Chapter 575: Finale

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“Yueyue is going to give Xiaobao and Xiaobei younger siblings.” First Aunt walked forward with a smile.

Ning Yue was escorted into the living room by the Ning family. Xin Xin was much happier than everyone else. As a grandmother, she did not participate personally when Xiaobao and Xiaobei were born.

When she saw Xiaobao and Xiaobei, although she was happy, she was also regretful.

But it was different now. Ning Yue was pregnant again. As her biological grandmother, she could take good care of Ning Yue.

For the rest of the time, Ning Yue was taken care of like a national treasure.

Almost everyone in the Ning family put her first, including Xin Xin. Xin Xin wished she could give her the best things in the world to use.

On the contrary, Jiang Ying, her husband, seemed a little unattended.

He wanted to squeeze into the crowd and take care of Ning Yue himself, but he couldn’t.

As a result, for the past few days, apart from seeing Ning Yue at night, he could barely see her during the day.

As almost everyone surrounded Ning Yue during the day, there would always be someone in Ning Yue’s room.

Apart from at night...

“Yueyue, let’s go back to the fief.” Jiang Ying couldn’t take it anymore and said this to Ning Yue sadly one night.

Ning Yue looked at Jiang Ying in confusion. “Why are we suddenly going back to your fief?”

“I can’t even see you during the day. I’m going crazy,” Jiang Ying said.

This made Ning Yue even happier. Speaking of which, Jiang Ying was really cute.

“Alright, alright. It’s fine. We’ll go back a little later. Otherwise, I’m worried that the road will be bumpy and my body won’t be able to take it,” Ning Yue said.

Hearing Ning Yue’s words, Jiang Ying suddenly felt guilty.

“I’m sorry, Ning Yue. I didn’t think it through. I forgot,” Jiang Ying said guiltily.

“It’s fine, it’s fine. Jiang Ying, we can be together for a longer time in the future. You and I are the ones who will accompany each other for the rest of our lives. Why do you think you’ll go crazy if you don’t see me during the day? We still have a long way to go.”

Hearing Ning Yue’s comforting words, Jiang Ying felt much better, but he still felt a little guilty.

“I got it,” he said.

When it stabilized a little, she would return to the fief to give birth. This was what Ning Yue thought, but plans could not keep up with changes.

Ning Yue, who had wanted to go back, did not return because the second son of the eldest son of the Ning family had met the girl he wanted to spend the rest of his life with.

Then, under the witness of the parents of both parties, the two of them were engaged. The wedding was set for a month later. Ning Yue thought about it. After all, this was her cousin.

Moreover, this was her uncle’s son. Of course she had to stay.

This month, Ning Yue’s stomach had also become much bigger. Jiang Ying thought that the child in her stomach must be very big. This would make Ning Yue feel even worse when she gave birth! n0velusB.c0m

He actually began to dislike the children a little. If Ning Yue knew, she might scold him directly.

In the end, on the day the wedding ended, Ning Yue checked herself and realized...

“Jiang Ying!” She called Jiang Ying over and asked him, “Does your family have any genes of multiple births?”

“What?” Jiang Ying was a little confused. Why would Ning Yue suddenly ask this question?

“I’m pregnant with three this time!” you said.

Three? Jiang Ying’s eyes slowly widened. “Pregnant with three children? Do you mean you have three children in your stomach?” Jiang Ying almost couldn’t find his voice.

“Yes!” Ning Yue was a little worried.

But the arrival of children always made people happier. She would give birth to three children then.

Just like that, Ning Yue, who knew that she was pregnant with three children, continued to stay in the Ning family until the children were born.

On the day Ning Yue gave birth, the three children seemed to know their mother’s pain and were worried about her. They did not let Ning Yue suffer too much.

“Congratulations, Heir! The first one is a fat boy!” The midwife reported the good news.

“Why is it a son again...” Ning Yue muttered softly.

“Congratulations, Heir. The second one is a cute little girl.”

“The third is also a cute little girl!”

Hearing that the last two were daughters, Jiang Ying’s heart almost flew out. Ning Yue had given him two more cute daughters!

As his daughters’ slave, Jiang Ying directly ignored his first son. If Ning Yue knew, she would definitely scold him.

However, their family would definitely be happier in the future.

Ning Yue also planned to stay in Russia for a while after her confinement period to visit her uncle and Xiaobao.

She would bring the three babies over and let them take a look.

The happy days of the future were coming..