Chapter 800 Cap 798: Troubled Evolution Part 3

Name:Will Of Chaos Author:Pendragon_DNT
Pov Nix:

When the master's energy began to leak out of his body and it began to glow with a red light, he knew that the process of evolution had begun.

"You two get away from him and be prepared, we don't know what could happen." (I)

"Worried..." (Hinata)

"We're all worried, that's why we're here." (Sakura)

"I'm not worried, I'm just waiting." (Layla)

"You're not thinking about that stupid plan, are you?" (I)

"The plan is great, it will work out great!" (Layla)

"He'll get pissed if you don't tell him first." (I)

"But I warned him, I spoke in his ear while he was sleeping, as he didn't deny it, so it means he accepted." (Layla)

"What are you two talking about?" (Ragnar)

"That idiot wants to use the energy that the master releases during evolution to..." (I)

"Prepare yourselves!" (Orion)

With Orion's warning, everyone managed to get into position to resist the wave of Aura coming out of his body, as he is doing this unconsciously his power is at its maximum.

As we are his Familiars, we managed to resist the effects of his Aura very well, but I must say that it is at a level of power that I did not expect.

"Back off, it's not over yet." (Orion)

Soon waves of Aura came out of the master's body every few seconds, his body also began to attract the Power of Nature from this entire floor, it was as if he was breathing in the energy of Nature and exhaling his Aura that spread to the surroundings.

As a Spirit I noticed something else in the master's Aura, I could feel more of his Soul's presence in the Aura, but I didn't understand the reason.

"Time to start!" (Layla)

While everyone's attention was focused on the master, Layla began to absorb the master's energy and Aura while serving as an intermediary leading all of this to the Cradle of Fairies.

"Damn it!" (I)

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I had to start doing the same, our two Cradles are next to each other in harmony, but if I don't do the same as her now, then that harmony will be broken and I don't know what will happen to the Dungeon in the middle of this.

I did the same as her absorbing the master's power and Aura while leading it all to my Cradle of Spirits.


Pov Athena:

I was on top of the Temple of Blood inside the Dungeon next to my mother looking at the mansion in the distance.

"What is it? It can't just be evolution." (I)

"You should have known this would happen, so we came to a World Tree." (Vanessa)

As we spoke, my senses were able to perceive the increasingly strong Aura spreading from the mansion, moreover, I could feel a presence in a state of change with each wave of new Aura that appeared.

After more than 1 hour I felt for the first time a spark of Holy power and I looked at my mother.

"Finally, this took longer than I expected." (Vanessa)

"..." (I)

"I understand your doubt, but wait a little longer, it's not over yet." (Vanessa)

She smiles as if she was just getting started, then I realized something else, I felt an energy similar to something I know from the time of still being in the headquarters of the Church of Light alive from inside the Temple of Blood where I am on the roof.

"What is it?" (I)

"I had a reason to convince my Father to put this pool of blood here, and that was knowing that this blood would react to your next evolution or in some evolution in the future." (Vanessa)



I was going to ask my mother something, but before I could do that, I heard a cracking noise, but I wasn't hearing it with my ears, I was feeling it with my Aura and then a Roar came from pure release surged inside my head seeming to propagate using Zenos's Aura waves.

Next to that Roar, it was as if I could see the shadow of something colossal, a majestic creature hidden by shadows and surrounded by blood, it only lasted for about 3 or 5 seconds before returning to reality.

But in the meantime, a hurricane erupted and Aura swept across the city as a column of multicolored light surrounded the entire mansion.

"It's starting." (Vanessa)

"But what..." (I)

Soon I realized that the energy hurricane just passed through the city, but when it arrived here it was circling from the Temple of Blood like a tornado, streams of multicolored light came out of the tornado and were pulled here where they entered inside the temple along with the energy tornado.

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I could feel the Holy power growing in that light.

"Finally the time has come, I was afraid I would have to wait longer." (Vanessa)

This is a feeling I felt in the most sacred places of the Church of Light in the past, this feeling is similar, but at the same time different.

"What's going on, Mom?" (I)

"Consecration, my Father is consecrating his territory as a holy land, much like what we did in the land of the dead in the Dark Continent." (Vanessa)

"But weren't we the ones..." (I)

"I know, but it's easier here, this whole Dungeon already belongs to him, his connection with this territory already exists, that's all that was missing, Holy power." (Vanessa)

"Not holy power from a God whose blessing it is, but holy power that belongs to him alone." (Vanessa)

"He's becoming a Demigod?" (Athena)

"No, at least not yet, but this is the first step of a journey, as the son of a Goddess he always had the potential to have Holy power, but he was never able to use it until now for a single reason." (Vanessa)

"Now the final step has been taken." (Vanessa)


Pov Dark Elf King Heston:

I was sleeping comfortably in my hammock after a long day getting my work in order, but then I feel Nature Energy stir and a tyrannical presence arise with a Roar being transmitted by a wave of Aura.

"..." (I)

I teleport to the top where I float while spreading my presence around.

"Calm down, is everything okay?" (Hest)

"What was that now?" (I)

"I thought a muscle head like you wouldn't notice, looks like I got it right." (Hest)

"Don't you recognize that presence? It might be stronger, but you should be able to know." (Hest)

I look in a certain direction where a pillar of multicolored light appears near the World Tree, this hill of light and energy does not go far, I feel the World Tree suppressing this pillar of light and presence in one area, then I remember who was there.

"I had my doubts about his request, but I think I understand the commotion he spoke about." (I)