Chapter 956 - Difference, Ultimate Origin World

Chapter 956 Difference, Ultimate Origin World

Han Jue stared at the Supreme Rules after cursing the Carefree Immortal to death. The mighty figures left when they recovered and stopped rampaging.

Han Jue asked in his mind, “Can the Carefree Immortal still be revived?”

(This karma doesn’t exist.)

He was beyond dead!

Han Jue heaved a sigh of relief.

Another enemy was gone. How wonderful.

Next, he could cultivate and wait for the Chaotic Will.

Han Jue wiped the Book of Misfortune. Although there was no dust, it still felt ritualistic.

“You will always be my most important treasure,” Han Jue muttered to himself. In the cultivation world, treasures referred to Dharma treasures.

Along the way, the Book of Misfortune had contributed the most.

How many enemies had he killed, causing them to die before they could take revenge? It had bought him a long period of cultivation.

He put away the Book of Misfortune and continued cultivating.

He had just cursed Carefree Immortal to death. He couldn’t go out and wander around.

At least not for the next five hundred thousand years.

Five hundred thousand years were countless eras for all living beings. However, it was as if he had taken a nap in the eyes of a Great Dao Supreme. The period of time was not long.

Han Jue closed his eyes.

Mist spread in the dark void.

The Evil Heavenly Emperor stopped before a mighty figure and bowed respectfully.

He lowered his head and asked, “May I ask if the Chaos will welcome a huge change?”

He didn’t dare to look at this unknown existence, but his tone was not humble.

This existence was the Formless Transcendent Deity, but the Evil Heavenly Emperor did not know his name.


The Formless Transcendent Deity only said a word, but it brought endless pressure to the Evil Heavenly Emperor.

“What should I do?”

“Continue what you are doing. The future is still the same.”

“I don’t need to prepare?”

“You’re too weak. You’re not qualified to enter the next game. You’re not even a pawn.”

The Evil Heavenly Emperor was silent.

Although the Heavenly Court was developing very well, his potential was not good. He had yet to attain the Great Dao.

The Formless Transcendent Deity said, “Two people from the Heavenly Court can enter the game.”

The Evil Heavenly Emperor’s eyes flickered as he guessed their identities.

“I understand. Thank you for your guidance, Senior.”

The Evil Heavenly Emperor bowed and left.

The Evil Heavenly Emperor came to Han Huang’s palace after returning to the Heavenly Court. Four Heavenly Soldiers were guarding the door. They immediately knelt down and bowed when they saw him.

“Divine General Han is still not out of seclusion?” the Evil Heavenly Emperor placed his hands behind his waist and asked softly.

A Heavenly Soldier replied, “He hasn’t come out of seclusion.”

They had never seen Han Huang because the Heavenly Soldiers guarding this hall had already changed by more than a thousand times. To the Heavenly Soldiers, Han Huang was an ancient legend. They were also looking forward to seeing the legendary invincible Divine General.

The Evil Heavenly Emperor did not say anything else. He turned around and prepared to leave.

At this moment, the palace door suddenly opened. A terrifying aura rushed out, instantly pressing the four Heavenly Soldiers to the ground

The Evil Heavenly Emperor’s dragon robe fluttered as he turned around. His expression was calm, but his heart was in turmoil.

This aura…

Good kid!

The Evil Heavenly Emperor immediately entered the hall and the door closed. The four Heavenly Soldiers stood up and looked at each other, not daring to say a word.

The Evil Heavenly Emperor walked straight over to Han Huang after he entered. The latter was meditating.

He was stunned.

He thought he saw Han Jue.

Unknowingly, Han Huang already had Han Jue’s aura.

The Evil Heavenly Emperor stopped in front of Han Huang and sized him up. He smiled and asked, “You broke through?”.

Han Huang opened his eyes and said, “No, it’s too difficult to break through to the Great Dao Supreme Realm. However, I’ve learned a great Mystical Power. I’m not afraid even if it’s a Great Dao Supreme.”

“So arrogant?”

“Hehe, I’m talking about the weakest among the Great Dao Supremes.”

“That’s still very impressive.”

The Evil Heavenly Emperor smiled. Han Huang also smiled.

Han Huang changed.

He was still confident and sharp, but there was a calmness amidst his arrogance, as if he was completely mature.

Han Huang looked up and said, “Your Majesty, I’ve been immersed in the River of Destiny and seen many things during this period of time. I’ve personally witnessed your past with my father. Actually, I really want to ask you a question. Why did you decide to rope my father in? You did everything you could to help him.”

The Evil Heavenly Emperor sat down and smiled. “If it’s only talent, I will admire it, but I won’t do my best. Back then, for the sake of the mortal world, he dared to face the entire Heavenly Court alone. Such righteousness and courage are worthy of my trust.

“As long as you do something for such a person, he will never be ungrateful. “Although your father only knows how to enter seclusion and tell you descendants and disciples that he won’t care if anything happens to you, that’s just to scare you. He won’t let it go if something really happens to you. From the beginning till now, if anyone close to him died, he would think of all ways to help them revive.”

Han Huang was silent. He recalled his father’s words before he left and then thought of the scene of his father fighting the Carefree Immortal. A certain emotion surged in his heart.

It was hard to say.

The Evil Heavenly Emperor changed his tone. “Huang’er, cultivate well in the future. I don’t need you for the time being regarding the Heavenly Court. I hope you can become the next Divine Might Heavenly Sage as soon as possible.”

Han Huang nodded, his eyes shining. “I will catch up to Father and surpass him to achieve my goal.”

The Evil Heavenly Emperor asked, “Oh? What goal? Surpassing your father is not the greatest goal?”

Han Huang smiled. “An unspeakable goal.”

The Evil Heavenly Emperor was stunned.

Han Huang closed his eyes.

The Evil Heavenly Emperor stared at him in a daze.

He suddenly felt it at this moment.

He felt the difference.

This difference was not as simple as potential, but the impact on the Evil Heavenly Emperor was unprecedented. Furthermore, only he could experience this impact.

“So I’m really tiny…”

This sentence echoed in the Evil Heavenly Emperor’s mind.

A hundred thousand years later.

Han Jue opened his eyes and smiled brightly.

What a domineering Ultimate Origin Power!

His Ultimate Origin Power had transformed again. Not only that, but the nebulous Primordial Qi in the center of the Primordial World had begun to transform.

A higher energy gas that surpassed the nebulous Primordial Qi!

Han Jue named it Ultimate Origin Qi!

He could feel himself becoming stronger with just a wisp of Ultimate Origin Qi.

His strength would increase by trillions or even more when the entire Primordial World became the Ultimate Origin World. It was immeasurable.

The entire Ultimate Origin World was equivalent to Han Jue’s soul. He wouldn’t die unless it was destroyed.

Moreover, as long as he was still alive, he could still recover the Ultimate Origin even if it was destroyed. It sounded almost impossible to kill him.

Han Jue also realized the difference between the Great Dao Supreme and Dao Creator realms.

The so-called half-step Creator Realm of the Ancient Desolate Divine Spirit was too far away!

The Ancient Desolate he relied on was nothing at all. He wanted the Ancient Desolate to replace the Chaos. It was like a mortal trying to devour a Sage or an ant trying to eat the sky.

Utter nonsense.

Han Jue began to observe the Primordial World. He noticed something.

The Primordial World had given birth to a Primordial Chaos Realm cultivator!

This was too fast!

Back then, hadn’t the Chaos been nurtured for countless years before producing a Primordial Chaos Realm being?

The Chaotic Qi was indeed nothing compared to the nebulous Primordial Qi!