Sister, your filter was a bit heavy.

This bragged her to the sky.

Yao Bianliang typed a few words, wanting to say something, but finally deleted it.

She wanted to tell them that she was just an ordinary person who liked money and lazying around. But she couldn't tell the existence of the system, even if she told them everything, no one would believe it.

This was simply an unsolvable problem.

After thinking about it, Yao Bianliang finally decided to speak with facts.

[I also want to be cold today: I have met Yao Bianliang before, she is definitely not the person you said.]

[Xiao He 8331: Heh, I also met Yao Bianliang, she is definitely such a person.]

Yao Bianliang was silent.

Who the hell was this wealthy sister, who actually met her?

But the other party replied too quickly, and she couldn't tell for a while whether this person said this just to argue with her, or whether it was true.

However, the local tyrant didn't give her much time to react and continued to send messages.

[Xiao He 8331: You are the legendary sunspot. @I also want to be cold today]

sunspot was a black fan who pretend to be a fan of celebrities but spread rumors everywhere.

They wear nicknames such as "xx fans" on their heads, and then post some weird remarks on various social platforms and group chats, which arouses the disgust of netizens, so as to achieve the purpose of these celebrities being hated.

As soon as the local tyrant fans said this, and then recalled Yao Bianliang's series of actions just now, the fans in the group finally fully understood.

[Yuanyuan: Sisters, I just checked, this person is a new account who just registered today! Sure enough, there is a problem.]

[Little bee: It is definitely a black fan. From the moment she joined the group, she pretended to be fair on the surface, but she was actually saying bad things.]

[e: You deliberately tried to smear our fans, what do you mean?]

[Hei Di: We raised funds to vote for Liangliang, it’s fine if she doesn’t help, she’s still trying to dissuade her. Isn't this just looking forward to Liangliang being eliminated?]

[Secret listening: It's really deliberate, okay?]

At this moment, the fans in the group reached a consensus. They all had a clear positioning for Yao Bianliang——

A black fan, definitely a black fan!

Yao Bianliang's hand trembled, and almost lost her grip on the phone.

Just now they said she was a fake fan. In just a few moments, she was directly defined as a black fan.

[I also want to be cold today: Sisters, you really misunderstood]

Yao Bianliang tried to struggle again, but her chats were not fast enough. Because the typing speed couldn't keep up, the others in the group had already started swiping the screen.

[007: So group leader, how did this person get in?]

[Zero distance: What is the group owner doing in a daze? kick this person out.]

[Feng Bin: The sunspots these days are really disgusting.]

[Huahua: Don't just kick her out of the group, but also remember to blacklist her! In the future, she will never get a chance to join Liangliang's fan group.]

There was a lot of enthusiasm in the fan group, and everyone hated this guy called "I want to be cold today".

Yao Bianliang felt a blur in front of her eyes, and then, a pop-up window appeared on the screen.

[You have been removed from the Yao Bianliang fan group by @Xiaoyu Doesn't Eat Fish]

[You have been blacklisted by @Xiaoyu Doesn't eat fish]

Yao Bianliang: "..."