Latest Release Novel

Master Qin's Real Young Lady Is Gorgeous And Flirty 11-29 13:11
The Peasant Wife Is a Lucky Charm 11-29 13:11
After I Transmigrated, the Male Lead Blames Me for Not Loving Him 11-29 13:11
Lucky Marriage: Bigshot's Pampered Wife 11-29 13:11
Bigshot Gives in to His Wife Again 11-29 13:11
The Female Supporting Character Outshines the Female Lead 11-29 13:11
Global Blessed Land: I Can Add Attributes On The Buildings 11-29 13:11
Videogame: I Can Turn Waste Into Treasure 11-29 13:11
Night of the Divorce! A Proud Lady Was Forced to Marry the Emperor's Uncle 11-29 13:11
After the Fake Young Lady Stole Everything from Me, I Became the World's Sweetheart 11-29 13:11
The Actress Queen's Rebirth: She's a Bigshot Loved by All Her Uncles! 11-29 13:11
Reincarnated! My Parents and Brothers Beg for My Forgiveness 11-29 13:11
Crying Brothers: The Little Sister We Hate Is Actually a Bigshot 11-29 13:11
Following a Hundred Years of Cultivation, I'm dying Before I Got Cheats 11-29 13:11
Pregnant with Twins: Poison Doctor Consort is Too Hard to Please 11-29 13:11
The Three-and-a-Half Years Old Baby is Pampered by Eight Uncles! 11-29 13:11
Mr. Ye's Wife is Sassy and Flirtatious 11-29 13:11
I Transmigrated Into A Divorce And Remarried A Hunter Husband 11-29 13:11
I Help A NPC Become The Legendary Witch 11-29 13:11
There Is A Huge Problem With My Achievement System 11-29 13:11