Gu Tong didn't expect him to be so direct. She didn't know what to say or where to turn her eyes.

"Little Tong —"

Seeing that Gu Tong wanted to run away, Si Yichen, who had gone through great difficulty to tell her about this, didn't want to miss this opportunity. He immediately called out Gu Tong's name and at the same time reached out his right hand, slowly lifting Gu Tong's chin.

Gu Tong felt her entire body begin to tremble uncontrollably.

Si Yichen instantly sensed the change in Gu Tong, so he halted his advance.

He pressed his forehead against Gu Tong's, and said affectionately: "Little Tong, after so many days of thinking, I finally understand one thing … From the moment I met you, my heart has been with you, and I can't take it back … "

As he said this and saw that Gu Tong didn't show any expression of disgust, Si Yichen finally mustered up his courage and said the most important sentence, "Now, are you willing to accept me, hand over your heart to me, and spend the rest of your life with me?"

He's confessing to me!

This fact instantly exploded in Gu Tong's mind. She felt as if she was in the clouds, floating in the air without any sense of reality.

She had always thought that her feelings for Si Yicheng were one-sided. She never thought that they would actually be a mutual love!

This... How did it suddenly turn out like this?

Although she was excited and excited, Gu Tong still hadn't forgotten about it. After all, it was a matter that would affect her life forever.

"You … Why did you suddenly... Say that to me? Didn't you always hate me? "

Gu Tong backed up a bit, stammering as she opened her mouth. She wanted to find out just how Si Yicheng's thoughts had suddenly changed.

"I never hated you." Si Yichen corrected Gu Tong.

"But …" "But when we met not long ago …" The ice-cold face of Si Yichen appeared in Gu Tong's mind.

"That's because you're too heartless." "I was passively taken away by someone else. I tried every means to contact you, but you ignored my letter and refused to give me any response for eight years."

As he said this, he thought about his eight years of thinking day and night. He felt depressed and couldn't calm down. He wished he could "teach" this heartless woman in front of him a lesson.

Hearing Si Yicheng accuse her in such a way, Gu Tong was also angered. She immediately tried to defend herself, "How do I know that you were taken away by someone else?" All I saw was a heartless and stinking man. I've stood up for him so many times, but not only did he hide his true identity from me, he was heartless as well, not to mention me. "

Gu Tong glanced at Si Yicheng with dissatisfaction, deliberately using the words that Si Yicheng had used on her.

"Someone says it's been eight years and he knows it's been eight years. How does he know how I've been eight years? How sad and sad I am, how angry! "

Gu Tong was excited. Without Si Yichen asking, she revealed her thoughts.

Originally, when he heard Gu Tong's words, he felt guilty and guilty. But as he heard the latter sentence, his eyes immediately lit up.

"Are you sad for me?"

Si Yichen stared at Gu Tong and asked with a face full of anticipation.

Gu Tong didn't want him to get too full of himself, so she intentionally turned her head and replied, "No, you heard wrong."

Si Yicheng opened his mouth, wanting to say something. But as the words left his mouth, an idea flashed through his mind. He suddenly stood up and let out a long sigh.

"Since you're not sad, then it's my wishful thinking. Then I'll disturb you, have a good rest!"

Under Gu Tong's puzzled gaze, Si Yichen suddenly said this in disappointment. Then, he turned around and left in a very lonely manner.

At this moment, Gu Tong reached out and grabbed his clothes without thinking.

"I am indeed sad. However, my feelings for you did not start at that time, but last time we had a relationship!"

Gu Tong closed her eyes and explained her thoughts in one breath.

When she finished speaking, her cheeks were so red that they could have been fried eggs.

However, at this moment, Si Yicheng's attention was no longer on Gu Tong's face, but Gu Tong's words.

He turned around and asked Gu Tong, "When did we get into a relationship?"

When Gu Tong heard this, she immediately pulled on the blanket and hid herself inside it.

"What happened to Rizumo? You're blocking the girl's way of reading and kissing? "

A few vague words came out from under the blanket.

Si Yicheng frowned for a long time before he finally understood the meaning behind Gu Tong's words, "Why are you like this? You want to ask this in front of a girl? "

Thinking of Gu Tong's bashful expression while hiding in the blanket, Si Yicheng smiled and shook his head. He then began to slowly pull at the blanket, pulling Gu Tong out from under it.

He really did it!

Si Yicheng pulled off a bit of the blanket to cover Gu Tong. In the end, he had no other choice but to grab onto Gu Tong's collar and pull her out.

"What are you doing?"

Gu Tong loudly questioned Si Yicheng. She wanted to gain the initiative and prevent him from talking about what had just happened.

As for Si Yichen, he reached out his hand to smooth out her messy hair before bringing up the matter of the past again, "Little Tong, I'm not teasing you. I just want to make sure when we had an affair. "How come I don't have any impression of him at all?"

Hearing this, Gu Tong decided to crawl into bed again.

However, this time, Si Yicheng directly went forward and embraced her and the blanket, preventing her from moving.

"Little Tong —"

Si Yichen gently called out to Gu Tong, his eyes filled with sincerity and sincerity.

Gu Tong's eyes shined as she looked at him. She was sure that he was serious and wasn't making fun of her. She then stared at his red face and said quickly, "I have a fever. Take care of me for the whole night."

That time?

Si Yichen immediately recalled the scene at that time and finally understood why Gu Tong had said such a thing.

Thinking about how such a beautiful misunderstanding had occurred between the two of them, causing Gu Tong to have feelings for him, the corner of Si Yicheng's mouth curled up as he smiled sweetly.

"You even said that you won't make fun of me …"

Gu Tong instantly exploded, ready to vent her anger on Si Yicheng.

However, before she could finish her words, Si Yichen had already covered her mouth.

Si Yichen used his lips to rub Gu Tong's lips, preparing to fake the truth …