Latest Release Novel

After Retiring the Engagement, Master Si Chased His Wife To the Crematorium! (Turns Out, I'm from a Real Aristocratic Family!) 12-09 19:12
I Have Unparalleled Comprehension 12-09 19:12
I Hide And Farm In The World Of Cultivation To Increase My Proficiency 12-09 19:12
Do You Want to Marry Me? 12-09 19:12
Family Cultivation: I Can Store My Ability To Understand 12-09 19:12
People Found Out About The Base I Built On the Moon 12-09 19:12
Sending the Groom to Jail on My Ex-Girlfriend's Wedding 12-09 19:12
Adorable Wife at Home: Flash Marriage with Her Mysterious Husband 12-09 19:12
We Agreed to Brag Together, But You Secretly Dominated the World 12-09 19:12
Why Are You Crying? Because I Married Your Mom After You Broke up with Me? 12-09 19:12
Eternal Life Begins with Taking a Wife 12-09 19:12
Witch: Accumulate Experience Through The Knight Breathing Technique 12-09 19:12
My CEO Ex-husband Wants To Remarry Me 12-09 19:12
Cultivation: Start From Simplifying Martial Arts Techniques 12-09 19:12
Top-Class Insight: Start with Basic Fist Techniques 12-09 19:12
Lucky Marriage: Bigshot's Pampered Wife 12-09 19:12
Night of the Divorce! A Proud Lady Was Forced to Marry the Emperor's Uncle 12-09 19:12
Boss, Don't Act All Mighty, Miss Pei is Married to Your Brother! 12-09 19:12
After I Transmigrated, the Male Lead Blames Me for Not Loving Him 12-09 19:12
The Rise Of The Tamer Family 12-09 19:12