Latest Release Novel

Apocalypse: Infinite Evolution Starts from Attribute Allocation 11-30 13:11
People Found Out About The Base I Built On the Moon 11-30 13:11
Crazy Wife: Mr. Lu, Fight Me if You Dare! 11-30 13:11
Shocking! She Returned with a Miniature Bigshot 11-30 13:11
Cultivating In Secret Beside A Demoness 11-30 13:11
Apocalypse: God-level Zombie Synthesis System 11-30 13:11
Dafeng's Night Squad 11-30 13:11
After Getting Divorced, Her Powerful Birth Family Welcomed Her Home! 11-30 13:11
I Stack Attributes in the Apocalypse 11-30 13:11
Becoming Invincible Starts With Marrying A Wife 11-30 13:11
A Stern Mistress from the Ancient Past Becomes the Cannon-Fodder in a Wealthy Family 11-30 13:11
Contracted The Beautiful Triplets And I Gained The 10000x Rebate System 11-30 13:11
Mythical Era: My Electric Eel Clone Can Evolve Infinitely 11-30 13:11
Dad, Please Try a Little Harder 11-30 13:11
Terminally Ill Female Lead Of An Angst Novel Went Rampant After Her Awakening 11-30 13:11
Life Simulation: Add Tags Starting with Wellness Technique 11-30 13:11
Adorable Wife at Home: Flash Marriage with Her Mysterious Husband 11-30 13:11
After Learning How to Read Minds, Mr. Huo Takes Me to Bed Every Night! 11-30 13:11
Sending the Groom to Jail on My Ex-Girlfriend's Wedding 11-30 13:11
Back to the Past: The Rise of the False Heiress Marrying the True Tycoon 11-30 13:11