“I have prepared a meal.”

The castle inside was not as glamorous as the exterior, rather it was closer to gloomy than flashy. It looked like it had not been maintained for a long time, and there were a lot of things that needed to be touched up.

The Grand Duchy had no mistress, so it was only natural that Damon wouldn’t be interested in such a thing. The castle as a whole was out of fashion.

Apparently, he didn’t care about the interior at all after he got on the Duke title.

“Sit down, wife.”

“Thank you.”

By this time, he would no longer have to act, and Damon even had her tucked into the chair.


The sound of the chair being dragged echoed through the quiet table.

She and Damon were really the only two at this long table. Even the table was black, and so was the chair she was sitting in now. It wasn’t like she hated black, though it seemed like her eyes were going to get dark in the castle, which was all black.

‘…Did these people ever see the sunlight?’

Even though there was a chandelier, it didn’t feel bright inside at all. This was all because of the interior, like a child of darkness. Just because the exterior was black, the interior did not have to be black.

Still, the color wasn’t the problem. While she also liked the white and black interiors in the past, this was too much.

“Both of you must be hungry, so I prepared a simple dish.”

“You must have been busy, you did a good job.”

“Your Grace, you don’t have to be so respectful to me.”

“I will have a slow adaptation period.”

She was still a stranger to the Grand Duchy. Elysia did not like to manipulate the existing employees just because she had arrived as a Grand Duchess by name. Of course, it didn’t matter if it was a high-ranking noblewoman because they had a family to support them.

“I understand.”

However, as an illegitimate child, it was impossible for her to have support. There wouldn’t be anything good being obnoxious to the maid chief and butler.

“It’s mushroom soup.”

“I wish the food of the Grand Duchy would suit the wife’s mouth.”

The first things that came out were the familiar soup and salad. The steaming yellow soup and a fresh salad with dressing made her mouth watery. It was only then did Elysia realized that she hadn’t eaten properly.

She was so nervous, so she didn’t even know she was hungry.

“It looks so delicious.”

Originally, Elysia had a small stomach and no appetite. All she did was eat food every few days so she wouldn’t die.

However, when she decided to marry him, she was forced to eat three meals and snacks at three o’clock. She was happy at first that she didn’t have to starve, but as time went on she found it difficult to keep eating.

She was not even hungry, yet having to eat food was another burden on her.

Because her original stomach was also small, she was obligated to eat during the wedding preparations. It was also due to the fact that the food of the County was not very good. She liked it at first that she could eat when she wanted to.

As time went on, she lost her appetite for food that she had no taste for.

“…It’s delicious.”

Although she was hungry, she didn’t really have high expectations.

Without thinking, she scooped out the soup and passed it down her throat, her eyes went wide open the moment she put it in. It was true that she had meager expectations for the chef when Damon said there were not many employees.


Even though it was just a soup, the savory taste in her mouth was no joke. Elysia has never had such a delicious soup. Ever since she didn’t like food, she ate a lot of soup that was liquid. But, it was not because it was delicious. She did it just because she felt more comfortable with it.

“Is it to your taste?”


It suited her mouth.

If it wasn’t for Damon, it was the taste that made her want to stick her nose in the plate and eat it. She wondered how it could taste this amazing. For the first time, she thought a soup could be good. Elysia was envious of him, who lived with such a delicious meal every day.

She was so excited that she answered in a loud voice without realizing it.

“I’m glad I was right. I changed the kitchen when the wife came.”

Damon gazed at her, clasping his chin, not thinking of eating his food. Was it because he had eaten a lot of delicious food that he wasn’t roused anymore…?

Elysia couldn’t understand why he was looking at her without eating anything.

“…Changed the kitchen?”

“Yes, all the facilities and personnel were fully changed.”

Then, that meant that this flavor was not here before. As Elysia spoke to him, she could not stop spooning. It tasted so fantastic that even if she could only eat this for the rest of her life, she would.

‘It’s so delicious…!’

Even though she didn’t put her nose on the plate, she almost bowed her head and ate the soup.

As a result, the bowl soon ran out. Reaching the bottom of the bowl, Elysia licked her lips again and endured her disappointment. She never ate so much that she scraped the soup until the bottom. It was possible only after starving for at least a few days.

“I heard that the wife doesn’t eat well.”

“Is that so…”

Already, Elysia didn’t comprehend what he was talking about.

Preoccupied with the soup, she didn’t even notice what Damon was talking about. Her eyes suddenly turned to the salad. She had never felt that a salad was delicious, and yet it somehow looked delicious here.

“Your Grace, can I get you some more soup?”

“No, no.”

She actually wanted to eat more, but she held back, thinking about what would come next. Elysia then started eating the bread and salad.

‘Oh, my God—!’

She immediately regretted not having the bread with the soup. Elysia exclaimed in admiration at the very moist and soft bread.

The smell of savory bread brushing the tip of her nose made her salivate. When she took a small bite and put it in her mouth, she could feel the soft texture as if it would melt quickly, and Elysia smiled without realizing it.

It was different from the County’s bread, which was just hard and dry. They didn’t even give her that kind of bread on purpose. Everyone had the same tasteless meal. Turns out that having a good cook in the family was also a power.

In this world, cooking was one of the professions that were recognized for their abilities.

“It’s nice to see.”

Coming to her senses, Elysia realized that she had inhaled all the food. The salad was so fresh and sweet, it just melted in her mouth. It was at that moment that she realized she had emptied all the dishes.

“…Is Your Grace not eating it?”

Did she eat alone without noticing him too much…?

Without observing the nobility’s etiquette, she hurriedly shoves things into her mouth. With embarrassment, Elysia spoke to Damon. His bowl was still the same as when it first came out. She once again turned to the food he barely touched and found it appetizing.

“It’s okay.”

After all, he had eaten this kind of food so much it wouldn’t be new for him. There was only one thing she liked about the Grand Duchy.

Grand Duchy Raphael’s excellent dining room! Good food, good appearance…!

Even if it was the same food, it seemed to taste better when she looked at his face. After all, a good thing is just good.

“I feel full just looking at the wife eating.”

Elysia’s spooning stopped at his remark that he was full just by gazing at her eating. He shouldn’t have to act now though it was strange that he kept acting. Since they had already come to the Grand Duchy, he did not have to forcefully make up sweet words.

In particular, the remarks just a moment ago were unthinkable that it was something Damon would have said.

After he spoke, everyone swallowed.

It was the same with her. Elysia wondered what the hell his plot was and why he was still acting.

“…Thank you.”

All she could do was send thanks as calmly as possible. She could bear it because she knew it wasn’t his sincerity. Still, her body trembled as she felt goosebumps on her arms. Damon Raphael talking strange things…

What she was afraid of, that appeared in her dream, was happening right in front of her eyes.

“You don’t seem to believe me.”

“No, I believe you.”

How could she answer that she didn’t believe him? No one would have such courage, even if it was just empty words. Why did he have such an attitude toward her even after coming to the Grand Duchy?

Elysia could not understand his intentions.

Although he hadn’t killed her yet, his kindness was unexpected.

She didn’t know his intentions, which made her even more cautious. The man in front of her was the man who did not know when, where, and how he would come by squeezing her neck. For a moment, she fell for the delicious food, so she felt pathetic about herself.

“I prepared a simple meal today. What would you choose, meat or seafood?”

She was surprised to hear that she had to choose between meat and seafood, and it was considered a simple meal. Actually, she had never eaten seafood since she came to this world. It was because, compared to meat, seafood was difficult to manage and difficult to obtain.

“Seafood, please.”


Her heart raced again when the decision she made was overshadowed by the seafood lure right away. She hadn’t eaten seafood in over twenty years. Elysia didn’t know how much she missed it whenever she thought of it.

Because of that, she couldn’t help but be excited when they said she could eat seafood now.

“Salmon steak and scallops with avocado.”

She never thought she’d ever be able to eat seafood again before she died. She wanted to eat seafood so much that she made plans that if she did run away, she would run to the beach—plus avocado…! It was her first time seeing avocados here.

“There were avocados here too….”

She had never seen it, so she thought it wouldn’t be one. Carrots and cabbage were all vegetables in the County. The seafood she saw in front of her eyes made Elysia forget about her body and almost drooled saliva.

Power was the best. She could eat all kinds of mountain and sea delicacies.