After He Guan finished speaking, he returned to the sofa and wearily said, “Then you can pick up the auction item, and don’t disturb me for the rest of the day.”

Lou Jun Duo had gained the address and he was also very busy.

Tonight, the cruise ship would temporarily stop at the neighboring province and he had business dealing there. 

Once it was completed, it would bring him a profit of a hundred billion.

That’s why he didn’t ask others to accompany him on the cruise and only brought Yan Zhu.

He just happened to run into He Guan.

And he saw the pure enthusiastic and soft-spoken white rose of his childhood. 

He was still smiling when he walked through the door and stopped the manager who asked He Guan to sign on the auction paper.

The Manager said, “Hello, you are…”

Lou Jun Duo proudly stated, “I am here to pay for Mr. He.”

After quietly listening to the whole process, Ren Ning slowly crawled out of the tea cabinet. Except for feeling numb, he had nothing left to say.

He Guan carefully wiped his tears with a paper towel, put on the mask, and said, “Let’s go, it’s time to go back.”

Ren Ning tentatively asked, “Can I help you? Master He, I am afraid you won’t be able to hold that alone…”


He Guan slowly raised his eyes.

He Guan’s eyelids were thin, and when he lifted his eyes, the folds of his eyelids were sharp and the curvature was beautiful. 

And because he had just cried, his eyes had a peach-colored blush, adding a touch of weak beauty to his classically handsome face.

The fragility in He Guan’s eyes instantly dissipated as the performance ended, and he hummed and said, “No.”

“I’ll go and see for myself, you go back to sleep.”

When He Guan returned to his room, the cage and the beauty in the cage had already been delivered.

The young man in the cage crouched on the ground, exposing his white and weak back.

He Guan said, “Don’t leave your back to others. Do you still want to be stabbed?”

Hearing the voice, the lying person moved slightly, and slowly raised his head.

After a close look, He Guan paused for a while.

All he could say was… as expected of the protagonist.

The other party was wearing a pair of elf ears, and he could not find a single flaw on his face. The cat pupils, thin eyebrows, smart eyes, and thin lips, were all perfect.

He was just auctioned as an item, so he was full of ornaments on his body, even his neck collar was inlaid with delicate silver rhinestones.

The delicate pearls and rhinestones entwined in his hair fell to his shoulders, looking good and shiny. 

The silver waist chain of the waist and abdomen dangled into a natural triangle. Due to the movement of his body, it fell to the navel, directly bringing people’s attention to those long legs.

When Chu Li heard the warning filled with caring words, his first reaction was to beg.

Chu Li trembled and said, “Please, please don’t pay them…If there is an accident with the sold goods at the auction site before they disembark, the auction site will bear the full responsibility…”

“Give me the table knife. Please give me, I will just kill myself…please…”

He Guan ignored him.

He simply took off his suit jacket and walked to the bathroom, and the clothes slowly fell to the ground as he walked.

Chu Li’s pleading eyes followed him into the bathroom.

It wasn’t until he was about to close the bathroom door that He Guan, who was still wearing a mask, turned his face while unbuttoning his shirt and said, “I will talk about everything when I come out…”

“Don’t think about biting your tongue and committing suicide. The pain won’t kill you. You should have tried it before, right?”, He Guan added.

Chu Li looked at him and blankly nodded like…a good guy.

He Guan moved very quickly. In just ten minutes, he rinsed himself and dried his hair. After wrapping the bathrobe, and put on his mask again.

Because he had just taken a shower, his skin was warm, and the mask was cold.

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He Guan walked barefoot out of the bathroom.