As soon as Gu Tong explained, Si Yichen, who was standing not too far away from the bed, quickly walked towards her.

"I'm sorry!"

When Gu Tong saw him approaching, she quickly reached out her hand to stop him. She was about to continue speaking against her will, but then she suddenly heard him whisper those two words to her.

He actually apologized to me?

Why did he apologize to me?

These words of Si Yicheng made Gu Tong think even more. She instantly forgot what she wanted to do. She raised her hands and sat there stupidly, constantly trying to figure out the meaning behind those words.

Seeing Gu Tong in such a state, Si Yichen immediately took her by surprise and hugged her tightly in his arms.

As she felt the warmth of Si Yichen's embrace and heard his powerful heartbeat, Gu Tong immediately came to her senses and began to frantically struggle.

She wanted to withdraw from his embrace. She didn't want to be too intimate with him without knowing the truth of the matter.

Gu Tong felt that right now, she could no longer control her heart. She was worried that if she got too close with Si Yicheng, it would be even more difficult to control herself. She put all her sadness aside and threw herself at him, disregarding her own safety.

"Let me go! I don't want to hear your voice, so I don't need your fake apology! "

While rejecting the offer, Gu Tong continued to yell, and her expression was filled with anger. However, the grief on her face was more than just anger.

"No!" In this lifetime, I will never let you go! "

Si Yichen arrogantly expressed his thoughts while secretly increasing the strength in his hands.

Gu Tong struggled a few more times before finally calming down after she was completely out of strength.

However, her body was well-behaved, and her mouth still hadn't completely settled down. She still kept whispering nonstop, "Let go of me …" "Let me go …" Even at the end, there was a hint of a sobbing tone.

Si Yichen's heart ached at those words, but he did not let go of her.

He knew that what Gu Tong really needed was not for him to let go of her, but for him to be late.

Thinking about how he had been back for so long and hadn't even taken the initiative to explain this to Gu Tong, Si Yicheng felt very vexed.

Therefore, in order to prevent himself from feeling vexed and Gu Tong from feeling sad, he made up his mind and tightly hugged Gu Tong as he explained, "Little Tong, listen carefully. From now on, every word I say is from the bottom of my heart.

Since he was young, Si Yichen had experienced countless important occasions. However, he had never felt so nervous at that moment, lest he misspoke a single word!

"I didn't intentionally hide my identity from you, but before my mother died, I didn't even know who my biological father was! I've asked many times, but my mom never says a word. "

As he spoke of his mother's early death, within his ice-cold eyes, besides a few traces of self-blame, there was also a deep sense of sadness.

"When the Si Family suddenly appeared in front of me, I was stunned!"

"They didn't give me any time to prepare. They just revealed their identity, confirmed the relationship between them and me, and immediately arranged for me to go abroad."

As he spoke of the Si Family's methods, Si Yicheng's eyes exuded an intense revulsion.

"I didn't even have time to react before they arranged for me to board the plane. At that time, I really wanted to say goodbye to you personally. I really wanted to say goodbye to you, but … "But they didn't even give me a chance. No matter what I say, they just ignored me …"

Si Yicheng secretly clenched his right hand, revealing a surge of anger.

As for Gu Tong, he didn't know when she had stopped talking, but she had already stopped listening to his story.

Although Gu Tong couldn't see his face at the moment, she could feel his heart through his tone.

After struggling in pain for a while, Gu Tong couldn't help but pat his back to comfort him.

Feeling Gu Tong's small action, Si Yichen revealed a faint smile. His expression immediately relaxed.

"Later on, I had no other choice but to surrender helplessly. I planned to contact you after I settle down …"

"I didn't expect that I would completely lose your information after that! No matter how many letters I send home, they all sink to the bottom of the sea and don't even respond with a single word. "

As he spoke to here, Si Yichen's voice was somewhat shaky. The force of his embrace with Gu Tong had increased by a bit.

Gu Tong's arm was in pain, but she only frowned and didn't say anything as she continued to listen quietly.

Although Gu Tong didn't need his explanation at the beginning, her expression changed as he explained.

The initial resistance and sadness gradually disappeared, and replacing it was heartache and emotion …

"I've wanted to come back to find you countless times, but I've been stopped by a few things every time." Si Yicheng's words were filled with helplessness.

"Then right now, you …"

Gu Tongan couldn't help asking.

Hearing that Gu Tong no longer doubted him and was even interested in what he had said, Si Yicheng immediately stood up in excitement and stared into her eyes without blinking.

Feeling somewhat embarrassed by his gaze, Gu Tong slowly lowered her eyes.

When Si Yichen saw her like this, he revealed a happy smile and once again embraced her. It was just that this time, his movements were a bit gentler and his position was a bit closer to his heart.

After hugging Gu Tong once more, Si Yichen gently caressed her back as he leisurely said, "In order to not let myself be forever in that state, I have to constantly study and struggle, so that I can become even more powerful …"

"Finally, not long ago, no one could stop me from coming back!"

As he finished speaking, Si Yichen let out a long sigh, as if he had put down a heavy burden.

"Since... If it's so hard, why must you come back? "You've lived abroad for so many years. You should have your own circle of people and your own power. Wouldn't you have to start all over again after you get back?"

Although there were some things that Si Yicheng had already made clear, there were some things that Gu Tong wanted to ask, and she still wanted to get a clear answer.

After hearing Gu Tong's question, Si Yichen knew what she was asking. He then helped her up once more and looked her straight in the eye.

As they looked at each other, some sort of emotion flowed in their eyes, causing the temperature in the room to rise.

"Because my heart is here."

Si Yichen's burning gaze was fixed onto Gu Tong as he spoke, full of boundless tenderness. At this moment, the emotions that had been suppressed in his heart for a long time were clearly revealed in a pair of bright eyes.