Chapter 591 - Shocking the Seven Islands (5)

Chapter 591: Shocking the Seven Islands (5)

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As Shi Yu stepped into the battle area, Susu, who had turned into a form invisible to the naked eye, had already approached the enemy’s brain from the enemy’s ear!

At the same time, the moment Shi Yu stepped into the battle area, he directly activated all his power through the power of time and directly erupted with the full power of the Heavenly Frost Cold Energy and Blizzard through Giant Transformation!!


They were originally very close. In addition to the time freeze effect brought by the Heavenly Frost Cold Energy, the moment Susu displayed its strength, the Heavenly Cloud Tiger couldn’t react at all.

At this moment, under everyone’s gazes, just as Shi Yu stepped into the battle area, the pupils of the Heavenly Cloud Tiger constricted, and its expression changed drastically!

Then, its entire body instantly froze and frost appeared. Then, an incomparably terrifying cold aura erupted from its body!!


Time Fruit+Giant Transformation+Blizzard+Heavenly Frost Cold Energy…

Ice Age!!

Under everyone’s incomprehension and stunned gazes, Shi Yu had just entered the battle area when the Heavenly Cloud Tiger did not react at all. In an instant, the situation changed.

The environment of heaven and earth changed directly.

A violent snowstorm suddenly blew on the entire Crown Rainbow Mountain, turning into a snow mountain. The sky instantly darkened. As the wind and snow howled, it was as if the end of the world had arrived and an ice age had descended. At this moment, the overlord of the Crown Rainbow Mountain, the Heavenly Cloud Tiger, had already become a frozen overlord like the previous guardian!!

Its gaze was filled with shock!

“Damn it!!” Somewhere on the Sky Ship, the gem cat was furious. As expected, it still used this sinister move. Moreover, it didn’t expect Shi Yu and the others to have actually used it as an experiment without informing it. Therefore, it either was too slow to sense it or realize it at all, so it gave Shi Yu and the others confidence??

Damn it, damn it, this matter wouldn’t end until 100 million gem fruits!

These guys were playing tactics, their hearts were dirty!

Ah, it was time to develop a premonition skill! The cat was angry and planned to go back to Dong Huang to ask the owl.

It was mainly because the cat on the mountain was too miserable…

In the eyes of the cat, everything in front of it could be traced, but in the eyes of those who didn’t know, everything in front of them was really as ridiculous as the end of the world.

Beast Tamer of Dong Huang, Lu Bai.

After stepping into the battle area.

A gaze.

The world was frozen.

Even a powerful overlord.

It was also insta-killed!

Without any warning, an overlord that was considered high-end battle power in a country was sealed in ice!


The Beast Tamers of the seven islands roared in unison.

This time, the Seven Islands Legend, Demon Blade, and the others, who had recovered, along with the Tyrannical Sea Legend and the other Beast Tamers of Dong Huang, seemed to have lost their minds. They looked at everything in front of them in disbelief, and their hearts were shocked to the extreme. It was very difficult to understand as they looked at the white-haired youth covering his mouth and coughing dryly in the snow.

“This…” Jiang Tianyang, the fourth-ranker of Dong Huang, was very shocked. He didn’t understand at all. He widened his big eyes that were like light bulbs. Even for him, it wasn’t easy to deal with this Heavenly Cloud Tiger. He probably needed to use his Beast Taming Talent, but in front of him, in front of him… What exactly was going on!! Who could tell him!!

Ji Feng, Zheng Hai, and the others had originally acknowledged this “Lu Bai”‘s strength highly. They felt that this person’s strength was no longer inferior to theirs, but as this scene appeared, their expressions almost changed. Especially Ji Feng, he thought of how much effort he had spent to kill an overlord. He thought of how nervous and nervous he was at that time!!

And now, this person, this Lu Bai, was actually fighting head-on. He actually froze an overlord under countless eyes… before anyone could react?!

Was this a sneak attack… or a head-on battle?

“This guy…”

At this moment, they felt that this guy might be even more terrifying than that Shi Yu!

“Is it over…” Standing at the top of the Crown Rainbow Mountain Range, Shi Yu stretched out his hand. The already exhausted Susu gradually condensed into a frost snowball and collapsed in Shi Yu’s hand like an ice cream.

This scene shocked the Beast Tamers on the sky ship. When…

Just like the Heavenly Cloud Tiger, they didn’t discover the extremely small Susu the whole time!

“In this case, we’ve passed the tenth level, right?” Shi Yu’s weak voice was extremely penetrative even in the snowstorm. Amidst the weak looking frame, he was strong. He looked at the Heavenly Cloud Tiger and then in the direction of the Sky Ship. His voice was like the whisper of a great demon king, echoing in the ears of every Beast Tamer and legend on the seven islands.

Their expressions changed drastically. They couldn’t understand why such a Beast Tamer existed. Who exactly was this Lu Bai!

What exactly was going on with that ice elemental pet? What exactly happened just now!!!


Seven Islands Region, Red God Island, Star Sea Island, Water Lake Island…

Soon, the rulers of every island association.

Soon, every legendary Beast Tamer of the seven islands received unbelievable news from the champion path of the Heavenly Rainbow Island.

Even the titled legend, who stood at the top of the seven islands like the legend of the Warring States, received the news. Apart from the Seven Islands Valkyrie who had been in seclusion for decades and basically didn’t govern, at this moment, every higher-up of the seven islands instantly obtained the information on the path of champions.

They opened their mouths wide in unison, feeling that this news was a little fake, very fake!!!

The younger generation of the Dong Huang exchange team challenged the path to the champion of the seven islands. A Beast Tamer of Dong Huang named Lu Bai commanded a mysterious ice pet to sweep through the ten levels, instantly killing the strongest master of the new generation of the seven islands, instantly killing the number one person below the legendary level of the seven islands… Instantly killing… The overlord of the Crown Rainbow Mountain Range, the overlord-level Heavenly Cloud Tiger!! How was this possible!

This unbelievable and ridiculous news instantly spread like a tornado to the upper echelons of the seven islands, making it difficult for them to understand.

On Heavenly Rainbow Island, wasn’t the legend of the Warring States using the Path of Champions to receive the Dong Huang exchange team?

So now, what happened!!!

On this day, the seven islands trembled. Every new Beast Tamer of the seven islands and every legendary Beast Tamer of the seven islands instantly remembered Lu Bai’s famous name! This was the second super genius of Dong Huang that they remembered during this period of time. The previous one was called Shi Yu…

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