Chapter 785 Talk

Chyou collapsed back on her bed, exhausted. She put her arm over her eyes, wanting for some quietness but it evaded her. Her argument with Yin filled chaos in her heart yet again. She released a sigh.

Was I too insensitive?

'I don't want you lying to me and succumbing yourself to drugs every time you feel uncomfortable about something.'

No, that was definitely insensitive and hurtful. I shouldn't have said that.

She rolled on the bed and buried her face into her pillow.

But Yin also kept the truth from me. He had promised me that he was clean. I am also hurt...

She felt a soft hand on her hand and she looked up to see her mother warmly smiling at him. "Seems like my daughter had too much fun."

"I am exhausted...Wait, is that soup?"

"You should have some. You look really worn out."

"Mom is the best," she tiredly smiled.

Caihong sat beside her and placed the tray on her lap.

"Ummm delicious!" She chirped, taking a spoonful of it.

Caihong asked, "How was the dinner?"

She paused and her expression changed for a second. "It was good! We had lots of fun. Good food, music and dance haha. Yating has charmed everybody's hearts by now. But a strange thing happened, you know? He met a waiter from the club and suddenly, he didn't look so well. He became very pale and anxious."

"Oh. Maybe he knows him from somewhere."

"But then why would he look so tense like that?"

Caihong released the frowns from her forehead and smiled. "Why don't you ask him then? Maybe he would want to share his concern with you too."

"Hmmm," she nodded hard. "I will ask him for sure."

Her eyes slightly widened. "Of course, Mom. Don't worry about the fight. We will sort it out."

She smiled. "That's good then. If he gets the time, then ask him if he can come here sometime. We will be delighted to meet him."

"W-wait, isn't it too soon? I mean meeting the family..."

Caihong tapped on her forehead. "It's nothing serious, silly. We aren't giving your hand in marriage. Not like Xiaosi would allow it so soon anyway."

She laughed.

"But your father thinks that we should at least introduce ourselves. Us as your family and him as your boyfriend?"

She slightly gulped the soup a little faster. "That's a brilliant idea! I will definitely ask Yin about it."

"Good, good," she nodded and kissed her forehead. "Now finish the soup and go to sleep. And don't think about the fight or anything else, okay? You can only think of a solution with a calm mind."

"Aye, aye, sir!"

She facepalmed and sighed. "I don't know where you get this dramatic side from."

At a park the next day, Yin anxiously paced back and forth. He saw Chyou's message to meet her in the morning so that they could talk. The whole sentence unnerved him.

Is she...Is she coming here to say that she wants to break up with me?

Amidst his onslaught of negative thoughts, he caught Chyou's figure walking down the park's road. She removed her glasses and scarf and met his gaze. "Hey."

"Hi..." he said back, tensely fidgeting his hands against his pants pockets.

There was a pinch of an awkward silence between them after both of them said at once, "I want to..."

Chyou said, "Yes, go on."

"I am really sorry Chyou!" He looked down with a guilt-ridden gaze. "Please forgive me just this once. I-I really didn't mean to go back to drugs. It's just that sometimes...I just can't help it. I just didn't want to disappoint you...I really didn't mean to lie to you and hurt you."

He clasped his hands together in an awkward manner. "I apologize for...talking about Gu Yating like that too. I know you are good friends and I was just...high. I don't know what I was talking about. Please forgive me, Chyou," he pleaded with reddened eyes.