, they got married soon and gave birth to a beautiful daughter.

When his daughter was a few months old, Gu Jue had almost collected clues about Gu Cheng's harm to him.

So he began to collect the net.

No accident happened this time, and he finally sent Gu Cheng to prison as he wished!

After many years, Gu Jue and Lan Shu lived happily together.

As their daughter gradually grew up, Lan Shu's business also developed from a small factory in the county to the establishment of a group in Kyoto!

Gu Jue has always known that Lan Shu is a genius in business, even more talented than Gu Cheng!

But he found that he was still thinking too conservatively—

Lan Shu barely spent a few years, relying on her business ability to develop and grow the group, and finally she became the richest man in the country!

Gu Jue discovered at this time that although he failed to become the son-in-law of the Lan family back then, the result was still the same.

He is destined to be inferior to his own wife in this life.

So he put more energy on medical research, becoming the youngest associate professor of medicine, and then a professor.

Gu Jue hopes that he must have some ability to be worthy of standing beside his wife.

A few years later, Gu Jue had another son.

Many years later, the son grew up, the daughter married, and he had a grandson.

The grandson is very cute, but also very stubborn.

The stubborn part should be following him, but the cute direction must be following his wife.

Besides, the grandson's way of thinking about making money is simply hereditary!

Gu Jue is very optimistic about his grandson, and he will definitely become a qualified heir in the family in the future.

When Gu Jue thought about these things and the future of his family, he found that he had changed from a youthful youth to a middle-aged and elderly man in his forties or fifties.

When he looked in the mirror and saw white hair growing on his temples, Gu Jue realized that he was no longer young...

Gu Jue doesn't know how many years he can live, but in this life, he can have a lover by his side, which makes him feel that life has no regrets.

Another year followed, and this year, serious epidemics broke out at home and abroad!

As a medical expert, Gu Jue must step forward at this time!

Because he was worried that he would infect his family members in close contact with the virus, he did not go home during those months.

It was very tiring when researching drugs based on virus changes in the epidemic area. At that time, Gu Jue once again clearly felt that his physical condition had entered old age.

During that time, he gritted his teeth and survived.

Finally, the drug for the disease was developed, and everyone breathed a sigh of relief.

At that moment, Gu Jue had only one thought in his mind, he did not die from the epidemic, and he could finally see his wife again alive—

Gu Jue loves his daughter-in-law very much.

The fat sister who is willing to take him in, does not dislike his amnesia, and patiently teaches him many things.

The blue sister who guided him to study hard and encouraged him to stick to his dreams.

The daughter-in-law who is willing to marry him, bear children for him, and teach the two children to grow up.

The last one is the partner who will accompany him all his life and stay with him until he grows old.

Looking back on this life, Gu Jue has no regrets.

He has only one wish, that he hopes to live longer than his daughter-in-law, even if it is just one day.

He wanted to send his daughter-in-law away instead of leaving her sad after he left.

Gu Jue hopes that at the end of his life, he can achieve his wish.

Hope this life ends, and he can meet his daughter-in-law in the next life.

Gu Jue never believed in those god-given things, but at the end of his life, he began to look forward to the afterlife...

(end of this chapter)