It is also an annual festival. People and officials from Shangjing gather in Baiyun Taoist temple to pray for the good weather and rain in the coming year.

Shen Yuanqi wandered in the peach blossom forest. Hearing the familiar laughter in front of him, he stopped walking and turned around.

"Lord Shen, wait for me!" Nine Princess rushed to catch up, followed by two palace girls carrying the food box, "Lord Shen, peach blossom is in full bloom here, and the scenery is pleasant. Why don't we sit down and eat something?"

She raised her small face, and her black and bright eyes were full of the joy of seeing her sweetheart. The two maids immediately took out the cloth towel and spread it on the soft grass. They took out the tea in the food box one by one and put them in order.

"Come and sit down!"

Shen Yuanqi is still hesitating. The ninth princess has pulled him to the ground. Seeing that he is a little embarrassed, she purses her small mouth and smiles happily.

"This green tea cake is newly developed by the chef in the imperial dining room. It is sweet but not greasy. It melts in the mouth and is full of tea fragrance. I like it. Mr. Shen, try it too. " Nine Princess twists a piece of light green cake and feeds it to Shen Yuanqi's mouth. Her expression is full of expectation.

Shen Yuanqi couldn't help sighing in his heart. Although the ninth princess is good at deep palace, her temperament is very simple. She always takes out her heart and lungs for those who care. She has no other means, and she doesn't know how to induce the other party to fall in love with her. The only thing she can do is to give all the things she likes best to each other. She loves to eat, so she sends delicious cakes to Shen Fu from time to time, which makes Shen Yuanqi very upset.

At a very early time, Shen Yuanqi imagined what kind of wife he would marry in the future. The other party must be virtuous and capable, gentle and gentle, and smooth in handling affairs. When he works hard in the court, his wife will help him with the housework and stabilize the back house. The ninth princess is not in accordance with his idea, but has the most precious quality - sincerity.

Who doesn't like sincere people? After so many betrayals and tribulations, Shen Yuanqi yearns for a simple life and simple feelings. He did not love the ninth princess, but the other was the emperor's own sister, and his status was unattainable. Although he was an official official servant of the second grade, he was a merchant, and had sold himself as a slave. He could not be worthy of such a favored daughter as Princess nine.

In order not to increase his grief, he could only suppress his inner desire and wave his hand and say, "princess, you can eat it yourself. The lower officials are not sensitive to the sweet and greasy cakes. Please don't send people to send food boxes to the government in the future."

Nine Princess Leng Leng Leng, forced smile way, "originally you don't like to eat cakes. In fact, I don't like it either. I'll never eat it again. What do you like? I'll see you off

She stretched out her fingertips and unconsciously disordered the petal shaped cakes, looking very depressed.

"Back to the ninth princess, the lower officials have no other hobbies and dare not bother the princess." Shen Yuanqi couldn't bear to add, "all the cakes have been brought. If you don't eat, it's a waste. I'll spend one or two yuan with the princess. After eating, I have to discuss important matters with my colleagues, so I have to go ahead. The princess doesn't have to send things to my house in the future. I'm afraid I can't bear it. "

She blinked her wet eyes and muttered, "you, will you accompany me to finish the pastry before leaving?"

Shen Yuanqi hesitated for a moment and then nodded, "yes."

Nine Princess twists up a piece of cake and grinds it bit by bit with her teeth. After grinding for a long time, she can't see the pastry wrapped in the outer layer. According to this way of eating, even if the sun goes down, the cake will not be finished.

Shen Yuanqi wanted to laugh, but when the corners of his mouth rose, he restrained himself. The girl in front of her is so pure and beautiful that she should be combined with the best man in Han Dynasty, but he is not a poor scholar who has no background.

The ninth Princess licked the pastry slowly with the tip of her tongue. Her wet eyes fixed on the young man's beautiful face, as if the other party was the wine for dinner. She was already drunk before drinking, and her cheeks were flushed.

Shen Yuanqi was so hot that he hesitated whether he should leave. When he saw his little boy running over in a hurry, he told him, "master, Lord Wu is looking for you."


"I don't know. I said I had something important to discuss with you." Words down this just see nine princess, quickly kneel down salute.

This was a casual excuse, but unexpectedly someone was so cooperative. Shen Yuanqi was relieved and immediately got up to leave. When he was far away, nine Princess ate the cake in her hand and rubbed her red eyes.

"I want Lord Shen to be my husband-in-law, and I ask my brother-in-law to marry me." She stood up with a firm look on her face.


half a year ago, Yu Xiang successfully gave birth to the eldest son of the Duke of Yu. Because he inherited all the advantages of his parents' appearance, the baby had the strength to capture all the Han women when he was still in his infancy. He was so bewildered that she would not let go of her hands in her arms. Even if Yu Xiang sent someone to ask for it, she would complain and scold him, He also urged Sun Tzu to send a memorial for the little xuansun and ask him to be a son of the world.

Before the full moon, he became the son of the Duke of Yu. This speed was unprecedented, and there was no one coming after him. This shows the love of the Yu family for the baby.

At this time, the old lady took her little xuansun to the Taoist temple to see the festival, leaving Yu Xiang to socialize with a group of ladies. Mrs. Xue pulled Yu Xiang to the side hall and asked, "your elder brother is over 20 years old. You don't even have a warm and cold person around him. Have you ever made a good deal for him?"Shen Yuanqi did not take a concubine or take a wife. He was already in his twenties and forties, and he was still an old man in the Han Dynasty. However, Yu Xiang was not an ancient man and did not worry about him at all, so he said with a smile, "if he wants to marry, if he doesn't want to marry, I will do it for him? It's a matter of one fate and one of mutual affection, which can't be forced. "

"It can't be said that a man has a family first and then a career. With his family and children, he can live comfortably and have a head start." Mrs. Xue has a smile on her face, but her eyes are a little cold when she looks at Yu Xiang. She is a brother and sister in the middle of the road. She has no feelings. Otherwise, how could she be so indifferent to her elder brother? She doesn't think how much strength Shen Yuanqi exerted when Yu's family was down. She is really an ungrateful white eyed wolf.

Yu Xiang noticed the change in her look, but he didn't care. He raised his eyebrows and asked, "my wife is reasonable. Since the lady asked, I think there must have been a candidate? Tell me about it, so that I can help you

Seeing her, Mrs. Xue finally showed a satisfied look on her face. "I did help him to see a girl who is my own niece. She has just reached the hairpin this year. She is not only gentle in temperament and beautiful in appearance, but also quite talented. She must be very close to Yuanqi. I brought her here today. She's just over there in the ashram. Do you want to have a look? "

Hearing that the other party was Mrs. Xue's own niece, Yu Xiang's eyes glowed with cold light. Just as he was about to refuse, he heard an angry voice ringing at the door of the hall, "no! Lord Shen is my son-in-law. You can't marry anyone else! "

Two people immediately look back, but see nine Princess inserted waist pout mouth, maliciously stare at Mrs. Xue.

Mrs. Xue was startled and stammered, "yuan, when did yuan Qi become his son-in-law? Why don't women know? "

"After today, I will go back to the palace and ask for the emperor's order." The ninth princess went up to Mrs. Xue, looked down at her with two nostrils, imitated the majesty of the Empress Dowager and the emperor's sister-in-law and reprimanded, "you are so bold that you dare to rob the prince's son-in-law! Which family are you from? Name it quickly

Nine Princess again silly is also by Emperor empress and crown prince thousand Jiao ten thousand pet raise big, a body of awe inspiring noble spirit is not ordinary people can bear. Mrs. Xue was oppressed by her and looked at Yu Xiang with a cry for help.

Yu Xiang patted Princess nine with a smile and introduced, "this is Mrs. Xue, the adoptive mother of my elder brother. At that time, master Xue had the kindness to my elder brother, and asked the princess to take care of him. Don't argue with Mrs. Xue. "

"It's you." Nine princess did not pout, high raised jaw also took back, looking at the sweet nine princess.

"Mrs. Xue has something else to do. I'll give her a ride. The princess will wait here for a moment. I'll come back and discuss with you about my elder brother's marriage. " He deliberately accentuated the pronunciation of the last two words. Yu Xiang took a deep look at Princess Jiu and helped Mrs. Xue, who was granted amnesty, to go out.

When they came to the corner, Yu Xiang whispered in her ear, "my elder brother remembers your kindness. He has taken care of you Xue's house in recent years, and has never felt unbearable about it. However, you always think that my eldest brother walks around with you frequently, and he is interested in the family property of Xue's family. Therefore, you guard against him everywhere and stab him with cold words from time to time. It's nothing. My elder brother tolerated it, and I also tolerated it. But you took our tolerance for granted, and now you are counting on him in turn. If you marry your niece, my brother's house will be in your hands. If you give birth to your son and inherit the family property, is my brother's residence Shen or Xue? To tell you the truth, my tolerance to you has reached the limit. If you dare to use any devious ideas, I can destroy the family property of your Xue family with my little finger. You can do it yourself

Hearing this, Mrs. Xue began to feel cold. When Yu Xiang went out, she couldn't come back. Over the years, Shen Yuanqi has been very respectful to her, and along with Yu Xiang, he has also been very helpful to her. She has forgotten how aggressive and rampant she was when she was not married.

Although Xue's family is large, what is it compared with the Duke of Yu? Fighting against Yu Xiang is like shaking a big tree, not to mention involving a nine princess.

A gust of cold wind blew, Mrs. Xue finally woke up, forced down the bottom of her heart's fear, and ran away with her niece.

Shen Yuanqi heard the declaration of the ninth princess in the Leiyin hall. He couldn't tell how he felt. It was like eating dozens of catties of honey, and his sweet teeth softened. He knew he couldn't help but could not help looking forward to the future.

Emperor Chengqian, who had just succeeded to the throne, needed to enlist a group of talented people with little background and foundation for his own use. In addition, Shen Yuanqi had a clean style and a clean house. After several considerations, he succeeded the ninth princess.

Shen Yuanqi's ecstasy and gratitude could not be expressed. Yu Pinyan, the brother-in-law, compared with the nine princesses wholeheartedly and truly achieved one person in a lifetime. , the fastest update of the webnovel!

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