After hearing the voice, not only Yao Yuan, but even Chen Si who was about to give his last punch was stunned.

This was the battle space between the two of them. Right now, there was a sound that could penetrate through, just how much energy was needed to do this?

Yao Yuan could feel that those words were directed at Chen Si. Of course, he did not know why he said those words.

However, everything that was happening now was within Yao Yuan's expectations.

Yao Yuan was very clear that his own Yin And Yang Power along with the original spirit energy could suppress Chen Si, and could even beat him. However, once Chen Si used the move that he had used that day, the situation would change drastically.

This was also the reason why Yao Yuan was able to find Miao Ling to accompany him, and even spent a large amount of effort to participate in the Qualifying Competition.

However, after entering, Yao Yuan realized that there was something special about the journey of the Mount Li. After all, most of the elements in a solo duel made it difficult for Miao Ling to take the risk just by herself.

However, the reason why Yao Yuan agreed so readily was because he had thought of something.

This was a place where Mount Li was the most powerful in the past, and now it was even more so a symbol of Cultivation Realm. And this kind of place must be the most sacred place.

If they could trick him into using his trump card, it was impossible for the people from the Mount Li to not know what was happening here. With their abilities, they would definitely be able to quickly arrive here and everything would be in their control by then.

Of course, what Yao Yuan was thinking about were all guesses, and there was no substantial basis for it. However, he could only bet on it now, and if he did not succeed, the one to blame would naturally be Yao Yuan. Only, he had a better grasp of the situation.

So when he heard this voice, Yao Yuan's heart began to secretly rejoice, and the gaze he used to look at Chen Si with was filled with pity and sorrow.

The latter didn't know what was going on, but when he saw Yao Yuan's gaze, he knew that something bad was about to happen.

Suddenly, before Chen Si could even react and make any plans to retaliate, a large hand descended from the skies and directly landed on Chen Si's head. Chen Si, who was extremely arrogant just a moment ago, who was even surrounded by the black aura around him, immediately became silent.

"He died just like that?"

Even Yao Yuan was extremely shocked.

"He's not dead, he's just in a temporary coma. Alright, Yao Yuan, quickly get out of here and continue on your own path. Leave this person to us, you don't have to worry about him anymore."

After he finished speaking, Chen Si's body disappeared along with a streak of white light, and only Yao Yuan stood there alone in the entire battle arena.

A door appeared in front of them, and Yao Yuan walked in on his own accord. When he reappeared, he was already in front of Miao Ling and the others.

Everyone looked at Yao Yuan in astonishment. Just now, two people had entered, and there was only one person who came out, what the outcome would be, there was no need to explain further. Yao Yuan also tactfully did not waste any more words, and directly brought Miao Ling and the others out.

The entire atmosphere of the Mount Li suddenly became tense. If it was said that this competition was just a challenge to them before, then there was nothing much to say. However, now that it was about their lives, everyone started to be cautious.

Everyone was silent as they watched Yao Yuan walk forward for a while, and only after reaching a certain distance did they follow him.

At this time, on the peak of the Mount Li Mountain.

Old Master Qi's face did not look good.

"Why would such a person sneak in here!"

Being scolded by the Old Master Qi, Da Shi didn't even dare to raise his head, as he was afraid that the moment he raised his head, he would be crazily and angrily scolded by the Old Master Qi.

"This is the shame of the Mount Li, the shame of the entire Cultivation Realm! I think I know now why Yao Yuan agreed to the challenge so decisively, maybe he already knew that this person had a huge problem, that's why he wanted us to find out! "

Old Master Qi was so angry that he walked back and forth, unable to sit down.

"If this kind of person can finally obtain the rewards from this session of Skills Competition, then what would be the use of our face!"

Standing below, Da Shi was also feeling extremely miserable. All this while, the rules of the Skills Competition had determined that the Mount Li could not be used to inspect every single participating Cultivator.

Da Shi knew who Chen Si was today, so he had nothing to say. After all, this had never happened before, if not for Yao Yuan accidentally exposing his spiritual nature, the outcome would be hard to say.

"Go, modify the next test. The requirement is that everyone must use their spiritual energy to pass the test. You absolutely cannot allow anything like this to happen!"

The Old Master Qi quickly said, commanding his men to remedy the situation in time.

After Da Shi left, Old Master Qi sat on the chair and looked at god knows where. He muttered to himself, "It has finally appeared."

Not long later, Old Master Qi immediately stood up, and said to his subordinates while trembling: "Contact the other elders for me, I have something to discuss!"

Everyone knew that once the Old Master Qi said these words, it meant that the matter was too serious for the Old Master Qi to make a decision by himself. With Old Master Qi's status, one could imagine just how serious the matter was.

Everyone began to move separately, not daring to be the slightest bit negligent.

Yao Yuan and the others who were inside the Mount Li, walked for a while, but they still couldn't resist wanting to ask what exactly happened. Thus, they hurriedly pulled Yao Yuan back.

"I knew you wouldn't be able to hold it back."

After staying together for such a long time, Yao Yuan was very clear about Miao Ling's personality, so after he came out, he had been waiting for Miao Ling to ask him about this matter.

Without holding back anything, Yao Yuan revealed all of his thoughts. Just as Miao Ling was sighing emotionally, Ling Xiangchen suddenly said this.

"It seems that the sky above Cultivation Realm is about to change."

With regards to Ling Xiangchen's sudden words, Yao Yuan was extremely curious. After all, changing the entire Cultivation Realm was still too difficult, and without certain evidence, he didn't dare to say it out loud. Hence, he hurriedly asked: "Brother Ling, why do you say that?"

"Ah Yuan, don't you know the true identity of the person you fought against just now?"

Yao Yuan only had a partial understanding of the situation. Although he had his doubts, he had no conclusive evidence so he could only look at him suspiciously.

"Is there anything special about it?"

"Devil Realm."

It was just two simple words, yet it seemed to have exploded in Yao Yuan's heart like thunder.