Prologue 4: I Ask for Your Attention

Authors: Kappa Alliance/Midori Yuma


Translated by Gumihou 

Makiko here.

As someone reborn with our past life memories intact, we had never been really surprised by anything in this [1] mundane world. After all, what could be surprising about a world that lacks magic?

I have never felt so out of depth after arriving in this comfortable world.

“A Past Life Confession Club? How pitiful sounding…”

As soon as Kano-sensei entered the art room, he begin to snicker at us.

He truly is a crazy person. Who was to be blamed for these bitter memories?

“The person with the most sins to confess would be you, don’t you think?”

“Me? I merely exterminate the root of evil that tormented the people in that world.”

I want to hit his smiling face.

Someone bring me a nail covered bat.

It might be fine for a student and teacher [1] with a close relationship to banter about like this. However, there was never such a relationship between us.

“Do you know, Crimson Witch of the West, what happened to the world after the battle between you and me?”

“…surely you’re the one who should know best?”

The bell for the first period sounded.

We’re totally cutting class now. The teacher would definitely be angry with us.

Or, should I say, are you as a teacher alright with cutting class?

“Aren’t you guys former Demon Kings? Don’t tell me you’re scared of a mere school bell.”

“Who’s scared?”

“Well, we are now students of this school…”

Tooru’s answer was short due to his bad mood from some time ago.

Yuri still managed to maintain a polite façade with this so-called teacher.

“The reason why we started a Past Life Confession Club was to properly think about the past life and reflect on our actions. After all, we are at fault for many things…”

“That’s right,”

The three of us were in unison on this.

“You wanted to know what happened to Maydea? Well, let me show you something interesting,”

The teacher appeared to be very pleased with our dubious reaction. He pulled out a map from his suit pocket and spread it out.

On it, were four continents spread out like a four-leaf clover.

There was no doubt that it was the general terrain of Maydea, but there were certain differences.

“Crimson Witch of the West, the West Continent where you have pulled me to death with you had transformed into a barren land where malicious miasma particles still remained after 2,000 years. You have committed a great sin. Survivors of the West were forced to flee to other continents as refugees. Moreover, since the Western Continent was the breadbasket of the world with its mild climate, the loss of it greatly damaged Maydea. Well, what do you think happened after that?”


I was getting rather impatient.

There were many things to ponder upon, but let’s start with the first one.

“You’re saying that 2,000 years have passed in that world?”

For me, I have only felt the passing of 16 years.

It was the same for Tooru and Yuri.

“By the way, our battle was is basically a legend now. A great battle between the Three Demon Kings and a Great Hero. Sadly, matters of war remain unresolved. Maydea suffered from repeated invasions and skirmishes over land ownership, causing severe food shortages. It looks like life was simpler when you were around. In short, your very existence was a deterrent against human warfare. Well, probably.”

“… …”

What the hell is this guy talking about?

I frowned, this was all irrelevant to us who have reincarnated out of that world. Wait, that aside, how did he get his hands on all this information?

“I have plenty of questions, but first, how did you get that information?”

Straightforward Tooru immediately asked.

“I know a way to get to that other world, Maydea,”

A simple answer for a question we could not even begin to wonder about.

Moreover, it was so unexpected that all three of us were stunned.

“In the first place, whenever you guys required a Hero to fight for you, he would be a youth summoned from this world. You should know this fact, Sage.”

“Haah… well, that’s because there were legends about how Legendary Heroes were young boys summoned from another world. That is why you were made into a hero.”

“Yes, that’s right. Why do you think such a legend exists in the first place? What good is it to summon someone from another world?”

“… …”

I really have no idea.

Though I was a Great Demon King, this was my first time experiencing reincarnation or something like being summoned from another world.

The three of us exchanged looks.

“That’s because crossing the borders between this world and the world of magic is the only way to drastically increase the MP of a person.”

Kano-sensei said as he put away the map into his suit pocket and reached into another. [2]

“Do you know? Your real battle is about to begin.”

[2] A silver gun pointed at our faces.

W-wait, this, what kind of dead-end flag is this?!

Isn’t this too nasty an end for us who have only lived in this world for 16 years? To force us to end our lives in such a terrible way?

Three gunshots rang out and we were once more murdered by this man.

[Gumihou: … we haven’t even started chapter 1 yet, but we’ve already escalated to this point…]

[1] Filling in the ‘Unspoken’. Often, when it comes to Japanese novels, the translation might be a bit lacking since the author deliberately chooses to use fewer words and let the reader fill in the blanks through a preset cultural understanding.

[2] Rearranged some sentences to increase the drama.