Luo Zhi was sitting on the roof of his car when Luo Jun brought people over.

Looking down at his mobile phone, Luo Zhi continued to casually play games.

The pure black windbreaker on his body was stained with dust, and a thin, snow-white wrist was exposed under the cuff. The knuckles of his right hand were covered with blue and purple, and the slender fingers were stained with crimson blood.

On the roadside not far away, a young man wearing a suit and leather shoes was supported by someone to sit under a street lamp. His face was blue and purple, and he still had a striking wound on his forehead.

Hearing Luo Jun’s footsteps, the wounded young man looked up and his eyes lit up: “Big-“

The young man hesitated, stopping mid sentence. He looked up at Luo Zhi quickly and swallowed the title cautiously.

Luo Zhi tapped the screen with his fingertips and confirmed that the game had been saved before locking the screen and putting down his mobile phone.

Luo Zhi raised his eyes, bent down slightly, and affectionately said, “Big Brother.”

Luo Jun passed him straight, walked under the street lamp, and bent over to check the young man’s injuries.

Luo Jun asked softly, “What’s the matter?”

His tone did not carry any emotion, but it was like being soaked in bone piercing ice water. His dark eyes swept around, and finally fell on Luo Zhi, whose fingers were still stained with blood.

The bodyguards around buried their heads deep, none of them dared to make a sound.

Who were they to intervene in the messy family affairs of such a rich family.

Luo Jun is the eldest son of the Luo family. He is also recognized as the most gifted young man of this generation in the circle. He is cold-blooded, introverted and decisive. He is destined to be the head of the Luo family in the future.

The young man who was beaten was the adopted son of the Luo family. His name was Jian Huaiyi.

Compared with Luo Zhi, the most muddled and unworthy young master in the family, Jian Huaiyi is undoubtedly the other extreme: gentle, hardworking, low-key and humble. In his early twenties, he has become Luo Jun’s deputy in the market.

Today is Jian Huaiyi’s twenty-third birthday, and the Luo family held a grand birthday dinner.

At this time, everyone should have celebrated the young and promising Vice President Jian’s birthday in the luxurious banquet hall.

As for why Young Master Jian came out with Luo Zhi, the scum that the Luo family didn’t want to mention, why there was a conflict, and why he was beaten like this by Luo Zhi… they actually were not quite sure.

“Luo Zhi.” Luo Jun wiped his hands and stood straight up. “Why?”

Luo Zhi leaned against the car. Just after he opened the game again, his pale fingertips skillfully jumped on the screen. He only had time to respond with a nasal voice: “Hmm?”

Luo Zhi looked up from his busy schedule and glanced at Jian Huaiyi, who was disheveled. It seemed that he had just remembered the reason. “Oh,” he said. “I hate him.”

Luo Jun scrunched his eyebrows without saying a word.

He had always been happy and angry, but at this time, he was also a little displeased by this almost absurd answer: “What do you mean?”

“I hate him. I get annoyed when I see him.”

Luo Zhi swiped the screen and controlled the parkour villain to move around on the subway track, avoiding the sharp toothed dogs chasing him.

He turned on the invincible mode and moved his bruised right hand: “Brother, let’s kick him out?”

Luo Jun’s breath sank.

“Don’t I still have a family property? I’ll give him all the company shares.” Luo Zhi swiped the screen a few times, causing the villain to do a series of front somersaults. “Let him go since he is willing to set up his own business or whatever, and give me back my stuff…”

The rest of the words were abruptly interrupted.

Luo Jun looked cold and fierce. He looked down at him in a condescending manner with undisguised disgust and contempt in his eyes.

Luo Zhi’s mobile phone mercilessly fell to the ground.

The villain on the screen couldn’t dodge and crashed into the oncoming subway in front of him. The screen showed a dazzling picture declaring the level failure.

Luo Jun’s hand was very heavy. That slap not only knocked the mobile phone from his hands, but also left a very striking scarlet bloodstain on Luo Zhi’s lips.

Luo Zhi was hit and leaned back on the car body, his scattered bangs fell down, covering his eyes.

He tilted his head slightly and raised his hand over his left ear. It seemed that after a while, he squatted down as if nothing had happened. Fumbling twice, he reached down to pick up the phone that had been knocked down.

Jian Huaiyi asked for someone to help him. He struggled to get up and hurried over: “Brother, don’t do anything…”

“It’s none of your business.” Luo Jun asked coldly, “Luo Zhi, do you have a heart?”

Luo Zhi squatted on the ground and checked the mobile phone inside and out. After confirming that it was not damaged, he turned off the screen and put it into his pocket.

“When you were fooling around outside, playing tricks with others, making trouble everywhere, and showing the style of the young master of the Luo family, Huai Yi was doing what you were supposed to do.”

“Huai Yi studied business for you, worked day and night with projects for you, performed filial piety for you in front of your mother, and took care of your sister for you.”

“Huai Yi grew up in the Luo’s family. He has been with us for a long time. Just because you mind, the whole family can’t live in peace. We must ask him to move out.”

“He has a good temper, is willing to not argue with you, and agrees.”

Luo Jun restrained his voice and suppressed the fury of the oncoming storm. “Last time, it was because you made a scene that Huai Yi changed his name from Luo. What are you dissatisfied with this time? What do you want him to give you back?!”

Luo Jun was really angry.

If Luo Zhi didn’t act so outrageously, Luo Jun wouldn’t have done anything to him or said such things.

Today is Jian Huaiyi’s birthday dinner, but Luo Zhi hit people like this without any care. The news not only humiliated the Luo family, but also could not explain it to their parents.

Mrs. Luo was stimulated by something at the beginning and has been recuperating for years.

It is because of the adoption of Jian Huaiyi that Luo Fu was able to recover little by little from the fragile state of almost total physical and mental collapse. Over the years, she has even regarded Jian Huaiyi as a treasure, for fear of any bumps.

Once the story of Luo Zhi beating Jian Huaiyi is reported back, or if Mrs. Luo sees Jian Huaiyi’s injury, the family will inevitably be turned upside down.

“Do you really think we care about your opinion?” Luo Jun looked down at him with a cold voice. “Luo Zhi, I’ll tell you-“

“So that’s what you think.”

Luo Zhi smiled: “Then why didn’t you tell me earlier?”

Luo Jun was robbed of his words by him. He scrunched up his eyebrows and dropped his gaze.

Luo Zhi did not know where he picked up the bad habit of smoking again. He turned his face to the side and took out a cigarette, playing with a silver lighter in his hand.

He sat on the ground leaning against the car, not caring of whether the expensive windbreaker was tangled with the blood-stained dust on the ground, displaying the disgusting arrogance of the second-generation ancestor who had been raised and abandoned.

The lighter “clicked” and the flames jumped.

The tiny warm and bright light of the fire lit up a small part of his face.

Luo Zhi’s eyelashes are thick and deep, casting a small shadow. His skin is slightly different from ordinary people’s cold white skin, which makes the red and swollen bruise on his lips even more dazzling.

Luo Zhi held the cigarette in his mouth, leaned back, and recalled for a moment what his elder brother said, “The whole family can’t live in peace.”.

He really wanted to see what kind of scene it was.

It’s a pity that the time was too tight that day, and he only had time to throw out Jian Huaiyi’s computer. The owner of the Luo family was led by Mrs. Luo’s collapsed screams, and in rage asked people to throw Luo Zhi out and into the underground confinement room.

Luo Zhi is a little regretful.

Luo Jun had no reservation about the power of that slap. His mouth and throat were full of that bloody smell. Even if he used smoke, he could not cover it. Instead, he coughed twice.

“The bedroom that is between your bedroom and our sister’s bedroom. I thought that even if I didn’t go home often, there would still be my room in my home… I thought that was my room.”

Luo Zhi was a little curious and slightly tilted his head. “If it wasn’t for me, it would have been better to remind me and let me sleep in the guest room.”

Luo Jun’s face was cold and stiff from his interrogation, and his eyes were so heavy that he could almost drip water.

“Brother, I want to move out on my own.”

Jian Huaiyi, who was on the side, interjected in a low voice: “It’s just for the convenience of work, it has nothing to do with Xiao Zhi…”

“Jian Huaiyi.” Luo Zhi took down the cigarette and played with it. “Didn’t I say that if you dare call me Xiao Zhi again, I will abolish you.”

Jane Huaiyi stopped talking and bowed his head with a heavy heart.

Luo Zhi was about to get up on the ground, but suddenly he was grabbed by a well-trained Luo family bodyguard and pressed firmly on the ground.

Luo Jun came over.

He looked at his unworthy brother with a completely blank gaze, and even the disgust mixed with anger faded away.

He looked at Luo Zhi as if he were watching broken leaves being swept into a pile by the roadside.

Luo Jun looked into Luo Zhi’s eyes and asked softly, “Luo Zhi, what do you want?”

“You know Huaiyi lived in that room because Mother would cover him with a quilt at night.”

Luo Jun’s tone was bland: “If Mother can’t see him, she will collapse and her illness will break out. Do you know how painful it is for Mother when she relapses? She doesn’t recognize anyone. Only when she sees Huaiyi can she stabilize.”

“You know that forcing Huai Yi to change his name will make him criticized by many people behind his back.”

“Do you know how upset Mother and Sister will be today?”

“You just can’t stand this, can you? You have to see that everyone is suffering.”

Luo Jun said, “You must destroy our family.”

Luo Jun reached out, picked up the cigarette that Luo Zhi had dropped to the side, and twisted it out on the ground.

The bright red light of the fire was completely extinguished and turned into gray white light floating ash, which was scattered by the wind.

Luo Jun was not interested in wasting more words with him, and motioned the bodyguards to let go and leave Luo Zhi where he was.

He asked someone to help Jian Huaiyi into the car, and let the family doctor briefly deal with the injury first.

After all, Jian Huaiyi has to propose a toast at the birthday party. If he is so embarrassed and injured, a big joke will come out tomorrow that will make the Luo family lose face.

Luo Zhi was thrown down.

He sat in a reclining position against the car before he suddenly smiled and said, “Big Brother.”

Luo Jun heard this but chose to ignore him. Just as he was about to turn around, countless bright fireworks suddenly rose above everyone’s heads.

It’s midnight. It’s the usual fireworks for birthday parties. Each one is beautiful. It was designed by Luo Cheng himself. It is colorful and bright, illuminating half of the sky.

“I’m twenty-three years old.” Luo Zhi said. “You forgot to wish me a happy birthday.”

Luo Jun paused, turned back without saying a word, and boarded a car waiting by the roadside.