Chapter 604 We Failed

Chapter 604 We Failed

Day Sixty-Eight...


Abigail went to the mall to buy some clothes for Dave. He was going to be discharged tomorrow. Hanabi accompanied her to keep her safe. Hanabi's task was to guard Abigail and protect her at all times.

"Hanabi, let me buy you some clothes too. I've noticed that you didn't bring enough clothes."

Hanabi was now staying at Mr. Hiroshi's villa. She just moved in yesterday.

"No worries. I don't need so many clothes. I'm fine with five sets of clothes. I can wash them anytime. I'm a minimalist." Hanabi politely refused Abigail's offer.

"Just focus on buying your man's clothes," she added, giving her a teasing smile.

Abigail could only blush in front of her. Her heart fluttered just at the thought of Dave.

"I'm glad he is going to leave the hospital tomorrow. I asked my father if Dave could stay at our home in the meantime so that I could take care of him. Fortunately, my father agreed." Abigail smiled tenderly. She thought Mr. Hiroshi would disagree. But surprisingly, the old man supported her decision.

"Your father is spoiling you. He can't say no to his beloved daughter." Hanabi let out a soft giggle. Mr. Hiroshi was an iron-leader. But to his daughters, he was a loving and gentle father. His personality had changed so much. Hanabi found it very amusing.

Back in Country J, many people were scared of Mr. Hiroshi because of his iron-leader reputation. But here in Country M, his aura and vibe differed from the Godfather they knew.

The two ladies continued strolling around the department store when they bumped into someone. It was Alexander, the leader of the Red Dragon Mafia. Hanabi didn't recognize him. But Alexander was familiar with her. Hanabi was also famous in Country J as one of the great henchmen of the Sawada Clan.

Her name could also bring terror to her enemies. Tatsumi and Hanabi were the powerful duo of the Sawada Clan.

'So the godfather brought his powerful subordinates here in Country M just to guard his beloved daughter. His daughter is much more important than the operation of the Sawada Clan.' Alexander was a little bit surprised to know that Hanabi was in the country.

He just hoped he wouldn't blow his cover in front of this woman. Hanabi could be brutal to her enemies, including spies. She also had very observant eyes.

'I need to act naturally in front of her and pretend I don't know her. I should always be cautious around her.' Alexander reminded his own self. He could feel that Hanabi would be a hindrance to his mission of getting closer to Abigail. He couldn't pursue her if Hanabi would stick around Abigail 24/7.

"Alexander," Abigail called his name first. She greeted him with a smile. She felt indebted to this man. He was there when she needed a friend. She felt so down and devastated when she thought Dave betrayed her and cheated on her. And Alexander comforted her during those times.

"Miss Abi. I'm glad to see you here. Hanging out with your friend?" Alexander shifted her gaze from Abigail to Hanabi. He kept his smile, acting so friendly toward the two ladies.

Abigail bobbed her head. "Yes, she's my friend, Hanabi." She turned to Hanabi, introducing Alexander to her. "This is Alexander, the investor of my movie... and now my friend."

"Nice meeting you, Alexander," Hanabi casually greeted him, extending her right hand for a handshake.

Alexander gladly accepted it. He was surprised that this cold and indifferent woman was acting so friendly today. She was known in Country J as Miss Snob.

"We are shopping. What about you? What brought you here?" Abigail asked Alexander.

"Shopping as well," Alexander responded. In fact, he intentionally followed her. It's been so long since the last time he interacted with Abigail. He needed to make his presence available when it came to her. He needed to pursue her.

Meanwhile, Hanabi sized him up from top to bottom. From her observation, this guy seemed like a powerful figure as well. As expected for someone who was rich. Indeed, he was the sponsor and the producer of Abigail's new movie project.

"Do you mind if I invite you, ladies, for a coffee?" Alexander spoke, directly to the point. He wanted to grab this opportunity to spend time with Abigail.

Abigail and Hanabi exchanged glances with one another. Seeing the hesitation in their eyes, Alexander spoke again. "I won't take much of your time. I promise."

Being considerate of him, Abigail finally agreed to join him. Besides, she was done buying things for Dave.

"Good. I know a famous coffee shop here." Alexander immediately guided them to the location of the Coffee Shop.

A few minutes later, the three of them entered the coffee shop. Alexander let them choose as this was his treat. Abigail and Hanabi sat down together, facing Alexander. He didn't know how he would start a conversation. The presence of the third party was making him uncomfortable to talk.

In the end, Abigail was the one who kept talking about the movie project, entertaining both Alexander and Hanabi.

'Gosh, Alexander and Hanabi are persons of a few words. If I won't talk, our table will be as silent as hell.' Abigail tried her best to hold her laughter. She was secretly observing the two silent people at her table.

"Ahem. Ahem..." Abigail cleared her throat. "Why do I feel like I talked a lot today? I think this is the effect of Coffee Latte. Hmm. And Espresso can make someone quiet." She giggled, teasing both Alexander and Hanabi. Both of them ordered the same coffee.

But the two didn't laugh at her jokes. They just watched her with a clueless look in their eyes. Abigail could only sigh helplessly as she shook her head.

'I miss my sister,' Abigail sighed again. Her sister hadn't contacted them for the past few days. She wondered if she was just doing fine abroad. Abigail and others were still thinking that Jane was on her business trip abroad.

Her thoughts about Jane were interrupted when she received a call from her father, Mr. Hiroshi.

"Oh. It's my father. I'm going to answer this call for a moment. You two just stay here... and please talk to each other," Abigail said while giggling.

Alexander and Hanabi just glanced at her. And when they stared at each other, a hint of awkwardness surrounded them. They preferred to just drink their coffee silently.

Meanwhile, Abigail accepted the call. Mr. Hiroshi's voice resounded from the other line. "My daughter, where are you?"

"Mall, Dad. I'm drinking coffee with Hanabi and my friend, Alexander. Why, Dad?" Abigail asked him. She wondered why her father's tone seemed off. Was there something wrong?

"My daughter... You have to go back to the hospital now. Something happened to Dave..." There was a hint of urgency in Mr. Hiroshi's words.

Abigail's smile disappeared instantly and her face became pale when she heard that. Her heart pounded so hard against her chest. She was alarmed by this.

"W-What happened... to Dave, Dad?" Her voice trembled in fear. She had a bad feeling about this.

But instead of answering her question, Abigail heard Mr. Hiroshi's deep sigh. "I can't tell you on the phone, dear. You have to go to the hospital, as soon as possible."

Abigail didn't waste any more time. She dashed inside the coffee shop to inform Hanabi. Hanabi had the car keys because she was driving the car.

"Hanabi, we must leave now! We need to go to the hospital!" Abigail could no longer hide her fear. She was panicking.

Hanabi and Alexander stood up after seeing the worries and fears in Abigail's eyes.

"What happened?" Hanabi asked her, picking the car keys out of her pocket.

Abigail was on the verge of crying. Her eyes were now misty, tears threatening to fall from the corners of her eyes. "S-Something... happened... to Dave." she stuttered.

Alexander frowned at the mention of Dave's name. 'Did they reconcile already? Why is he in a hospital? I need to find out.'

"I'm coming with you," Alexander volunteered, without asking Abigail's permission. He just followed them as they stepped out of the coffee shop.

The two of them rushed to the hospital. Abigail kept praying for Dave's safety. Upon arriving at the entrance of the hospital, she quickly alighted from the car. She didn't wait for Hanabi and Alexander. She ran in the direction of the elevator. She needed to know what happened to Dave.

It did not take long before she reached Dave's ward. She pushed the door open and dashed inside. The doctor and the nurses turned to face her. There were solemn looks on their faces.

Abigail's heartbeat raced even faster when she saw Dave just lying on his sick bed with his eyes closed.

"What happened to him?" Abigail traced her steps towards Dave.

"We are sorry, Miss Scarlett... We failed to save him." After saying that, the doctor motioned for the nurses to leave the room for Abigail's sake.