CH 8.1

Name:Undesirable Marriage Author:
We are both doctors and share the same ideals. Was that why he smiled at her? Because he has finally found a woman who understands him and who can work hand in hand with him to chase his dreams together. Because they were both doctors, of course they can best understand each other’s pain and joy, sorrow and happiness…

“Dai Xingren, do you think so too?” Mo Chuan Ya murmured, her eyes locked on the cover of the newly released magazine.

On the cover, he walks handsomely out of the airport lobby, followed by Zhu Xiang Lin, smiling sweetly. Lest the world be chaotic, the gossip reporter used delicate words and a wealth of imagination to write about the two of them as like-minded lovebirds. But unfortunately, their love was hampered by a patriarch who refuses to let go.

Obviously the love was dead, why not divorce?

The reporter has the same question as Zhu Xiang Lin. They thought they were self-righteous and made an underground assumption, thinking that the Mo family wouldn’t be able to stand the scandal of divorce, and insisted on not letting the troublesome son-in-law regain his freedom. Now she has become the bad woman who had beaten up the couple. Mo Chuan Ya pursed her lips in self-deprecation, forcing herself to calm down and continue reading the text. 


It can be seen that the reporter sympathized with Dai Xingren. He spent a lot of space describing his great achievements, praising what a remarkable doctor he was and how his exquisite healing skills saved the life of dying grandmother Mo. He also quoted Zhu Xiang Lin as saying that the way he operated was comparable to art.

As he was such an excellent doctor, a rare talent in Taiwan, he should be placed in the conservation category of national treasures and cherished and should not be played with by some arrogant woman.

The journalist also interviewed a few hospital colleagues who refused to be named and cryptically pointed out that his marriage to her was already over. Even when he returned to Taiwan, the couple avoided each other and had no intention of getting back together.

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Moreover, even if she was thick-skinned and took the initiative to approach, what about it? He already has another woman by his side. A woman who was not inferior to her in every aspect. What she can give him, that woman can also give, not to mention, they were both doctors and have common ideals.


Don’t think a brief separation was okay, who knows how many years he will be gone? Maybe he’ll come back and things will be different. Maybe he will be a different person and you’ll miss each other forever, can you bear that to happen?

In her mind, her friend’s advice to her rang out, which she refused to listen to at that time.

So, have things changed? Did she and he really have to miss out?

Think about it, can she really let him go?

“I can, I can ……” she murmured mutely, stubbornly ignoring the waves of regret rolling over her heart, even as her voice shattered from the pain of her wounds, “I really can…..”

Yes, she can. She has no regrets. She exiled him to the United States to pursue his ideals. She has no regrets…

The phone rang unexpectedly, waking Mo Chuanya from her dazed thoughts. She pressed the intercom button and the clear voice of her secretary came through.

“Chairman, it’s time for the meeting.”

She took a deep breath and traced her fingertips into the flesh of her palm, replacing the bitterness across her chest with pain.


Where was she?

Throughout the day, Dai Xingren shuttled back and forth in the hospital, but he couldn’t meet Mo Chuan Ya. Either she was busy or he had been dragged to a consultation by some doctor to discuss a case. Even when he visited grandmother Mo in her ward and talked to her for almost half an hour, he still couldn’t see her as much as wished.


He suspected that she was avoiding him on purpose, but because of this, he became more determined to see her. At sunset, he came to her office again and knocked on the door but her secretary said she was in a meeting.

He couldn’t wait any longer, so he went straight to the conference room to meet her instead of waiting for her but he heard the dean complaining to several department directors.

“What’s wrong with that girl today? Did she eat some dynamite?” The dean’s tone was discontented, clearly holding a lot of resentment. “She doesn’t even think about it, I gave in to her for the sake of her mother and grandmother, otherwise what does a young girl like her know about hospital practice?”

“But the chairman was really strange today, she even scolded the vice-president, didn’t she always respect him the most?” Some department head interjected, sounding a bit gloomy. “Did you see that? Professor Xiong’s face almost turned into a pig’s liver!”

A few of the department heads laughed at this, but only the dean could not laugh, still in a state of anger at the humiliation. 

As Dai Xingren listened to their conversation, he guessed that Mo Chuan Ya was in a bad mood and had offended both the Dean’s and Vice President’s factions by giving everyone a hard time at the meeting. “What do I care what she does with Xiong Jianming?” the dean said angrily, “If she dares to provoke me, I must make her feel humiliated!”

“What does the dean want to do?”

“I’ll call her mother and see if she wants to keep her or me!”

Wow, that was a big deal.

Everyone looked at each other. Although the dean had always disliked the chairman’s proximity to the vice-president, he had never openly expressed his displeasure. But this time he was really determined.

How did it come to this?

As Dai Xingren heard all this, his eyebrows drew together. His wife should not be such a person who doesn’t know how to restrain her temper. She had lectured him on his inability to behave before, but how could she have lost her temper in a meeting that day for no reason?


The fact that she was a young woman and the chairman of the board of directors of one of the most senior hospitals was enough to raise eyebrows. He was sure that there were many people in private who did not want her to interfere with the administrative affairs of the hospital. If she was smart, she should be careful in dealing with these prestigious medical leaders and should not upset them. 

“Xingren, what are you doing here?” The dean raised his voice in surprise when he spotted him, and his eyes froze instantly. The dean probably thought he was going to tell him off, didn’t he? Rather than let the dean’s anger grow deeper and make him go to the former chairman of the hospital, which would create a ripple in the hospital, Dai Xingren could be the mediator here and see if he could put things down.

“Dean, I’m sorry, I heard what you said earlier and I feel very sorry for you.”

“What did you say?” The Dean’s eyes widened in horror. “You said you feel sorry?”

“Yes.” He smiled warmly. “It sounded like Chuan Ya’s temper was too aggressive and offended the dean. I don’t think she meant it, so please don’t take it personally, okay?”

“So what you’re saying is that you’re going to apologise to me instead of your wife?” The dean still looked incredulous.

“Yes.” He bowed slightly. “I am sorry.”

Oh my God! Not only the dean was shocked, but also several other department heads were stunned. They were all senior doctors in this hospital and they all knew him in those days. They knew how arrogant and unruly he was at the time and did his own thing. He even refused to bow his head when he offended the vice president of the Legislative Yuan. Now he was voluntarily taking up a fault that he did not commit and apologized to others?


“Xingren, you…” The dean’s voice was hoarse with confusion. “It seems to have changed.”

Dai Xingren smiled lightly. He admitted that he had changed in some ways, and after five years, who could remain exactly the same?