CH 9.3

Name:Undesirable Marriage Author:
So, he had learned to laugh and be kind to her in order to please and impress her one day, and he had even bowed down before those old hospital heads to protect her from criticism, and she had thought he had changed because of Zhu Xiang Lin and was inexplicably jealous?

Mo Chuan Ya was confused and once again felt completely foolish. Only this time, she was foolish not to understand her husband’s sincerity. And so she smiled softly at the thought.

“You’re not angry anymore?” he asked in a low voice, as if a little wary.

Poor thing, he must find her whimsical temper difficult to deal with these days, right? Mo Chuan Ya sighed sweetly and glanced at her husband with a tender look. “I’m not mad, just keep driving.”

“Alright.” He settled down, pressed the accelerator and kept driving steadily onward.


She lowered the window and tried to enjoy the comfort of the breeze, but as soon as the wind blew, her head began to ache and she quickly closed the window.

“What’s the matter?” He asked worryingly.

“It’s nothing, I’m afraid the wind will mess up my hair.” She smiled and made excuses, quietly propping up her aching forehead.

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It was for her again! Mo Chuan Ya’s cheeks were hot with embarrassment and she suddenly felt so narrow-minded for being jealous at every little thing. But they had been apart for five years and she was always confused about whether he loved her or not, so she really couldn’t be all comprehending.


“Why don’t you say something?” He sounded anxious.

Oh, she was so bad, hanging his heart like that.

Mo Chuan Ya bit her lip quietly. “Nothing, just listen to the music.”

They listened to the music quietly for a while. He said he would take her to the seaside. Just as he was about to get on the highway interchange, a series of ringing bells went off.

It was Dai Xingren’s mobile. He had put it in his coat’s pocket and asked Mo Chuan Ya to help him get it. She accidentally dropped his wallet when she tried to pull out the phone. When she picked it up, she caught a glimpse of a picture he had embedded in a transparent case, which looked like the foetal ultrasound image of their baby she had given him five years ago.

He noticed her seeing it and panicked for a moment. He intuitively tried to grab the wallet back, but she insisted on not giving it to him. “This… wouldn’t happen to be our baby, would it?”

He flinched, and then nodded in silence.

“So you’ve been keeping it all this time?”


She gazed at his sad brow and saw remorse deep in his eyes, and her heart tightened uncontrollably. She hadn’t been the only one mourning the loss of their baby, he had also been unable to let it go after all these years. No wonder he had said that as long as she could get pregnant again, he would let her give birth to the baby safely no matter what. He must have also felt sorry in his heart too, right?

As she thought of this, Mo Chuan Ya’s heart relaxed and her eyes grew moist.

The man whom she loved! Throughout all these years, he had been thinking of her, the child they had lost and had actually suffered too, hadn’t he? Furthermore, he had been under the mistaken impression that his wife would not forgive him.


In fact, it was not that she hadn’t forgiven him. It was just that…

The ringing continued, interrupting Mo Chuan Ya’s confused thoughts. She sighed softly. “You should answer the phone first.”

He nodded, took the phone and pressed the speaker button. “This is Dai Xingren, who is this?”

“Dr. Dai, this is the emergency room.” A rushed female voice came through. “A child with congenital heart disease has just been transferred to our hospital. Due to the complexity of his symptoms and young age, the original hospital refused to operate on him. He is in a critical condition now and his mother wants us to operate on him immediately.”

Really? You want to have him go back and go through an operation right now? How could he cancel a date with his wife after having finally managed to get her to agree with it? Dai frowned. “Are there no other doctors available?”

“Vice-president Xiong has said that the child’s heart is very delicate and the operation field is very narrow. Therefore, Dr. Dai, who has the best skills, would be the choice for performing the operation.”

“But…” He was still hesitant.

Instead, his wife raised her voice. “Go!”

He was stunned and looked back at her. She was smiling in complete understanding up to her eyes.

“The patient needs you, so you can’t afford not to go. If you don’t go, you won’t be the Dai Xingren I know.”

She whispered softly.

He was horrified by her words, and, with resolute determination, turned the wheel and drifted wildly in the direction of the hospital.


Twenty minutes later, the two of them were back at the hospital. The patient was already under anaesthesia and waiting for him to operate, so he hurriedly changed into his scrubs.

“I’m sorry, I’ll call you as soon as I’m done,” He apologised to his wife, brushed his hands against her cheek and was about to step into the operating theatre when he heard a muffled thud behind him.

He turned around in shock to see his wife on the floor. Her face was pale and her forehead drenched in cold sweat. “Chuan Ya, what happened to you?!”

“I’m… fine.” Mo Chuan Ya said as she propped up her weak upper body and smiled faintly at him. “It’s just a dizzy spell, so hurry inside and leave me be.” 

How could he ignore her? How could he leave her alone? Dai Xingren hesitated. 

The patient’s mother was on her knees, anxiously praying for her son and when she saw him, she rushed up and pleaded bitterly.

“Dr. Dai, you are Dr. Dai, right? Please help my son! Please go inside, please, he’s dying, please…”

“Go, go!”

Urged by his wife and the patient’s family, Dai Xingren stepped into the operating room. Facing the little boy lying on the operating table, whose life was in danger, his heartbeat was disorderly, and all he could think about was his weak and uncomfortable wife on the other side of the door.

What had happened to her? Had she had some heart complication? Although she has had surgery before, it did not mean that she would never suffer from it again, and there was always a possibility of recurrence.

How was she? Was it serious? What if no one helped her? What if other doctors were not good enough to save her?

No, he had to go and save her! He couldn’t leave her behind, he couldn’t do that…


“Dr. Dai, there’s bleeding!” The nurse’s horrified voice snapped him out of his daze.

He snapped back to his senses and realised that the patient’s blood had sprayed all over him and his vision was blurred.

“The patient’s heart has stopped!” the resident doctor who was helping him urged in a haste. Dai Xingren sighed, knowing that if he didn’t concentrate, he would kill the small life with his own hands. He took a deep breath and put his hand inside the child’s chest, holding the tiny heart and massaging it with just the right amount of finger pressure. A minute later, the patient’s heartbeat resumed and everyone breathed a sigh of relief.

But the patient was still in critical condition, and one wrong move could lead to irreparable consequences.

What should I do? Chuanya, what should I do?

He gripped the scalpel tightly, desperately trying to stop the shaking, and ordered himself to calm down again and again.

He clenched his teeth and opened his sore, red eyes to operate on the child.

Several hours later, he finally finished the operation and came out of the operating room. The mother of the child, who had been anxiously waiting outside the door, cried and fell to her knees, hugging his legs when she heard that the operation had been successful.

“Doctor, thank you… thank you for not giving up on my child. Everyone said he couldn’t be healed, that nothing could be done to save him. But he’s the only one I have. I count on him for my whole life, thank you, doctor, thank you…”

She howled heartbreakingly. The onlookers couldn’t help but be moved as they listened. If it had been the him of the old days, he would have felt relieved and grateful that HE had been able to save a life and the hope of a family. But now, as he looked at the grateful mother, his eyes were listless and his chest was hollow. Like rootless weed floating adrift on river water, what if he saved a patient’s life but at the cost of the woman whom he loved the most? What was the point of it all?

“Thank you, Doctor, thank you…” The woman choked out.

“There’s no need to thank me.” He didn’t deserve such careful thanks from her, because in his heart, he only wanted to see his wife, only to know if she was safe.

He pushed the woman away and ran wildly away, asking any nurse he saw, “Where is Chuan Ya? Where is my wife? Where is she now?”

Some nurse pointed him out and said she was in the first class ward of the hospital.

He rushed to the ward building and took the lift to the top floor. His heart was pounding, and as he ran, he remembered that five years ago, he had also run so frantically after an operation, only to be greeted by a no-visit sign.

His wife had a big fight with him that day, and they had been separated for five years.

What if it was the same this time? What if she refused to see him again?

No, he couldn’t bear it. He couldn’t stand another five years without seeing her. He couldn’t survive the torment of longing, and he definitely couldn’t this time. 

You can’t refuse to see me, Chuan Ya, please, you have to see me…

He prayed silently in his heart, and finally came to the ward directed by the nurse. On the closed door, there was a sign hanging coldly.

His heart fell into a deep, dark, hopeless abyss!