You are My Movie Star

Romance Author:Chen Zhiyi 陈知意


Status:Completed UpdateTime:2020-08-02 19:08
You are My Movie StarSalty Fish Shen Qinghe was pregnant ,Ji Yunshu the business mogul who claimed to be the father of the baby, came to visit them. Shen Qing He: Don't worry, I can take care of it myself, I won't trouble you. Ji Yunshu asked, "What if I want to be troubled by you?" After Shen Qing He had gotten on duty with his identity card, he had always thought that it was all due to luck. Unexpectedly, the elder shot her a look of disgust: "Do you think that anyone can catch my attention?" When did it actually start? Shen Qing and the others couldn't figure it out, but after receiving the guidance of their boss, it turned out that everything was already predestined … more>>

《You are My Movie Star》The Newest Chapter